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Pure Heroine Album Chords
by Lorde

Son Of Evil Reindeer Album Chords
by Reindeer Section

No Answers Only Question Album Tab
by Alan Parsons Project

Realistic Fantasy Album Chords
by Zack Hexum

Morning Rain Album Chords
by Unijon

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Update : apr 17, 2014
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Hate The Taste Guitar Pro Tab Pro 28
Luis Fonsi Respira Chords Chords 16
Delta Goodrem Woman Chords Chords 16
Saint Etienne Side Streets Chords Chords 15
Twenty One Pilots Isle Of Flightless Birds Chords Chords 14
John Martyn Make No Mistake Chords Chords 17
Miss May I Gone Tab Tab 41
The Newbeats Thou Shalt Not Steal Chords Chords 19
Phineas And Ferb Chains On Me Chords Chords 22
Phil Ochs Going Down To Mississippi Chords Chords 18
Misc Soundtrack Doctor Who Theme Acoustic Guitar Pro Tab Pro 13
The Bosshoss Free Love On A Free Love Free Way Chords Chords 23
Neil Young Field Of Opportunity Chords Chords 16
Traditional Itsy Bitsy Spider Tab Tab 3
Dean Martin Somewhere Is A Someone Chords Chords 19
Luke Bryan Are You Leaving With Him Chords Chords 26
Conor Oberst Time Forgot Chords Chords 49
Hayden Panettiere Trouble Is Chords Chords 15
Chet Atkins Stephen Foster Medley Guitar Pro Tab Pro 34
Chet Atkins Nobodys Sweetheart Guitar Pro Tab Pro 33
Chet Atkins Imagination Guitar Pro Tab Pro 37
Chet Atkins Gonna Travel On Guitar Pro Tab Pro 18
Chet Atkins Alice Blue Gown Guitar Pro Tab Pro 25
Kaiser Chiefs The Factory Gates Chords Chords 57
Suede Asbestos Tab Tab 15
Hit The Lights Liars And Cheats Chords Chords 18
Steely Dan Charlie Freak Chords Chords 17
Oskorri Ostatuko Neskatxaren Koplak Chords Chords 17
Steven Curtis Chapman When Love Takes You In Chords Chords 21
Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros Mayla Chords Chords 18
Lynn Miles Save Me Chords Chords 6
Johnny Paycheck 11 Months And 29 Days Chords Chords 3
Bonnie Prince Billy Three Questions Chords Chords 11
Coronado Axis Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Linnea Henriksson Cecilia Tab Tab 9
Frei Wild Verdammte Welt Chords Chords 0
Panic At The Disco Girlsgirlsboys Acoustic Chords Chords 36
Duran Duran We Need You Bass Tab Bass 3
Francesca Battistelli Holy Spirit Chords Chords 3
First Aid Kit My Silver Lining Chords Chords 58
Bowling For Soup Love Ya Love Ya Love Ya Chords Chords 35
Mcdonald And Giles Birdman Chords Chords 0
Morgen Too Many Americas Chords Chords 1
Arlo Guthrie Percys Song Chords Chords 1
The Antlers Palace Chords Chords 10
Brian Jonestown Massacre What You Isnt Tab Tab 22
The Black Keys Fever Bass Tab Bass 22
Michael Yonkers When The Day Is Through Chords Chords 0
Orgone Scrying Guitar Pro Tab Pro 6
The Ready Set Are We Happy Now Chords Chords 3
Natalie Cole Starting Over Again Chords Chords 24
The Newbeats Run Baby Run Chords Chords 0
Wax Mannequin Black Bells Chords Chords 0
The Newbeats Break Away Chords Chords 7
Morgen Alpha Omega Chords Chords 4
Traditional Danish Jens Vejmand Chords Chords 0
Nickel Creek Where Is Love Now Chords Chords 15
Drugs The Only Thing You Talk About Guitar Pro Tab Pro 9
Pacific Dub Till The End Tab Tab 3
Call Me No One Time Machine Tab Tab 0
Smalltown Poets Jesus I Come Chords Chords 3
Allen Stone Satisfaction Chords Chords 3
Ss501 Making A Lover Chords Chords 39
Misc Computer Games Slice Of That Pie - Irrational Studios Chords Chords 4
George Im A Little Tea Pot The Teapot Song Tab Tab 0
Corey Hart Nevver Surrender Chords Chords 3
Allen Stone Figure It Out Chords Chords 9
Joan Baez Outside The Nashville City Limits Chords Chords 4
Lessons - Sweep Picking Basic Sweep Picking Exercises And Warm Ups Guitar Pro Tab Pro 18
Bobby Fuller Four Another Sad And Lonely Night Chords Chords 13
Wild Cub Thunder Clatter Acoustic Tab Tab 18
Lesson Guitar Major Scale Exercises Tab Tab 22
Allen Stone Vibe With Ya Chords Chords 3
Misc Computer Games Bucky Ohare - Red Planet Guitar Pro Tab Pro 35
Kenny Rogers And Dolly Parton You Cant Make Old Friends Chords Chords 30
Ball Park Music Next Life Already Chords Chords 22
Dr Hook And The Medicine Show Rocks Off Bass Tab Bass 16
Wada Kouji Butter-fly Guitar Pro Tab Pro 22
Late Nite Reading Just How I Do It Chords Chords 21
Arcane Roots In This Town Of Such Weather Tab Tab 19
Incredible String Band Turquoise Blue Chords Chords 16
Detroit Ange De Desolation Intro Tab Tab 9
Rektalis Szerzetes Rend Mondok Egy Rejtelyt Az Ufo Az Rideg Guitar Pro Tab Pro 13
Rektalis Szerzetes Rend Emberarcu Hal-arcu Ember Guitar Pro Tab Pro 11
Rektalis Szerzetes Rend A Csajok Nem Bofognek A Sortol Guitar Pro Tab Pro 14
Rektalis Szerzetes Rend Poforog A Seggem Guitar Pro Tab Pro 12
Rektalis Szerzetes Rend Allo Fasszal Szaro Kutya Guitar Pro Tab Pro 9
Rektalis Szerzetes Rend Basszanat Guitar Pro Tab Pro 7
Rektalis Szerzetes Rend Be Vagyok Baszva Nem Mentem Be Dolgozni Guitar Pro Tab Pro 7
Rektalis Szerzetes Rend Nobeldijas Leszek Guitar Pro Tab Pro 6
Rektalis Szerzetes Rend Szar 2 O Guitar Pro Tab Pro 13
Rektalis Szerzetes Rend Szard Le A Hasad Guitar Pro Tab Pro 10
Rektalis Szerzetes Rend Fostomlo Fekalgor Guitar Pro Tab Pro 7
Rektalis Szerzetes Rend Geciyorduk Guitar Pro Tab Pro 7
Less Than Jake Lockdown Bass Tab Bass 34
Less Than Jake Rock N Roll Pizzaria Bass Tab Bass 29
Less Than Jake Sugar In Your Gastank Bass Tab Bass 19
Wax Mannequin Pb Chords Chords 11
Wax Mannequin Water Chords Chords 10
Wax Mannequin Out On The Water Chords Chords 14
Wax Mannequin Other Part Chords Chords 14
Wax Mannequin Dont Want To Go Chords Chords 23
Wax Mannequin Body Black Body White Chords Chords 14
Wax Mannequin Bison Chords Chords 7
Wax Mannequin Beware Chords Chords 0
Detroit Ma Muse Chords Chords 14
Detroit Horizon Chords Chords 20
Stahlmann Stahlmann Tab Tab 0
Stahlmann Marschieren Tab Tab 4
Stahlmann Auf Ewig Tab Tab 0
Stahlmann Kaltes Herz Tab Tab 4
Renee Martel Quand Le Soleil Dit Bonjour Au Montagnes Chords Chords 6
Renee Martel Je Vais A Londres Chords Chords 1
Renee Martel Jai Un Amour Qui Ne Veut Pas Mourir Chords Chords 7
Pepper Proud Love You Love A Riddle Chords Chords 21
Flume You And Me Chords Chords 24
The Lonely Biscuits Look And Sea Chords Chords 12
Summer Heart I Wanted You To Stay Tab Tab 12
Storm Calysta Hero Chords Chords 22
Misc Soundtrack Grease 2 - Cool Rider Chords Chords 19
Naman How Many Times Chords Chords 18
Stephen Swartz Bullet Train Acoustic Chords Chords 15
Kiesza Hideaway Tab Tab 45
Geroge Barnett Lone Rose Chords Chords 13
Aries Sales Miss Masungit Chords Chords 21
X-fears Summer Sun And Water Chords Chords 19
Misc Traditional Irish - Are Ye Sleeping Maggie Chords Chords 16
The White Buffalo 10 Til 2 Tab Tab 15
Misc Cartoons Barbie The Princess And The Popstar - I Wish I Had Her Life Chords Chords 18
Clare Dunn Get Out Chords Chords 16
Ester Rada Could It Be Chords Chords 34
Eels Rotten World Blues Chords Chords 18
One Tail One Head The Splendour Of The Trident Tyger Intro Guitar Pro Tab Pro 16
Danny Schmidt This Too Shall Pass Chords Chords 12
Kiesza Hideaway Chords Chords 73
Deviant Left Behind Guitar Pro Tab Pro 4
Kivimetsan Druidi Blacksmith Acoustic Part Tab Tab 7
Charles King Love Boat Ukulele Ukulele 3
Emen Sheikh Pakhire Tui Chords Chords 3
Lars Hug And Lisa Ekdahl Backwards Chords Chords 1
Singer Vinger Noored On Hukas Chords Chords 0
Bowser And Blue Snow Is A Four Letter Word Ukulele Ukulele 31
Back To Back Jonathan Chords Chords 9
Shura Touch Chords Chords 18
Tipa Lorenzo Rondo Alla Turca Arr Tipa Lorenzo Solo Guitar Pro Tab Pro 49
James Reid And Nadine Lustre No Erase Diary Ng Panget Chords Chords 40
Will Heard Sonnentanz Sun Dont Shine - A64 Chords Chords 4
Misc Soundtrack The Lego Movie - Everything Is Awesome Chords Chords 16
Soulfarm Dig Down Deeper Chords Chords 0
Pepper Proud Scene Opaque Tab Tab 9
The Uskis Denbora Aurrera Doie Chords Chords 4
Photek Modus Operandi Tab Tab 10
Misc Cartoons Wino - Kono Taiyou Wa Yoru Mo Kagayaku Chords Chords 3
Palace Music Trudy Dies Chords Chords 6
Yosemite Brothers Chords Chords 3
Rhodes Raise Your Love Tab Tab 10
Misc Television National Geographic Theme Song - It Takes Over You Tab Tab 3
Will I Am Feelin Myself Bass Tab Bass 18
Hikaru Utada Sakura Nagashi Tab Tab 10
Update : apr 16, 2014
Billie Joe And Norah Barbara Allen Chords Chords 38
Shokran Interlude Solo Guitar Pro Tab Pro 25
George Jones Tall Tall Trees Chords Chords 29
Of Montreal Scenes From My Funeral Chords Chords 31
Temples Test Of Time Chords Chords 39
John Frusciante Fanfare Chords Chords 59
Green Day State Of Shock Acoustic Chords Chords 60
Ellie Goulding High For This Chords Chords 30
Black Label Society Angel Of Mercy Chords Chords 79
Phil Collins Heatwave Guitar Pro Tab Pro 41
Gordon Lightfoot Looking At The Rain Chords Chords 27
Stevie Nicks Violet And Blue Chords Chords 24
Luke Bryan Like We Aint Ever Chords Chords 49
Wet Wet Wet Wish I Was Lucky Bass Tab Bass 34
Lorde Everybody Wants To Rule The World Chords Chords 48
G-eazy Runaround Sue Chords Chords 21
Roger Chapman And The Shortlist Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun Chords Chords 21
Mack Allen Smith Im Not Drunk Im Just Drinking Chords Chords 15
Mathou You Never Walk Alone Chords Chords 21
Ruarri Joseph Cuddles Are The Best Thing Chords Chords 15
Harold Faltermeyer Top Gun - Guitar Solo Solo Tab Tab 12
Sistar Crying Chords Chords 21
Late Nite Reading On Mainstreet Chords Chords 15
Taking Back Sunday Liar It Takes One To Know 1 Bass Tab Bass 15
Leona Naess Christmas Chords Chords 15
Late Nite Reading Rumor Chords Chords 9
Gerard Way Millions Chords Chords 3
Chronolyth The Heresy Crucify Your God Guitar Pro Tab Pro 29
Alcest Printemps Emeraude Guitar Pro Tab Pro 47
Joan Osborne Work On Me Chords Chords 23
Asking Alexandria The Death Of Me Acoustic Chords Chords 180
Ed Sheeran Tenerife Tab Tab 142
Boyce Avenue Wake Me Up Tab Tab 60
Zebrahead Automatic Tab Tab 18
Nikolaj Og Piloterne Engel Chords Chords 15
Seabird Extraordinary Chords Chords 18
Grape Digging Sharon Fruits Pear Tree Chords Chords 21
James Durbin Parachute Chords Chords 12
Domenico Modugno Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu Volare Chords Chords 3
Kgb Sail On Sailor Chords Chords 0
Grouplove Schoolboy Intro Tab Tab 12
Zebrahead Last Call Tab Tab 12
Zebrahead Until The Sun Comes Up Tab Tab 6
The Fray Hold My Hand Chords Chords 36
Die Prinzen Schlaflied Chords Chords 3
Soft Cell Heat Tab Tab 3
Alin Coen Andere Haende Tab Tab 3
Zebrahead Sirens Tab Tab 9
Elyar Fox A Billion Girls Chords Chords 105
Bass Drum Of Death Way Out Tab Tab 9
Django Django Lifes A Beach Chords Chords 3
Cledus T Judd Cooter Chords Chords 3
The Magic Numbers Long Legs Chords Chords 0
Marvin Gaye Sunny Chords Chords 18
Anciients Fallin In Line Intro Tab Tab 3
Hillsongs Amim Van Arms Open Wide Chords Chords 0
Tito And Tarantula The Secret Chingon Alacran Y Pistolero Intro Guitar Pro Tab Pro 27
Kaiser Chiefs Misery Company Chords Chords 49
Psychotic Waltz Out Of Mind Guitar Pro Tab Pro 10
Igor Presnyakov Tears In Heaven Guitar Pro Tab Pro 34
Fred Eaglesmith Hes A Good Dog Chords Chords 8
Misc Cartoons Barbie The Princess And The Popstar - Here I Amprincesses Just Wanna Have Fun Chords Chords 3
Morgen Mary Jane Chords Chords 0
Eric Church Woke Up This Morning Chords Chords 64
Kenny Chesney Hemingways Whiskey Chords Chords 15
Pixie Lott Nasty Chords Chords 12
Led Zeppelin I Wanna Be Her Man Chords Chords 27
Luis Fonsi El Anillo Y La Flor Chords Chords 0
Ball Park Music Cocaine Lion Chords Chords 14
Nouvelle Vague Dancing With Myself Tab Tab 6
Disclosure Latch Acoustic Tab Tab 23
Tim Mcgraw Meanwhile Back At Mamas Chords Chords 121
Kim Richey Not A Love Like This Guitar Pro Tab Pro 23
Agalloch To Drown Intro Chords Chords 21
Django Django Loves Dart Chords Chords 21
Misc Computer Games Bucky Ohare - Blue Planet Guitar Pro Tab Pro 37
Ayo Who Chords Chords 27
Andrew Peterson Hosea Chords Chords 21
The Verve Appalachian Springs Chords Chords 18
Wavves Gimme A Knife Chords Chords 12
Beth Hart Lay Your Hands On Me Chords Chords 11
Sufjan Stevens All The Trees Of The Fields Will Clap Their Hands Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Gamits This Shell Chords Chords 6
Jose Alfredo Jimenez Serenata Husateca Ukulele Ukulele 3
Walk The Moon Drunk In The Woods Chords Chords 3
Sevendust The Wait Tab Tab 12
Ronnie Dunn Peace Love And Country Music Chords Chords 9
Smosh The Legend Of Zelda Rap Chords Chords 12
Sevendust Under It All Tab Tab 10
Trading Yesterday For You Only Chords Chords 6
Jorge Negrete Ay Jalisco Tab Tab 0
Foot Ox Josephine And Maxine Chords Chords 9
Lou Reed Sweet Jane Live Intro Bass Tab Bass 15
Cloud Nothings Psychic Trauma Tab Tab 39
Dopewalka Intro Schreib Es Auf Chords Chords 0
Mads Langer Overgir Mig Langsomt Chords Chords 3
Greg Graffin Hey Laura Chords Chords 9
Timber Timbre Beat The Drum Slowly Chords Chords 12
Lesson Guitar Beginner Exercises - Alternate Picking Guitar Pro Tab Pro 25
I Dont Know Chicago Prince Of Nowhere Bass Tab Bass 3
I Dont Know Chicago Parental Guidance Bass Tab Bass 3
I Dont Know Chicago One Night Standards Bass Tab Bass 3
Dayanidhi Rao Paapi Hoon Chords Chords 9
Dayanidhi Rao Gaaunga Main Intro Tab Tab 9
Dayanidhi Rao Gaaunga Main Chords Chords 6
Mendeed Hope Lies In The Heart Of Even The Darkest Soul Guitar Pro Tab Pro 45
Misc Unsigned Bands Pussy Galore - Do You Like What You See Bass Tab Bass 11
Misc Unsigned Bands Pussy Galore - Sex Is Just A State Of Mind Bass Tab Bass 5
Misc Unsigned Bands Pussy Galore - Trust My Lust Bass Tab Bass 18
Misc Cartoons Spongebob Squarepants - Fun Chords Chords 67
Paolo Nutini Scream Acoustic Session Chords Chords 126
Christophe Aline Chords Chords 28
Eels Im Your Brave Little Soldier Chords Chords 54
Update : apr 15, 2014
The Black Crowes Remedy Power Tab Power Tab 30
The Mamas And The Papas Dancing In The Street Power Tab Power Tab 23
Misc Unsigned Bands Latex Sex - Condom Craver Bass Tab Bass 12
Da Hool Meet Her At The Love Parade Guitar Pro Tab Pro 23
Khold Dodens Grode Guitar Pro Tab Pro 22
Jenny Phillips Light On A Hill Chords Chords 15
Full Metal Alchemist Bratja Tab Tab 9
Egypt Central 15 Minutes Tab Tab 9
Paul Simon Under African Skies Chords Chords 27
Worship Central Dry Bones Chords Chords 21
Emily Osment Truth Or Dare Chords Chords 18
Gwar The Wheel Guitar Pro Tab Pro 31
Yann Tiersen La Valse Damelie Acoustic Guitar Pro Tab Pro 13
Letlive That Fear Fever Tab Tab 6
Slash Shots Fired Solo Solo Guitar Pro Tab Pro 62
Kxm Rescue Me Guitar Pro Tab Pro 117
Phillips Craig And Dean Saved The Day Chords Chords 33
Laura Marling How Can I Tab Tab 46
Marty Robbins Red River Valley Chords Chords 27
I See Stars Judith Rules Tab Tab 15
Jens And Rikard Hammer Smashed Face Guitar Pro Tab Pro 47
Inquisition Astral Path To Supreme Majesties Guitar Pro Tab Pro 40
Eric Church Loves Me Like Jesus Does Chords Chords 82
Sunrise Avenue Rising Sun Chords Chords 75
Chris Ramos Incapable Chords Chords 27
Michael Yonkers Sunflower Chords Chords 21
Marco Araujo Recall The Past Guitar Pro Tab Pro 25