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Eventide: H9 Max
Guitar Effects: With 99 presets from Eventide's classic algorithms, this pedal brings up some awesome reverb for that deep hall sounds to subtle slapback.
· Justice: Woman
· In Flames: Battles
· Helmet: Dead To The World
· Lamb Of God: The Duke [EP]
· Chapman Guitars: Ghost Fret
· Protest The Hero: Pacific Myth [EP]
· Ion Dissonance: Cast The First Stone
· Metallica: Hardwired...To Self-Destruct
· Highly Suspect: The Boy Who Died Wolf
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Top 25 Catchiest Metal Songs Ever
Features: As voted by UG community.
· Metallica: Fuck The Ticket Scalpers!
· Chiodos Call It Quits
· Foo Fighters Want To Reunite Oasis
· Musician Stuff: How & Why Classical Musicians Feel Rhythm Differently
· Psychostick Premiere Christmas Parody Of System Of A Down's 'B.Y.O.B.'
· Blind Guardian Release New Video 'Children Of The Smith' From 'The Dwarves' Video Game
· Nickelback Demands That Police Takes Down That Post About Forcing Drunk Drivers To Listen To Them
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Fatigue Free Shred Licks
Guitar Techniques: Playing fast for an extended period of time doesn't have to be painful. This trick will have you playing for hours!
· 5 Things Holding Back Your Playing
· Hybrid Picking 7th Arpeggios
· 7 Best Whammy Bar Tricks
· Triad Chord Voicings In Solo Guitar
· For Beginners: How To Clean Up Your Chords
· Shred Guitar Scale Patterns For Melodic Players
· Django Reinhardt: 'Minor Swing' With One Chord
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Adele - Skyfall

ukulele chords, by teenagevowss

OneRepublic - Wherever I Go

chords, by Jarda87

The Jackson 5 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

chords, by adrianjobro

Leonard Cohen - On The Level

chords, by Ircam

Static-X - The Only

ukulele chords, by Fractool

Alter Bridge - Crows On A Wire

guitar pro, by amerijckbeheerder

Metallica - Halo On Fire

guitar pro, by gothaf

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