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All Updates [ reviews ]

Cornford: Hurricane | Guitar Amplifiers
Yes, the Hurricane is expensive for a 1X12 boutique tube amp that boasts only 20 Watts. Yes, that is small for a live setting. If this is the type of amp you are looking for, it is the best in its class.

POSTED: 11/20/2012 01:30am

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Kemper: Profiling Amplifier | Guitar Amplifiers
The Kemper Profiling Amplifier is a "profiler" for electric guitar amplifiers. This is no ordinary amp "modeler". The Kemper technology is quite different.

POSTED: 11/20/2012 03:00am

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Peavey: Classic Chorus 130 | Guitar Amplifiers
Nice amplifier with good clean sound and good sound spread. 2 channels, effects loop and equalizer.

POSTED: 11/20/2012 03:10am

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B.a.m.h.: Night Fights | compact discs
Released: Oct, 2012. Genre: Cybergrind, Grindcore, "Nintendogore". Label: Self-released. Number Of Tracks: 14. This is a superb cybergrind album, simply because it does very well adding a club vibe, but it could use slightly more variation in sound.

POSTED: 11/20/2012 03:27am

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Cort: X-6 | Electric Guitars
The variety of sound you can make with this guitar is amazing, its floyd is amazing coming from this guitar, it can hold out huge bends easily.

POSTED: 11/20/2012 03:43am

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At Vance: No Escape | compact discs
Released: Feb 10, 1999. Genre: Power Metal, Neoclassical Metal. Label: Shark Records. Number Of Tracks: 10. "No Escape" is the first album by German power metal band At Vance. They have that classic power metal feel that we all love.

POSTED: 11/20/2012 04:05am

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Neurosis: Times Of Grace | compact discs
Released: May 4, 1999. Genre: Sludge, Post-Metal, Experimental, Ambient. Label: Relapse Records. Number Of Tracks: 11. "Times Of Grace", the follow up to the amazing "Through Silver In Blood", is one of Neurosis' heaviest albums.

POSTED: 11/20/2012 04:12am

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Kid Rock: Rebel Soul | compact discs
Released: Nov 19, 2012. Genre: Southern Rock, Country Rock. Label: Atlantic. Number Of Tracks: 14. Kid Rock continues to blur the line between country and southern rock, having come a long way from the nature of his earliest releases. Whether this is a positive or negative transformation depends on your personal taste in music.

POSTED: 11/20/2012 04:33am

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