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Blurryface Album Chords
by Twenty One Pilots

Beneath The Skin Album Chords
by Of Monsters And Men

More Acoustic Songs Album Chords
by Real Friends

American Beauty Album Chords
by Grateful Dead

How I Learned To Stop Giving A Shit And Love Mindless Self Indulgence Album Bass Tab
by Mindless Self Indulgence

Catch 33 Album Guitar Pro Tab
by Meshuggah

Vessel Album Chords
by Twenty One Pilots

Reign Surpreme Album Guitar Pro Tab
by Dying Fetus

Haven Album Chords
by Kamelot

Zombie Ep Album Tab
by The Devil Wears Prada

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Update : jul 30, 2015
Bwitched It Was Our Day Chords Chords 3
Belle And Sebastian Allie Chords Chords 3
Cody Simpson Palm Of Your Hand Chords Chords 3
Moffatts Just Another Phase Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Beck Nobodys Fault But My Own Chords (ver 4) Chords 3
William Deslauries Je Lève Mon Verre Chords Chords 3
Michael Jackson Stranger In Moscow Chords (ver 4) Chords 3
Pixies Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons Chords Chords 3
Clutch X-ray Visions Tab Tab 3
Mars Volta Molochwalker Tab (ver 2) Tab 3
M Pokora Mieux Que Nous Chords Chords 3
Prozak Until Then Chords Chords 6
Moffatts Who Do You Love Chords (ver 8) Chords 6
Moffatts Walking Behind Live Chords Chords 3
Bwitched Together We Will Be Fine Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Misc Unsigned Bands Shaun Cassidy - Hey Deanie Chords Chords 12
Misc Unsigned Bands Fun And Games - The Grooviest Girl In The World Chords Chords 6
Dave Gunning Twilight Chords Chords 6
Harry Gregson-williams Old Snake Tab (ver 2) Tab 3
Bigbang If You Intro Tab (ver 2) Tab 3
Lamb Of God Overlord Solo Tab Tab 12
Prides Just Say It Chords Chords 3
Update : jul 29, 2015
The Black Keys Weight Of Love Tab Tab 15
Dave Gunning April Girl Chords Chords 3
Rancid Already Dead Chords Chords 6
Blink 182 What Went Wrong Chords (ver 6) Chords 3
Modern Baseball Rock Bottom Chords Chords 9
The Chiffons Sweet Talking Guy Chords Chords 6
Hayley Kiyoko This Side Of Paradise Chords Chords 9
First Aid Kit Brother Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Walk The Moon Talking Is Hard Album Chords Chords 6
Dave Gunning Colleen Malone Chords Chords 6
Dave Gunning Hard Workin Hands Chords Chords 3
Nightwish Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Misc Unsigned Bands Broadside - Damaged Kids Chords Chords 9
Man Overboard Deal Chords Chords 6
Misc Unsigned Bands Good Cop Bad Cop Prom Queen - Mercenary Kings Chords Chords 3
Misc Unsigned Bands Syith - Beautiful Universe Chords Chords 6
Misc Unsigned Bands Harbor Drive Hookup - First Rodeo Chords Chords 3
Nf Paralyzed Chords Chords 12
Brett Younker The Way Intro Tab Tab 3
Gram Parsons Sin City Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Marilyn Manson Murderers Are Getting Prettier Everyday Solo Tab Tab 18
Tonight Alive Amelia Acoustic Chords (ver 3) Chords 3
Jonny Corndawg Undercover Dad Tab Tab 3
The Tremeloes Well Whos That Chords Chords 9
Newsboys I Would Give Everything Tab Tab 3
Juha Vainio Herrat Helsingin Chords Chords 3
Anthem Lights Help You Stand Chords Chords 6
Veruca Salt Black And Blonde Tab Tab 12
Hollies Whatcha Gonna Do Bout It Chords Chords 12
Veruca Salt Bodies Chords Chords 3
Hollies Little Lover Chords Chords 9
Jpcc Worship More Than Enough Chords Chords 6
Hollies Dont You Know Chords Chords 6
Al Bano And Romina Power Sharazan Chords Chords 3
Al Bano And Romina Power Ci Sara Chords Chords 3
Colton Dixon Love Has Come For Me Chords Chords 12
Jesus Jones Welcome Back Victoria Chords Chords 6
Max Im Parkhaus Nie Wieder Chords Chords 3
Edguy Standing In The Rain Chords Chords 15
Emmylou Harris Sailing Round The Room Chords Chords 9
Emmylou Harris Take That Ride Chords Chords 3
Girl On Fire Losing My Identity Intro Tab Tab 9
Tom Peckskamp Pineapple Baby Chords Chords 6
New Life Church All We Need Tab Tab 3
Voltaire Happy Birthday My Olde Friend Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Rainbowdragoneyes Creatures Ov Deception Solo Tab Tab 0
Brooke Tomlinson Together Chords Chords 0
Trampled By Turtles Rich Poor Chords Chords 6
Kondwani Phwandaphwanda Dreamchaser Chords Chords 0
Andrew Allen Thinking About You Chords Chords 0
Witchrider Wind Up Chords Chords 12
Witchrider Freaks Unite Chords Chords 3
Mac Miller The Question Live Tab Tab 9
Rodney Crowell And Emmylou Harris Higher Mountains Chords Chords 9
Rodney Crowell And Emmylou Harris Just Pleasing You Chords Chords 6
New Order Restless Chords Chords 6
Rodney Crowell And Emmylou Harris Open Season On My Heart Chords Chords 0
Rodney Crowell And Emmylou Harris Hanging Up My Heart Chords Chords 9
Rodney Crowell And Emmylou Harris Bull Rider Chords Chords 0
Seth Slay Whats Your Name Chords Chords 0
Paul Kelly Forty Miles To Saturday Night Chords Chords 3
Cecilio And Kapono About You Chords Chords 0
Rebelution Lady In White Acoustic Tab (ver 2) Tab 3
Free Throw Kim Tastie Tab Tab 3
Linda Ronstadt Heartbreak Kind Chords Chords 3
Willy Deville No Such Pain As Love Chords Chords 15
Brandtson The Rookie Year Chords Chords 3
Judas Priest Fever Intro Tab Tab 21
Trond Viggo Torgersen Far Chords Chords 9
Zella Day Shadow Preachers Chords Chords 9
New Years Day The Joker Tab Tab 6
American Authors Go Big Or Go Home Chords Chords 18
Dri Thrashard Tab (ver 2) Tab 9
Annie Lennox I Put A Spell On You Solo Tab Tab 3
Peace Happy People Chords Chords 3
Jamie T Believing In Things That Cant Be Done Tab Tab 6
Garnet Rogers The Farm Auction Chords Chords 3
James Coffey Legends Of The Rails Chords Chords 6
Bob Hund Det Regnar Och Brinner Chords Chords 6
Jamie T Back In The Game Tab (ver 2) Tab 3
Hey Violet Sparks Fly Intro Tab Tab 15
Harry Belafonte Jump In The Line Intro Tab (ver 2) Tab 15
Sundara Karma Indigo Puff Chords Chords 6
Misc Cartoons Ayane - Close Your Eyes Chords Chords 6
Astrid Smeplass Jolene Tab Tab 6
Carly Rae Jepsen I Really Like You Tab (ver 2) Tab 12
Joint Aktion Josephine Chords Chords 3
Dina Nazir Hargai Cinta Chords Chords 3
Tori Kelly First Heartbreak Chords (ver 3) Chords 18
Joint Aktion Another Song About Being Lonely Chords Chords 3
Riverside 02 Panic Room Tab (ver 2) Tab 6
Lucio Battisti Un Avventura Tab Tab 3
Chris Mcclarney God Of Miracles Chords Chords 36
Namika Lieblingsmensch Chords Chords 220
Built To Spill Shameful Dread Tab Tab 6
Maniac Drunken Devil Intro Tab Tab 6
Milky Chance Stolen Dance Tab (ver 4) Tab 6
Petra Dance Tab Tab 3
Patrick Sweany After Awhile Tab Tab 9
Mohit Chouhan Hawa Hawa Rockstar Intro Tab Tab 3
The Front Bottoms Maps Chords Chords 9
Johnny Sky Quiereme Chords Chords 12
Thomas Miller Oh The Blood Tab Tab 6
The Youth Tao Po Chords Chords 3
The Flippers Pangako Chords Chords 6
Elvis Presley In The Ghetto Chords (ver 7) Chords 21
Rodney Crowell God Im Missing You Chords Chords 6
Lee Moon Sae 이문세 굿바이 Goodbye Chords Chords 3
Sona Mohapatra Rangabati Chords Chords 21
Lee Moon Sae 이문세 이별 이야기 Story Of This Star Chords Chords 3
Juha Vainio Turistit Tuppukylään Chords Chords 6
Rodney Crowell Oh What A Beautiful World Chords Chords 3
Sublime With Rome Wherever You Go Chords (ver 3) Chords 3
Rodney Crowell And Emmylou Harris The Traveling Kind Chords Chords 3
Michael Gungor Hay Un Dios Que Me Ama Wrap Me In Your Arms Chords Chords 6
Lee Moon Sae 이문세 휘파람 Whistle Chords Chords 3
I Am Oak Famine Chords Chords 6
Lee Moon Sae 이문세 난 아직 모르잖아요 I Still Dont Know Chords Chords 6
Impacto Unción Y Poder Yo Llegaré Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Langhorne Slim Yer Wrong Chords Chords 3
Giannis Parios Elega Chords Chords 9
Georgia Maq Laika Chords Chords 6
Tua Moment Tab Tab 15
Murray Gold Doomsday Tab (ver 2) Tab 3
Ashley Eriksson Island Song Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Fernel Monroy En Tu Presencia Chords (ver 5) Chords 3
Susto Friends Lovers Ex-lovers Whatever Chords Chords 6
Flame Start Over Chords Chords 15
Gaz Brookfield Black Dog Day Chords Chords 6
Lamb Of God Overlord Tab Tab 72
All Time Low Somethings Gotta Give Acoustic Chords (ver 2) Chords 16
Anthem Lights Top Of The World Chords Chords 9
Nf All I Have Chords Chords 6
Anthem Lights Give Me A Lifetime Chords Chords 12
X Ambassadors Low Life Chords Chords 9
Wavves King Of The Beach Tab (ver 4) Tab 12
Arian Band Hamdam E Ghoroob Chords Chords 3
Titus Andronicus Dimed Out Chords Chords 24
Hillsong Young And Free Alive Tab Tab 15
Massimo Ranieri Perdere Lamore Chords Chords 6
Mark Tremonti Another Heart Tab Tab 9
We The Kings Over You Chords (ver 4) Chords 3
Owen Campbell A Better Place Chords Chords 3
Martha And The Vandellas Heatwave Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
The Clay Hess Band Rain Chords Chords 9
Crossing The Bar The Great Unwashed Tab Tab 6
Tanita Tikaram Sunface Chords Chords 3
Karine Polwart Terminal Star Chords Chords 6
Tanita Tikaram I Might Be Crying Chords Chords 3
Vianney Je Te Deteste Chords (ver 2) Chords 9
Offspring Coming For You Acoustic Tab Tab 37
Anne Dorte Michelsen Lykkelige Mandag Chords Chords 6
Jamie T Dry Off Your Cheeks Tab Tab 6
Jacobo Ramos Tu Pueblo Dice Gracia Chords Chords 3
Les Miserables Prologue - Chain Gang Intro Tab Tab 6
Matt Redman Let My Words Be Few Chords (ver 3) Chords 9
Peter Furler Band The Overcomer Chords Chords 3
Phosphorescent A New Anhedonia Chords (ver 2) Chords 12
Hymnal Praise To The Lord The Almighty Chords Chords 3
Misc Unsigned Bands Harbor Drive Hookup - Fishin For A Melody Chords Chords 6
August Burns Red Separating The Seas Tab Tab 21
Millencolin Mr Fake Believe Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Millencolin Man Of 1000 Tics Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Prince Sign O The Times Tab Tab 15
Prince Raspberry Beret Tab Tab 12
Prince Money Dont Matter Tonight Tab Tab 6
Prince Little Red Corvette Tab Tab 9
Prince Kiss Tab (ver 2) Tab 12
Millencolin Silent Suicide Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Prince Alphabet Street Tab Tab 6
Millencolin Wall Of Doubt Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Millencolin Stop To Think Chords Chords 6
Millencolin Right About Now Chords Chords 6
Percy Sledge Any Day Now Chords Chords 9
Millencolin Autopilot Mode Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Rolling Stones Far Away Eyes Chords (ver 4) Chords 60
Update : jul 28, 2015
Kenny Chesney Wild Child Chords (ver 3) Chords 6
Tim Mcgraw My Little Girl Chords (ver 3) Chords 3
Soilwork I Vermin Tab Tab 9
Biffy Clyro Folding Stars Chords Chords 15
Sensations Fix Map Tab Tab 9
Dave Gunning Cowboys Dream Chords Chords 3
Night Gunpowder Treason Tab Tab 23
Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever Acoustic Chords (ver 2) Chords 24
Tracy Chapman This Time Chords Chords 3
Man Overboard The First Degree Chords Chords 9
Man Overboard A Love That I Cant Have Chords Chords 3
Dave Gunning House For Sale Chords Chords 6
Bea Miller Were Taking Over Chords Chords 45
Man Overboard Anything Chords Chords 9
Skin Chamber Burning Power Tab Tab 9
Man Overboard For Jennie Chords Chords 3
Fear Factory Dielectric Tab Tab 15
Paul Kelly Love Never Runs On Time Chords Chords 3
Keith Green Create In Me A Clean Heart Chords (ver 3) Chords 3
Keith Green Make My Life A Prayer To You Chords (ver 3) Chords 6
Praise And Worship En Victoria Estoy Chords Chords 3
Hymnal A Dios Sea La Gloria Chords Chords 3
Max Raptor Heavy Hearts Chords Chords 3
Kurt Hugo Schneider Pass It On - Coke Bottle Song Chords Chords 3
Rmk Toppen Vi Ses Aldrig Hejdå Chords Chords 9
Ingrid Michaelson The Way I Am Acoustic Chords (ver 5) Chords 3
Dave Gunning Fade On The Line Chords Chords 9
Third Day Maker Chords Chords 6
Dodie Clark She Chords (ver 3) Chords 6
Foy Vance Doesnt Take A Whole Day Chords Chords 9
Sleeping With Sirens Madness Tab (ver 2) Tab 9
Delta Rae Cold Day In Heaven Chords Chords 3
Leo Dan Como Te Extraño Mi Amor Intro Tab Tab 3
Over The Rhine I Dont Wanna Waste Your Time Chords Chords 6
Leigh Nash Ocean Size Love Chords (ver 3) Chords 6
Hymn Weve Got The Power Chords Chords 9
Tj Monterde Tulad Mo Chords Chords 169
Dinosaur Jr Muck Chords Chords 9
Joanna Newsom Emily Chords (ver 3) Chords 12
Ms Mr Wrong Victory Chords Chords 15
Jack And Jack Shallow Love Chords Chords 21
Truckfighters Momentum Intro Tab Tab 9
Bears Den Elysium Tab (ver 2) Tab 12
Morrissey Kiss Me A Lot Chords Chords 38
Lena Meyer-landrut Day To Stay Chords Chords 9
Michael Gungor Say So Intro Tab Tab 3
David Lemaitre Megalomania Chords Chords 6
Razorlight Monster Boots Chords Chords 6
Powder Blues Band Doing It Right Chords Chords 6
Tauk Tumbler Tab Tab 6
Sylvan Esso Wolf Chords (ver 2) Chords 18
Vineyard How Could I Live Without You Chords Chords 6
Delirious Free Chords Chords 3
Bethel Music Fuerte Soy En Ti You Make Me Brave Chords Chords 3
Empire Empire I Was A Lonely Estate How To Make Love Stay Tab (ver 3) Tab 15
Tim Barry Older And Poorer Chords Chords 3
Nelja Ruusua Ajelen Chords Chords 9
The Front Bottoms Tattooed Tears Chords Chords 15
The Chiffons Sweet Talkin Guy Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Marie Digby Feel Chords (ver 5) Chords 3
Alkaline Trio Young Lover Acoustic Chords Chords 23
Jake Miller Selfish Girls Chords (ver 2) Chords 18
Caitlin Cary And Thad Cockrell Warm Tender Love Chords Chords 3
Maria Mena Blame It On Me Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Anthem Lights Best Of 2014 Chords Chords 27
Paul Kelly Cities Of Texas Chords Chords 3
Night Riots Contagious Tab Tab 6
Five Man Electrical Band Im A Stranger Here Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Kristin Chenoweth Taylor The Latte Boy Chords (ver 3) Chords 9
Kamelot Fallen Star Intro Tab Tab 9
1 Dads Blood Pt 2 Chords Chords 15
A Great Big World Hold Each Other Chords Chords 77
Bea Miller I Dare You Intro Tab Tab 81
Jose Feliciano Once There Was A Love Chords Chords 6
Halsey Hold Me Down Acoustic Chords Chords 102
1 Dads So Long Tab Tab 21
Halsey Hold Me Down Chords (ver 2) Chords 60
Trevor Wesley Chivalry Is Dead Chords (ver 3) Chords 84
Gregor Meyle Dir Gehoert Mein Herz Chords Chords 27
Janet Devlin Creatures Of The Night Chords Chords 6
Brakwaku Wishes Chords Chords 3
Juha Tapio Sitkeä Sydän Intro Tab Tab 12
Moriah Peters Well Done Chords (ver 5) Chords 15
Lena Meyer-landrut Stardust Album Chords Chords 15
Riverside Escalator Shrine Tab Tab 24
Man Overboard Invisible Chords Chords 3
Chelsea Wolfe Iron Moon Chords Chords 24
Rita Ora Poisen Chords Chords 12
Michael Mclean Mary Let Me Hold Her Baby Chords Chords 3
Michael Mclean I Cry The Day I Take The Tree Down Chords Chords 3
The Great Whiskey Project The Hills Of Dingle Chords Chords 3
The Leisure Society The Undefeated Ego Chords Chords 12
Penny And Sparrow Creature Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Lucio Battisti Gente Per Bene Gente Per Male Chords Chords 6
Warna Masih Ada Chords Chords 6
Lena Meyer-landrut Neon Lonely People Chords (ver 3) Chords 9
Bea Miller Force Of Nature Solo Tab Tab 18
Misc Cartoons Mickey Mouse - Clubhouse Theme Chords Chords 12
Chris Tomlin The Wonderful Cross Chords (ver 5) Chords 3
Buddy Holly True Love Ways Chords (ver 5) Chords 15
Jon Foreman Patron Saint Of Rock And Roll Chords Chords 15
Biffy Clyro Different People Chords (ver 3) Chords 15