by Taylor Swift tabs | tabbed by sellerofdreams
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November 5 2009, 02:17 pm by musicsinmysoul7 |
perfect :)
thats EXACTLY how taylor plays it. great job!
i saw her play it on DWTS she did it like this.
November 5 2009, 09:41 pm by sellerofdreams |
Thanks =) I'm glad you like it
November 16 2009, 09:00 am by JoashelleFaith |
what is the strumming pattern???
December 11 2009, 02:46 am by megamusiclover |
strumming pattern is "d, d d, d d, d d, u" at the start then the rest is just "d d, d d, d d, u" and no offence, its perfect, but i dont understand the chords at verse 2. where are the chords supposed to be? i dont understand those kind of chords where you say its the same as (wherever)
-3   December 11 2009, 03:11 pm by Robbiekeano |
the eminor sounds like crap..
December 23 2009, 04:25 am by JB533264 |
mega music lover the chords for second verse r the usual pattern ( D A Em G)
it goes one per line ( at the beginning) until the last line where there r 2
if u just fiddle around for a while u will get it
February 13 2010, 11:29 am by Ashlea Swift |
the last bit is:
Every time you smile, I smile

And every time you shine, I shine

And every time you're here

Baby I'll show you
I'll show you we can
April 25 2010, 07:44 am by Dutchie2010 |
great chords, it sounds perfect although i wish you'd just continued the chords throughout the whole tab so it's easier to play along
-2   October 4 2010, 08:01 pm by livielovesmusic |
again the RIGHT CHORDS are D;A;G. it's plain and simple.:-0
GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!
-4   October 4 2010, 08:06 pm by livielovesmusic |
-4   October 9 2010, 07:57 pm by livielovesmusic |
October 9 2010, 07:59 pm by livielovesmusic |
but on the other hand, you got pretty close to the right chords, so good job! =-)
+1   March 1 2012, 04:40 am by the-welsh-pooka |
I really like this - it sounds perfect :) So take a happy meal livielovesmusic
January 18 2013, 09:34 pm by catking99 |
Okay, listen. You go through this tab, play it, write "this Em sounds like crap," and then post it as a correction. That is not a correction. That's flat-out criticism. You want to write a correction, post an alternative chord to that "crappy E minor." Don't just tell the poster that their tab sucks.
June 20 2013, 07:05 am by AlpineSupreme |
Wow I cannot believe all the hissy fits on here.
Mate it's a good TAB. Don't listen to any of them. I used your tab to teach to my students but if you don't mind me saying, you do need to make a little correction.

The last line of your BRIDGE is wrong. It is not Em. She plays a C chord when she sings " But I'll Hold" then continues with the G and A as you have noted. So it is only 1 chord out of a million :) Have a listen and you will pick it up straight away.

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