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Paramore Album Album Tab
by Paramore

5 Seconds Of Summer Album Bass Tab
by 5 Seconds Of Summer

The Black Market Album Bass Tab
by Rise Against

An Awesome Wave Album Chords
by Alt-j

Sports Album Tab Album Bass Tab
by Modern Baseball

Submarine Album Chords
by Alex Turner

Home Album Chords
by Chris De Burgh

Carolus Rex Album Album Guitar Pro Tab
by Sabaton

Heart Album Chords
by Alexz Johnson

Ham Album Tab
by 5 Star Grave

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Update : aug 27, 2014
Misc Unsigned Bands The Drawing Board - Patch Pilot Chords Chords 0
Misc Unsigned Bands Sookee - Drag Chords Chords 0
Misc Unsigned Bands Karawan - Desolate Motion Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Misc Unsigned Bands Danny M - Herzmenschen Chords Chords 3
Sundy Best Home Chords Chords 3
Martha Tilston Artificial Chords Chords 3
Todd Snider Just In Case Chords Chords 0
The Trews 65 Roses Chords Chords 0
Trampled By Turtles Winners Chords Chords 3
Sixx Am Drive Solo Tab Tab 0
The Handsome Family The Bottomless Hole Chords Chords 0
Will Oldham Kiss Chords Chords 0
Basshunter I Know U Know Chords Chords 3
Impetigo Revenge Of The Scabby Man Tab Tab 3
Savant Rise Up Chords Chords 6
Impetigo Heart Of Illinois Tab Tab 3
Newday You Died For Me Chords Chords 0
Ok Kid Grundlos Chords Chords 27
The Glass Child The Fall Chords Chords 0
Steven Wilson Port Rubicon Tab Tab 3
One Bad Son Satellite Hotel Chords Chords 0
Napalm Death Climate Controllers Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Louden Swain Prom Chords Chords 3
Cloud Control Promises Chords Chords 3
Austrian Death Machine Ill Be Back Intro Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Tasha Manshahar Selamat Ulang Tahun Cinta Chords Chords 0
Steve Erquiaga El Nino Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Impetigo Dis-organ-ized Tab Tab 0
Impetigo Defiling The Grave Tab Tab 0
Todd Snider Sideshow Blues Chords Chords 3
Michael Hurley You Got To Say Chords Chords 0
Yo La Tengo Dreaming Chords Chords 0
Knack You Gotta Be There Chords Chords 0
Georges Brassens Les Oiseaux De Passage Chords Chords 0
Fx Butterfly Chords Chords 3
Feeling Play Dont Think Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Faith Music Manila Sayo Chords Chords 0
Dustin Lynch Mind Reader Chords Chords 3
Drive-by Truckers The Monument Valley Chords Chords 0
Dan Fogelberg The Colors Of Eve Chords Chords 0
Sesame Street Theme Song Easy Chords Chords 3
Dan Fogelberg Lessons Learned Chords Chords 0
Dan Fogelberg Diamonds To Dust Chords Chords 3
Dan Fogelberg Days To Come Chords Chords 0
New Pornographers Champions Of Red Wine Chords Chords 6
Chase Rice Gonna Wanna Tonight Chords Chords 3
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone The Subway Home Tab Tab 0
Calogero Un Jour Au Mauvais Endroit Bass Tab Bass 3
Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldnt Have Chords Chords 0
Bryan Adams She Knows Me Chords Chords 0
Infant Annihilator Devotion To The Child Rape Syndicate Solo Guitar Pro Tab Pro 6
Bombadil Reasons Chords Chords 0
Behemoth I Got Erection Tab Tab 9
Bahamas Cant Take You With Me Chords Chords 3
All Cause Intro Tab Tab 3
Albert King Funk-shun Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Mediaeval Baebes Salve Nos Arr Stephen Armourae Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Madeline Merlo Sinking Like A Stone Chords Chords 0
Los Caligaris Kilometros Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Kupido Was Ek Maar N Digter Chords Chords 3
Vines Psychomatic Tab Tab 0
Tiffany Houghton Band Boy Chords Chords 0
Kanaku And El Tigre Bicicleta Tab Tab 0
Josh T Pearson Woman When Ive Raised Hell Chords Chords 0
John King Tonight Tonight Chords Chords 3
Jarboli Moje Sve Chords Chords 0
Misc Unsigned Bands James Watson - Hey Ravensbourne Chords Chords 0
Jack And The Weatherman The Years Chords Chords 0
Io Carlo Figlio Dei Manga Chords Chords 0
Icf Worship Collide Chords Chords 0
Henry Jackman First Class Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Hellgods Kabut Keabadian Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Habib Moner Bhetor Chords Chords 0
Graeme Allwright Petit Garcon Chords Chords 0
Genocidio The Grave Tab Tab 0
Lauren Aquilina Fools Tab Tab 0
Venus Bass Shivering Bass Tab Tab 0
Smile Empty Soul Hard Biter Tab Tab 0
Misc Soundtrack 21 Jump Street Movie Theme Intro Tab Tab 3
Hail The Sun Human Target Practice Tab Tab 0
Freeman For A While I Couldnt Play My Guitar Like A Man Chords Chords 0
Flinke Namen Wolken Chords Chords 3
Facundo Cabral No Soy De Aqui Chords Chords 0
Eir Aoi Innocence Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Echovirus Once The Hero Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Eazy E Real Compton City Gs Tab Tab 0
Symphony X The Lords Of Chaos Guitar Pro Tab Pro 9
Jan And Dean I Found A Girl Chords Chords 3
Delp And Goudreau What You Leave Behind Chords Chords 3
Dawid Podsiadlo Trojkaty I Kwadraty Chords Chords 6
Christopher Coleman Collective Maybe Im Burning Chords Chords 3
Chemlab Suicide Jag Tab Tab 3
Cactus Black My Fathers Gun Tab Tab 3
Brian Doerksen Whatever Comes Chords Chords 3
Brandon Nugent Supplying Wisdom Tab Tab 0
Brandon Jenkins Unmended Chords Chords 3
Misc Soundtrack Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson - Im Not That Guy Chords Chords 0
Beacon Street Union The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Amanda Lopiccolo Dark Enough Chords Chords 0
Alphabetics Frutista Tab Tab 0
Misc Unsigned Bands Aj Jolly - Stay With Me For A Little While Longer Chords Chords 3
30y Szvemhez Szortom Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Misc Unsigned Bands The Rip Chords - One Piece Topless Bathing Suit Chords Chords 0
Misc Soundtrack Heathers - Seventeen Chords Chords 0
Misc Soundtrack Heathers - Kindergarten Boyfriend Chords Chords 0
Death Of An Era Shape Shifter Tab Tab 3
Death Of An Era Big Brother Tab Tab 3
Bobby Wills Never Didnt Love You Chords Chords 0
Bobby Wills Crazy Enough Chords Chords 0
Apollo 100 Joy Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Misc Unsigned Bands Rip Chords - Here I Stand Chords Chords 0
Misc Unsigned Bands Rip Chords - Three Window Coupe Chords Chords 3
Update : aug 26, 2014
Amason Alen Chords Chords 3
Sunrise Avenue Not Again Acoustic Chords Chords 0
Will Oldham Nomadic Revery - All Around Ukulele Ukulele 0
Misc Computer Games Mega Man 5 - Gyro Man Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Knack Frustrated Chords Chords 3
Knack Lucinda Chords Chords 0
Misc Unsigned Bands The Traditional Fools - Party At My House Tab Tab 3
The Associates Kitchen Person Tab Tab 0
Young Guns I Want Out Tab Tab 12
Sam Hunt House Party Tab Tab 24
Kate Miller-heidke Hello Tab Tab 0
X-ray Dog The Final Challenge Intro Tab Tab 0
Death Of An Era The Illusionist Pt2 Tab Tab 0
Death Of An Era The Global Movement Tab Tab 3
Woody Shaw Blues For Wood Tab Tab 0
Misc Unsigned Bands The Traditional Fools - Get Off My Back Tab Tab 3
Public Service Broadcasting Everest Tab Tab 3
Ty Segall Doctor Doctor Tab Tab 15
Salmo Salmo Chords Chords 18
Neil Hannon So Long And Thanks For All The Fish Chords Chords 0
The Digital Age All Rise Jesus Majesty Chords Chords 6
Summer Camp Jake Ryan Ukulele Ukulele 3
Fattah Amin Love Chords Chords 0
Verve Pipe Aint Too Hard To Live Without Love Chords Chords 6
Alex G Adam Chords Chords 3
Reckless Kelly Hit The Ground Runnin Chords Chords 15
Misc Computer Games Goal 3 Soundtrack 1 Guitar Pro Tab Pro 7
Soilwork No More Angels Intro Intro Tab Tab 15
Somo Do Me Now Chords Chords 12
Watsky The One Bass Tab Bass 9
Louden Swain Hot Times Chords Chords 3
Matt Wertz Get To You Chords Chords 3
Linkin Park Final Masquerade Acoustic Chords Chords 24
Spocks Beard Carie Chords Chords 0
Noori Mere Log Chords Chords 0
Spitz Yuuhi Ga Warau Kimi Mo Warau Chords Chords 3
Spitz Tsumetai Hoho Tab Tab 0
Spitz Spider Chords Chords 0
Spitz Sentimental Chords Chords 3
Spitz Scarlet Chords Chords 3
Spitz Natsu No Mamono Chords Chords 6
Spitz Namida Ga Kirari Chords Chords 3
Spitz Nakayoshi Chords Chords 3
Spitz Nagisa Chords Chords 0
Spitz Mahou No Kotoba Chords Chords 0
Spitz Kimi To Kurasetara Chords Chords 0
Spitz Indigo Chiheisen Tab Tab 9
Spitz Ima Chords Chords 0
Spitz Holiday Tab Tab 0
Spitz Hechima No Hana Tab Tab 0
Spitz Haruka Chords Chords 0
Spitz Hadaka No Mama De Chords Chords 3
Spitz Fake Fur Tab Tab 3
Spitz Bunny Girl Chords Chords 0
Ghost Cassette The Tape Chords Chords 9
Spitz Aoi Kuruma Chords Chords 0
Wake Owl Madness Of Others Tab Tab 3
Spitz Amai Te Chords Chords 0
Spitz Akane Tab Tab 0
Verve Pipe Half A Mind Chords Chords 6
Spitz Ai No Shirushi Chords Chords 3
Korpiklaani Ruumiinmultaa Guitar Pro Tab Pro 12
Robert Plant Rainbow Chords Chords 15
Spitz Ai No Kotoba Chords Chords 0
Spitz 8823 Chords Chords 12
Plain White Ts Hey There Deliah Chords Chords 6
Jim And Jesse Are You Missing Me Chords Chords 3
Knack Shes So Selfish Chords Chords 3
Supercell The Bravery Guitar Pro Tab Pro 6
Urban Rescue Shadows And Dust Intro Tab Tab 0
Inti Illimani Ojos Azules Chords Chords 3
David Bowie Port Of Amsterdam Chords Chords 33
Imagine Dragons Demons Acoustic Live Chords Chords 12
Illya Kuryaki And The Valderramas Adelante Guitar Pro Tab Pro 10
Morrissey Scandinavia Chords Chords 24
Helheim Vigrids Vard Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Misc Computer Games The Last Of Us - Home Tab Tab 21
Gordon Giltrap In Unison Guitar Pro Tab Pro 9
Fx Red Light Chords Chords 12
Quietdrive Jessica Chords Chords 3
Flight Facilities Foreign Language Guitar Pro Tab Pro 18
Fleetwood Mac Homework Tab Tab 12
Extrabreit Hurra Hurra Die Schule Brennt Guitar Pro Tab Pro 21
Ewan Maccoll Ballad Of Accounting Chords Chords 3
Elliott Yamin Dont Turn Away Ukulele Ukulele 3
Elephant Stone Looking Thru Baby Blue Tab Tab 6
Drowners Let Me Finish Chords Chords 0
Delorentos Citys Still Warm Chords Chords 0
Deathspell Omega Sola Fide I Guitar Pro Tab Pro 42
Cymbals Eat Guitars Wavelengths Chords Chords 0
Brendan Benson Tmr Record Booth Song Chords Chords 32
Johnossi Seventeen Chords Chords 6
Ernst Molden Septemba Chords Chords 6
Lily Allen Littlest Things Acoustic Chords Chords 6
The Amity Affliction 15 Pieces Of Flare Tab Tab 9
The Orion Experience Nyc Girl Chords Chords 0
Misc Unsigned Bands Manslaughter Intro Tab Tab 0
Jamie Mcdell Dumb Chords Chords 30
Wali Si Udin Bertanya Chords Chords 3
Uverworld The Song Guitar Pro Tab Pro 6
Knack One Day At A Time Chords Chords 0
Lou Gramm Just Between You And Me Chords Chords 3
Paradise Lost Angel Tears Guitar Pro Tab Pro 11
Marie Madeleine Swimming Pool Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Drive-by Truckers Hanging On Chords Chords 3
Dead Congregation Promulgation Of The Fall Guitar Pro Tab Pro 18
David Sylvian September Chords Chords 6
David Bowie Wood Jackson Chords Chords 0
Das Pack Immer Einmal Chords Chords 6
Dan Fogelberg Soft Voice Chords Chords 3
Dan Fogelberg A Voice For Peace Chords Chords 9
Chris Knight The Border Chords Chords 3
Chris Brown X Chords Chords 6
Casey Donahew Band Youre Gone Chords Chords 6
Beatsteaks Be Smart And Breathe Power Tab Power Tab 11
Beans On Toast Price Of Rice Chords Chords 16
Ariana Grande Best Mistake Acoustic Chords Chords 28
Akb48 Maria Guitar Pro Tab Pro 6
Aaron Watson Shut Up And Dance Chords Chords 3
Jeff Buckley If You See Her Say Hello Intro Tab Tab 42
Misc Unsigned Bands St Gregorys Academy - Dublin In The Rare Old Times Ukulele Ukulele 0
Taeyang Eyes Nose Lips English Ver Chords Chords 54
Dirty Loops Hit Me Guitar Pro Tab Pro 18
Nat King Cole Charlie Chaplin Smile Ukulele Ukulele 3
Falco America Chords Chords 9
The Black Keys Money Maker Guitar Pro Tab Pro 18
Inanimate Existence Staring Through Fire Guitar Pro Tab Pro 6
Victoria Vox Tugboat Ukulele Ukulele 3
Danie Botha Wenners Chords Chords 0
Dedcha Fire Intro Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Johnny Rivers Going Back To Big Sur Chords Chords 3
Update : aug 25, 2014
Tom Petty Forgotten Man Chords Chords 12
The Handsome Family The Lost Soul Chords Chords 0
Ux Band Hanya Nama Yesus Chords Chords 0
Dignified Bapaku Yang Kucinta Chords Chords 0
Walker Hayes When He Made You Chords Chords 3
Ryosuke Nakanishi Shujinko To Akuma No Tsuyosa Tab Tab 0
Doug Gillard Ready For Death Chords Chords 6
The Rising Sun Cross Love Ukulele Ukulele 0
Luna Mortis Forevermore Intro Tab Tab 0
Belakor Suns Delusion Guitar Pro Tab Pro 27
Lisa Leblanc Jpas Un Cowboy Chords Chords 0
Yngwie Malmsteen Relentless Guitar Pro Tab Pro 40
Lesson Guitar C Major Scale - Alternate Picking Riff Guitar Pro Tab Pro 18
Perfect Raz Po Raz Chords Chords 15
Jack Campbell Absentee Chords Chords 0
Robert Lea Sutanto Bangkit Greja Tuhan Chords Chords 0
Jovelina Prola Negra Sorriso Aberto Chords Chords 0
Snowing Important Things Tab Tab 12
Dargen D Amico Bocciofili Chords Chords 0
Lindsey Stirling Crystallize Violin Dubstep Solo Tab Tab 0
Witchcraft Democracy Guitar Pro Tab Pro 12
Austin Collins Emily Chords Chords 0
Devin Townsend Band Depth Charge Guitar Pro Tab Pro 12
Neko Case Outro With Bees Chords Chords 6
Mac Demarco Because Im A Boy Acoustic Tab Tab 48
Yeng Constantino Ikaw Chords Chords 1490
Hymn His Name Is Wonderful Chords Chords 3
Sara Bareilles Chandelier Chords Chords 63
Mirel Wagner The Dirt Chords Chords 6
Jake Owen One Little Kiss Never Killed Nobody Chords Chords 0
Debbie Gibson We Could Be Together Chords Chords 12
Jp Cooper Harry Hippie Chords Chords 6
School Boy Humor Everyone Who Breathes Chords Chords 3
Mastodon Aunt Lisa Tab Tab 162
The Opposites Sukkel Voor De Liefde Chords Chords 6
Ramones She Belongs To Me Chords Chords 9
Slaid Cleaves Below Chords Chords 6
Worsie Visser Boesmanland Chords Chords 3
Jason Aldean I Dont Do Lonely Well Intro Tab Tab 0
Twin Atlantic Oceans Chords Chords 63
Patent Pending Enema Of The State Chords Chords 0
The Wooden Sky Hang Onto Me Chords Chords 6
Grateful Dead So Manny Roads Chords Chords 3
Jordan Dillon Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is Chords Chords 0
Patent Pending Falling Out Of Love Chords Chords 3
Mani Matter Es Het Einisch Eine Gseit Chords Chords 3
Patent Pending Let Go Chords Chords 12
Robbers On High Street Love Underground Tab Tab 3
The Clancy Brothers And Tommy Makem Nell Flahertys Drake Chords Chords 3
Hellhammer Ready For Slaughter Guitar Pro Tab Pro 24
Timothy Just You Forever Chords Chords 0
Gene Simmons Living In Sin Guitar Pro Tab Pro 12
Lesson Guitar Star Licks Jimmy Page Style Tape Solo Guitar Pro Tab Pro 34
Terasbetoni Taivas Lyo Tulta Chords Chords 3
Randy Houser Running Out Of Moonlight Solo Tab Tab 0
Fx All Night Chords Chords 12