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The Algorithm: Brute Force: Overclock [EP]
Compact Discs: Electronic music and djent co-mingle on this French musician's latest EP. It might sound ridiculous, but it works!
· Eventide: H9 Max
· Helmet: Dead To The World
· Lamb Of God: The Duke [EP]
· Chapman Guitars: Ghost Fret
· Protest The Hero: Pacific Myth [EP]
· Ion Dissonance: Cast The First Stone
· The Rolling Stones: Blue & Lonesome
· Metallica: Hardwired...To Self-Destruct
· Pete Doherty: Hamburg Demonstrations
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Watch: RHCP's Klinghoffer Gets Upset By Crowd For Using Phones, Starts Filming Them Instead Of Playing Solo
Music News: No "Californication" solo for the filming crowd...
· 5 Iconic Bands With 1-Note Solos
· UG Awards 2016: Vote For Song Of The Year
· Trivium's Heafy: Our Debut Album Is Cursed, It Was Ahead Of Its Time
· Baroness, Gojira, Metallica & Periphery React To Grammy Nominations
· Watch: Bruce Dickinson's Son Fronts FFDP As Replacement For Ivan Moody
· Kirk Hammett: 'The Consequences Of Losing My Cell Phone Have Been Immense'
· Major Mastodon Album Update: Record To Revolve Around Cancer, It's Basically Done
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Fantastic Musicians And Where To Find Them: Why Learning Music Is Not A Harry Potter Novel
Songwriting: Lots of people think that musical ability is like magic in Harry Potter: you are born with it or you are not. Click here to read why this is not true.
· Fatigue Free Shred Licks
· Hybrid Picking 7th Arpeggios
· Triad Chord Voicings In Solo Guitar
· 5 Things Holding Back Your Playing
· Five More Secrets For Writing A Great Song
· 5 Iconic Guitar Licks Every Guitarist Should Know
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