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Neal Schon: Santana Reunion Will Bring 'World Domination Again' : Neal Schon hopes to tour original lineup record, to be completed this week. [NEWS]
Santana: Santana : The album combined the sounds of rock, blues, latin, and even african rhythms. It was released shortly after their stellar performance at Woodstock, and quickly achieved gold status by years end. [REVIEW]
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  ·   Agua Que Va Caer Chords Chords
  ·   Amore (sexo) Tab Tabs
  ·   Angel Negro Chords Chords
  ·   Dirty Dancing Tab Tabs
  ·   En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor Tab [ 1 ] Tabs
  ·   Everybody's Everything Tab Tabs
  ·   Everything's Coming Our Way Tab Tabs
  ·   Evil Ways Bass Tab [ info + Difficulty: intermediate ] Bass Tabs
  ·   Gipsy Queen Tab Tabs
  ·   Gipsy Queen Bass Tab Bass Tabs
  ·   Gitano Tab Tabs
  ·   Guru Song Tab Tabs
  ·   I Don' T Wanna Lose Your Love Tab Tabs
  ·   I'm Gone Tab Tabs
  ·   Illegal Tab Tabs
  ·   Jingo Tab [ info + Difficulty: intermediate ] Tabs
  ·   La Danza Tab Tabs
  ·   Make Somebody Happy Tab Tabs
  ·   Mother's Daughter Tab Tabs
  ·   Mother's Daughter (ver 2) Tab Tabs
  ·   No Llores Tab Tabs
  ·   Nobody To Depend On Tab [ 1 ] Tabs
  ·   Se Acabo Tab Tabs
  ·   Se Acabo (ver 2) Tab Tabs
  ·   Se Acabo Bass Tab Bass Tabs
  ·   Shades Of Time Chords Chords
  ·   She´s Not There Tab [ 1 ] Tabs
  ·   Smooth Intro Tab [ info + Difficulty: novice ] Tabs
  ·   Sólo De Concierto Tab Tabs
  ·   This Boy's Fire Tab Tabs
  ·   Toussaint L'ouverture Tab Tabs
  ·   Trane Tab Tabs
  ·   Why Don’t You And Me Tab Tabs