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+2   December 24 2009, 11:21 am by FlowerCJS |
Thanks a lot!!
+3   June 20 2010, 10:45 pm by captainadam100 |
On the second line of the bridge: "But I would never do you wrong" and "And on the highway of regret" it should be B7, C, G and not just C, G.
+3   December 26 2010, 05:28 pm by rossall69 |
Numpoid! It's B7, not C in the bridge! You've just proper ladged y'sel there like! SHAN!
Don't worry, we've figured out. Kudos to Captainadam100 :)

Yours sincerely
Everyone in Newcastle/Inkberrow. x
+1   April 3 2011, 09:33 pm by Friedcookie |
Also, Adele plays, Am7, Em7, C when she leads up to "The winds of change..." and "I've known it from..." Not particularly necessary, but adds a nice touch.
May 16 2011, 06:53 pm by maya1004 |
This is great!
August 1 2011, 02:36 pm by bass mark |
its says to put a capo on the 3rd fret so, for instance, on the G do i just play the usual G shape or do i need to work out the way of playing a G with a capo on?
September 11 2011, 04:51 am by elljell10 |
yeah, if you have a capo on then just play g in the same way as you would but infront of the capo. It's like the fret with the capo on is fret 0 and the first one infront is fret 1. :)
and GREAT tab thanks :)
April 27 2013, 09:11 am by LeadGuitar2112 |
On the second line of the bridge there's a chord after G that I haven't recognize yet, but after that chord there's a Fm and then a G. (I think)
December 31 2013, 08:33 pm by BrieGuitar |
this is the best tab!!! love this song so much and now I'm able to play it with your extremely accurate tab thanks!
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