Top 10 new albums:
Blurryface Album Chords
by Twenty One Pilots

I Am Alive In Everything I Touch Album Tab
by Silverstein

Christmas Island Album Chords
by Andrew Jackson Jihad

Beneath The Skin Album Chords
by Of Monsters And Men

Under Soil And Dirt Album Tab
by The Story So Far

American Beauty Album Chords
by Grateful Dead

More Acoustic Songs Album Chords
by Real Friends

How I Learned To Stop Giving A Shit And Love Mindless Self Indulgence Album Bass Tab
by Mindless Self Indulgence

Catch 33 Album Guitar Pro Tab
by Meshuggah

Polaroid Memories Album Chords
by Urban Cone

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Update : jul 4, 2015
Set It Off Wolf In Sheeps Clothing Bass Tab Bass 0
Three Days Grace Unbreakable Heart Bass Tab Bass 0
Misc Unsigned Bands Sonny Charles And The Checkmates - Black Pearl Chords Chords 6
Bob Dylan Annies Going To Sing Her Song Chords Chords 6
Misc Unsigned Bands Bob B Soxx And The Blue Jeans - Why Do Lovers Break Each Others Hearts Chords Chords 9
David Francey Hard Steel Mill Chords Chords 6
Front Porch Step Aware Album Chords Chords 18
Front Porch Step Lullaby Chords (ver 3) Chords 15
Front Porch Step Run Away Chords (ver 4) Chords 3
Within Temptation Fire And Ice Chords (ver 3) Chords 3
Front Porch Step If I Tremble Chords (ver 3) Chords 21
Update : jul 3, 2015
Within Temptation Faster Chords (ver 4) Chords 3
Haken In Memoriam Guitar Pro Tab Pro 12
Boston Its Easy Chords Chords 3
Forfun Terra Do Nunca Chords Chords 6
Whats Eating Gilbert The Nashville Session Album Chords Chords 12
Patti Page Tennessee Waltz Tab Tab 3
Whats Eating Gilbert Babe Chords (ver 2) Chords 12
Mac Demarco Still Together Solo Tab Tab 9
Red Hot Chili Peppers Slow Cheetah Tab (ver 7) Tab 3
Boston A Man Ill Never Be Chords Chords 6
Boston Something About You Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Boston Dont Look Back Chords (ver 4) Chords 6
Broadway Calls Be All You Cant Be Bass Tab Bass 3
Zandra Ernebro Little By Little Ukulele Ukulele 12
Zandra Ernebro Little By Little Chords Chords 9
Lloyd Cole Womens Studies Chords Chords 12
Top Cats Butterfly Ukulele Ukulele 12
Top Cats Butterfly Chords Chords 9
Boston Long Time Chords (ver 2) Chords 9
Green Day American Idiot Drum Tab (ver 3) Drums 3
Drake Bell Bull Chords (ver 2) Chords 9
Fleetwood Mac Gold Dust Woman Chords (ver 3) Chords 6
Kate Wolf Red Mountain Ranch Chords Chords 3
Man Overboard Shes In Pictures Chords Chords 15
Kate Wolf Pirates In The Wind Chords Chords 3
Man Overboard The Note Chords Chords 9
Kate Wolf Peace Carol Chords Chords 9
Kate Wolf North Main Street Chords Chords 6
Red Hot Chili Peppers Under The Bridge Ukulele (ver 3) Ukulele 9
Ball Park Music Its Nice To Be Alive Ukulele (ver 2) Ukulele 6
Man Overboard Reality Check Chords Chords 6
Cocoon Chupee Ukulele (ver 2) Ukulele 6
Misc Soundtrack Lava En Español Ukulele Ukulele 9
Misc Cartoons Aladdin - Arabische Nächte Chords Chords 3
The Academy Is Beware Cougar Chords (ver 4) Chords 6
Don Mcglashan Lucky Stars Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Somekindawonderful Reverse Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Lo Stato Sociale In Due è Amore In Tre è Una Festa Chords Chords 3
Bad Suns Take My Love And Run Chords Chords 3
Kate Wolf New Day Coming Chords Chords 6
Paul Mccartney This One Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Kate Wolf Midnight Star Chords Chords 3
First Aid Kit Emmylou Chords (ver 4) Chords 3
Benjamin Brainard Gracious Are You Lord Chords Chords 3
Evanescence My Heart Is Broken Chords (ver 5) Chords 3
Jeremy Messersmith John The Determinist Live Chords Chords 3
Bipul Chettri Aasar Intro Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Rival Sons Company Man Tab Tab 15
Squeeze Cool For Cats Chords (ver 6) Chords 9
August Burns Red Joy To The World Guitar Pro Tab Pro 9
Kate Wolf Midnight Flyer Chords Chords 6
Freddy Quinn Am Golf Von Biscaya Chords Chords 6
Sam Tsui Centuries Immortals Chords Chords 6
Skyclad Constance Eternal Chords Chords 9
Gorgoroth Rebirth Guitar Pro Tab Pro 12
Las Ketchup The Ketchup Song - Asereje Chords Chords 15
Ewert And The Two Dragons Pictures Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Area 11 The Strays Solo Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Bully Trying Chords Chords 6
Patrice Michaud Je Cours Après Marie Chords Chords 6
Zucchero Diamante Chords (ver 2) Chords 18
Ligabue Leggero Chords (ver 3) Chords 6
Doobie Brothers China Grove Chords (ver 4) Chords 15
Franz Schubert Ave Maria Chords (ver 4) Chords 6
Lady Lamb The Beekeeper Beluga Chords Chords 6
Explosions In The Sky First Breath After Coma Tab (ver 3) Tab 6
Ted Ito I Love You Chords Chords 3
Ocasek Ric Feelings Got To Stay Chords Chords 3
Alessia Cara Here Chords Chords 30
Angra Out Of This World Chords Chords 15
Lisa Crossing Field Tab (ver 2) Tab 9
Bathiya Santhush Mal Pan Podak Chords Chords 3
Aardvark Very Nice Of You To Call Guitar Pro Tab Pro 6
Katharine Lee Bates America The Beautiful Tab Tab 3
Bonnie Prince Billy I Came To Hear The Music Chords Chords 3
Bea Miller Force Of Nature Chords (ver 2) Chords 9
Demi Lovato Cool For The Summer Chords (ver 3) Chords 75
Secrets How We Survive Tab Tab 3
Kls Aurinko Nousee Chords Chords 6
Talking Heads Psycho Killer Chords (ver 5) Chords 15
Big Bang If You Tab Tab 277
Solen Blått Blod Chords Chords 12
Tom Pacheco Broken Piano Acoustic Chords Chords 9
Andy Timmons Deliver Us Bass Tab Bass 6
Daleka Obala Poljubi Me Chords Chords 3
Andy Mckee For My Father Guitar Pro Tab (ver 3) Pro 6
State Champs Easy Enough Acoustic Tab Tab 15
Ani Difranco Manhole Tab Tab 3
Lee Ann Womack Blame It On Me Chords Chords 3
R5 Stay With Me Chords (ver 3) Chords 9
Ghost Bc Year Zero Intro Tab Tab 6
Muse Reapers Guitar Pro Tab (ver 2) Pro 18
Chasen There Is Love Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Chaka Khan Angel Chords Chords 3
Wiz Khalifa Say Yeah Intro Tab Tab 9
Zoee Just A Little Bit Longer Chords Chords 6
Pink Floyd In The Flesh Tab (ver 5) Tab 9
Hippo Campus Little Grace Tab Tab 12
Ed Sheeran Lego House Tab (ver 7) Tab 9
Kenny B Als Je Gaat Chords Chords 6
Kishore Kumar Jeevan Ke Din Chords Chords 3
Yann Tiersen Midsummer Evening Live Guitar Pro Tab Pro 9
Fidlar Blackout Stout Chords Chords 18
Russian Red Cigarettes Chords (ver 3) Chords 3
Rock City Locked Away Chords (ver 2) Chords 24
Fidlar Black Out Stout Chords Chords 9
Purity Ring Sea Castle Chords Chords 6
Circle Of Contempt Concealed Tab Tab 6
Colbie Caillat Capri Intro Tab (ver 2) Tab 3
Neko Case Wayfaring Stranger Chords Chords 6
Counterparts Collapse Tab Tab 30
Rebecca Sugar Jam Buds Ukulele (ver 3) Ukulele 24
Sam Tsui Best Mistake Chords Chords 6
Green Day Who Wrote Holden Caulfield Drum Tab Drums 6
The Eden Project Circles Tab Tab 9
Vertical Church Band All The Earth Chords Chords 3
Major Lazer Lean On Chords (ver 5) Chords 21
Omega Diatribe The Quantum Guitar Pro Tab Pro 9
Major Lazer Lean On Solo Tab (ver 2) Tab 15
Allison Moorer Send Down An Angel Chords Chords 3
Aaron Watson Lonely Lubbock Nights Chords Chords 3
Five Iron Frenzy Blizzards And Bygones Intro Tab Tab 3
Solen Estelle Chords Chords 6
Jim Blister Tab Tab 3
Darshan Raval Mere Nishan Chords Chords 361
Libertines Gunga Din Intro Tab (ver 2) Tab 45
Kari Jobe Im Singing Chords (ver 3) Chords 6
Portugal The Man Creep In A T-shirt Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Libertines Gunga Din Intro Tab Tab 84
The Coronas Just Like That Tab Tab 3
Lindsay Mccaul Say My Name Chords Chords 6
Formula V Mas Yo No Tengo Nada Chords Chords 9
Dri Hooked Intro Tab Tab 6
Fancy Reagan Knock Me Out Ukulele Ukulele 6
Libertines Gunga Din Tab (ver 2) Tab 96
Jim Murphy Someone To Lava Chords Chords 9
Switchfoot Stars Chords (ver 4) Chords 6
While She Sleeps Modern Minds Solo Guitar Pro Tab Pro 6
Sam Tsui Worth It Chords Chords 3
Blink 182 Touchdown Boy Tab (ver 4) Tab 15
Palma Violets Danger In The Club Tab Tab 3
Fake Dreamlife 630 Chords Chords 3
Sublime Wrong Way - Live Acoustic Chords Chords 3
Mark Tremonti Tie The Noose Guitar Pro Tab Pro 18
Cure Lullaby Intro Tab (ver 3) Tab 3
Knutsen Og Ludvigsen Inni En Sekk Chords Chords 3
Sleeping At Last Birthright Chords Chords 12
Dumdum Boys Englefjes Chords Chords 3
Bertine Zetlitz Sett At Vi Sier Det Sånn Chords Chords 3
David Bazan Animals Chords Chords 3
Breaking Benjamin Dark Tab Tab 21
Lordi Playing The Devil Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Greyson Chance Purple Sky Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Jose Gonzalez The Nest Tab (ver 2) Tab 6
James Ford Murphy Lava Ukulele (ver 2) Ukulele 9
James Ford Murphy Someone To Lava Chords (ver 3) Chords 6
Good Riddance Dry Season Tab Tab 6
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Spread Your Love Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Benjamin Brainard All I Have Is Yours Chords Chords 3
Hákon Guðni Shine On Me Chords Chords 12
Der Hund Marie Stellt Mich Auf Die Beine Chords Chords 3
Boyce Avenue Im Not The Only One Chords Chords 18
The Fall Mr Pharmacist Tab Tab 6
Hey Violet Sparks Fly Chords (ver 2) Chords 18
Slowdive I Saw The Sun Chords Chords 12
Libertines Gunga Din Tab Tab 111
Reaping Asmodeia Cacophonous Oath Guitar Pro Tab Pro 36
Look Mexico Comin In Hot With A Side Of Bacon Tab Tab 3
Interpol Rest My Chemistry Chords Chords 3
Lenny Kravitz Strut Chords Chords 9
Panx Romana Kratos Kleiston Tab Tab 6
Panx Romana Diakopes Sto Xaki Tab Tab 6
Evert Taube Flickan I Havanna Chords Chords 3
Bullet For My Valentine You Want A Battle Heres A War Guitar Pro Tab (ver 3) Pro 27
Yoko Shimomura Kens Theme Super Streetfighter Ii Tab Tab 3
North Point Trust It All Chords Chords 15
Pacific Gold How Long Chords Chords 3
Samuel F Smith My Country Tis Of Thee Tab Tab 3
Max Schneider Gibberish Chords Chords 24
Foo Fighters Normal Chords Chords 6
Agua Bendita Africa Libre Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
David Nail All The Way Chords Chords 6
Nat King Cole Thats All Ukulele (ver 2) Ukulele 9
August Burns Red Jingle Bells Guitar Pro Tab Pro 9
Papa Roach No Matter What Acoustic Tab Tab 6
Morgoth The Travel Tab Tab 18
Mree Of The Trees Tab Tab 3
Flight Facilities Crave You Chords (ver 3) Chords 3
Limmie And The Family Cookin You Can Do Magic Chords Chords 6
Paulo Mendonça Doggystyle Guitar Pro Tab Pro 12
Libertines Gunga Din Chords Chords 306
Dragonforce The Sun Is Dead Guitar Pro Tab Pro 21
Who I Cant Explain Bass Tab (ver 4) Bass 12
Slick Shoes Joes Sick Chords Chords 3
Who I Cant Explain Tab (ver 4) Tab 3
Who I Cant Explain Power Tab (ver 3) Power Tab 16
Maviss Cry Chords Chords 6
Hey Violet Cant Take Back The Bullet Chords Chords 12
Dead Moon As Teardrops Break Chords Chords 3
Autopilot Off Looking Up Chords Chords 3
Strung Out City Lights Chords Chords 9
Belvedere Closed Doors Chords Chords 6
Beatles Mr Moonlight Bass Tab (ver 2) Bass 15
Johnny Cash Personal Jesus Tab (ver 6) Tab 9
The American Breed Step Out Of Your Mind Chords Chords 3
The American Breed Green Light Chords Chords 6
Kate Wolf Theres Lots I Could Have Told Her Chords Chords 6
Kate Wolf Lonesome And Restless Chords Chords 3
Update : jul 2, 2015
Kate Wolf Live And Learn Chords Chords 9
Dri Evil Minds Tab Tab 6
Dri Equal People Tab Tab 6
Dri Dry Heaves Tab Tab 6
Kate Wolf Links In The Chain Chords Chords 6
Cyndi Lauper She Bop Bass Tab Bass 9
Kate Wolf Lines On The Paper Chords Chords 3
Forfun Cara Esperto Chords (ver 2) Chords 15
Peter Paul And Mary Freight Train Chords (ver 2) Chords 12
Forfun Hidroponica Chords Chords 15
Lindemann Fish On Guitar Pro Tab Pro 28
The Band Time To Kill Chords Chords 3
Deerhunter Basement Scene Bass Tab Bass 12
Paul Mccartney Put It There Bass Tab Bass 3
Matchbook Romance Monsters Bass Tab (ver 5) Bass 0
Electric Light Orchestra Cant Get It Out Of My Head Bass Tab Bass 9
Kate Wolf Life Could Be So Easy Chords Chords 9
Muse The Globalist Tab (ver 3) Tab 54
Kate Wolf Lay Me Down Easy Chords Chords 12
Kate Wolf Jenny Wind Chords Chords 9
Kate Wolf Im Hurting Since You Went Away Chords Chords 3
Yes Owner Of A Lonely Heart Guitar Pro Tab (ver 4) Pro 11
Metallica Through The Never Guitar Pro Tab (ver 5) Pro 29
Kate Wolf I Dont Know Why Chords Chords 9
Kate Wolf Golden Harmony Chords Chords 9
Kate Wolf Were Going To A Wedding Day Chords Chords 3
Hillsong United When I Lost My Heart To You Hallelujah Tab Tab 18
Kate Wolf Full Time Woman Chords Chords 6
Kate Wolf Feel So Good Inside Chords Chords 9
Kate Wolf Everybodys Looking For The Same Thing Chords Chords 9
Lordi Loud And Loaded Guitar Pro Tab Pro 19
Mishka Same Old Changes Chords Chords 6
Pickettywitch Same Old Feeling Chords Chords 6
The Script Paint The Town Green Guitar Pro Tab Pro 9
Mr Big Just Let Your Heart Decide Chords Chords 3
The Youth Mukha Ng Pera Tab Tab 9
Charlie Rich I Take It On Home Chords Chords 12
Adrian Von Ziegler A Celtic Lore Guitar Pro Tab Pro 11
The Prototypes Kaleidoscope Guitar Pro Tab (ver 2) Pro 9
Leslie Clio My Heart Aint That Broken Chords Chords 12
Kekkonen Ikuisuuteen Chords Chords 9
The Devil Wears Prada War Tab Tab 65
Larc En Ciel Kasou Heisei Juu Nananen Guitar Pro Tab Pro 19
Pickettywitch Its Like A Sad Old Kinda Movie Chords Chords 9
Efecto Pasillo Tiembla La Tierra Chords Chords 6
Young Rising Sons High Ukulele Ukulele 3
Dennis Jernigan If I Could Just Sit With You Awhile Chords Chords 6
Frank Black Lolita Chords Chords 3
Meiko Leave The Lights On Tab (ver 2) Tab 9
The Knew Rally And Rumble Chords Chords 15
Black Knight Master Of Disaster Tab Tab 3
New Years Day Kill Or Be Killed Guitar Pro Tab Pro 11
New Years Day Kill Or Be Killed Tab Tab 30
Hatebreed Divine Judgement Tab Tab 15
Running Wild Lions Of The Sea Guitar Pro Tab Pro 40
The Strumbellas Did I Die Chords Chords 3
The Four Pennies Loves Journey Chords Chords 3
Jack Garratt Worry Chords (ver 2) Chords 18
Judy Collins Houses Chords Chords 6
Zoe Besame Mucho Tab (ver 3) Tab 57
Dallas Smith Nothin But Summer Chords (ver 2) Chords 12
Sammy Davis Jr What Kind Of Fool Am I Chords Chords 9
Charliepapa Merlina Chords Chords 3
Interpol Everything Is Wrong Tab Tab 48
Los Tres Toco Fondo Guitar Pro Tab Pro 4
All That Remains The Waiting One Intro Tab Tab 6
Allen Stone The Wire Chords Chords 12
Winterstorm Dragonriders Chords Chords 6
Supershirt Tote Tiere Chords Chords 3
Steve Taylor And The Perfect Foil In Layers Chords Chords 3
Sufjan Stevens Casimir Pulaski Day Chords (ver 3) Chords 0
Washed Out Youll See It Chords Chords 3
Vincenzo Curreri Comu L Unna Chords Chords 3
Grave Babies Over And Under Ground Bass Tab Bass 9
Lordi Cadaver Lover Guitar Pro Tab Pro 26
City And Colour Constant Knot Chords (ver 2) Chords 15
Misc Unsigned Bands William Shakespeare - Willow Song Ukulele Ukulele 6
Hey Violet Sparks Fly Chords Chords 12
Procol Harum Conquistador Guitar Pro Tab Pro 31
Panic At The Disco The Calendar Chords (ver 2) Chords 12
Amy Winehouse Rehab Guitar Pro Tab (ver 2) Pro 13