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All Updates [ news ]

Ik Multimedia Releases Amplitube Orange | namm news
The definitive collection of Orange Amps and Cabinets for Mac/PC.

POSTED: 02/27/2013 03:02am

[ news ]
Sign This Anti-Piracy Petition Now | industry news
Major companies are funding piracy by advertising on torrent websites. Meanwhile, the 'six-strikes' scheme launches this week, but what kind of punishments will pirates receive if they get to six-strikes?

POSTED: 02/27/2013 03:53am

[ news ]
Industry Opinion: Is The New Billboard Chart Wrong To Count Youtube Streams? | industry news
The Billboard Hot 100 now includes the most popular songs from YouTube streams, but it could be open to abuse from music marketers and push real artists further underground.

POSTED: 02/27/2013 03:53am

[ news ]
Gc Clapton Crossroads Collection, Pt. 1: Fender 'brownie' Stratocaster | entertainment
The Fender Custom Shop has created a "Brownie" Tribute model Stratocaster - a replica of Clapton's first Strat, that he purchased second hand in 1967 from Sound City in London.

POSTED: 02/27/2013 03:53am

[ news ]
Lullaby Renditions Of Pantera Classics Available For Sale | general music news
Metal giants get a lullaby makeover from Twinkle Twinkle Little Rockstar.

POSTED: 02/27/2013 06:17am

[ news ]
Cradle Of Filth Banned In China | general music news
Group gets an official performance ban from The Cultural Section of the Chinese Government.

POSTED: 02/27/2013 07:42am

[ news ]
Mumford & Sons Singer Working With Justin Timberlake | general music news
The unlikely duo of Marcus Mumford and Justin Timberlake have been working on a score for the next Coen Brothers movie.

POSTED: 02/27/2013 08:13am

[ news ]
Freddie Mercury Fans Discover Final Resting Place | general music news
The Queen singer's final resting place has been a secret for years, but now a discreet plaque bearing his birth name has been discovered in a quiet London cemetery.

POSTED: 02/27/2013 08:47am

[ news ]
Music Industry Growing For The First Time Since 1999 | industry news
After 13 years of losses, the music industry stopped shrinking in 2012 thanks to a massive drop in illegal downloads and the rise of digital music services.

POSTED: 02/27/2013 09:06am

[ news ]
Wednesday Question: Best Guitar Effect Pedals? | ug news
Vote for the best-sounding and most influential guitar pedals in history with our latest weekly poll.

POSTED: 02/27/2013 09:14am

[ news ]
Deep Purple Announce New Album Title | upcoming releases
"NOW What?!" also given release date.

POSTED: 02/27/2013 09:49am

[ news ]
Playing Music Helps Cure Autism | general music news
Playing piano has helped young Josh Tutin outgrow his autism symptoms.

POSTED: 02/27/2013 10:19am

[ news ]
Former Black Sabbath Frontman On Bill Ward Firing: 'if Its About Money, Then What The F--K?' | general music news
Tony Martin shares his thoughts on Bill Ward not participating in the Sabbath reunion, adding the band should look up to Def Leppard.

POSTED: 02/27/2013 10:19am

[ news ]