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All Updates [ news ]

Ug Showdown, Mark Ii, Quarterfinals: 'sultans Of Swing' Vs. 'stairway To Heaven' | ug news
Vote for the best solo inside.

POSTED: 10/05/2015 05:08am

[ news ]
Nevermore To Return? Warrel Dane Announces Live Performances Of 'dead Heart...' Album For This November | general music news
Exactly who will be joining the singer remains unclear.

POSTED: 10/05/2015 07:23am

[ news ]
The Darkness Are Considering A Name Change | general music news
Band may hold Facebook competition to come up with new name, Justin Hawkins reveals.

POSTED: 10/05/2015 07:37am

[ news ]
Avril Lavigne And Chad Kroeger Are Still Recording Together In Spite Of Separation | general music news
Avril posts photos of her and former husband laying down new tracks in the studio.

POSTED: 10/05/2015 08:19am

[ news ]
Max Cavalera: 'we're Not A Christian Band, And We're Not Pushing Or Selling Religion To Anybody' | general music news
Soulfly frontman talks Biblical references on new album "Archangel."

POSTED: 10/05/2015 08:45am

[ news ]
Phil Anselmo Talks Superjoint Ritual: 'i Was Fucked Up Out Of My Mind On Heavy Fucking Drugs' | general music news
Singer explains how sobriety has improved the band's stage show in new interview.

POSTED: 10/05/2015 09:02am

[ news ]
New Alter Bridge Album Coming Your Way In 2016 | upcoming releases
Band to hit the studio in January.

POSTED: 10/05/2015 01:09pm

[ news ]
This Double-Neck Guitar Can Be Easily Torn Apart Into Two Separate Guitars, Check It Out | general music news
It goes by the name of Flux Guitars Satellite.

POSTED: 10/05/2015 01:35pm

[ news ]
Guitarist Quits Corporate Job To Play On Streets Around Us Full Time, This Is How It Turned Out | general music news
Check out Bret Dallas' story of leaving the corporate world after 15 years to pursue his dream.

POSTED: 10/05/2015 02:15pm

[ news ]
Popular Music Vloger Mistaken For Oregon Mass Shooter In Worldwide News Report | wtf?
Anthony Fantano's photo ends up in a worldwide news report.

POSTED: 10/05/2015 02:54pm

[ news ]
Watch: Eddie Van Halen Rounds Up Van Halen Tour With A Ripping 10-Minute Guitar Solo | general music news
All sorts of EVH goodies we have here.

POSTED: 10/05/2015 03:27pm

[ news ]
90% Of New Guitarists Quit In First Year, And That's Why Fender Is Going Digital | industry news
"We have a problem getting the consumers who buy their first guitar to commit for life."

POSTED: 10/05/2015 04:12pm

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