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The Pineapple Thief: Your Wilderness
Compact Discs: The Pineapple Thief's new album fills the void left by Porcupine Tree's absence perfectly, and remains faithful to the prog-rock formula.
· Skillet: Unleashed
· Moose Blood: Blush
· First Act: Power Gig
· Carnifex: Slow Death
· Jeff Beck: Loud Hailer
· Equilibrium: Armageddon
· Crystal Castles: Amnesty (I)
· Saliva: Love, Lies & Therapy
· Coma Cluster Void: Mind Cemeteries
· The Amity Affliction: This Could Be Heartbreak
· Steven Tyler: We're All Somebody From Somewhere
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Green Day's Armstrong Admits It: 'Uno, Dos, Tre' Trilogy Is Crap
Music News: "I was on drugs!"
· Wednesday Question: Best Songs With Explicit Lyrics
· Ozzy: This New Hard Rock Band Is Gonna Be HUGE
· Tone Wars: Is Fender Strat More Versatile Than Ibanez RG?
· Machine Head's Flynn: What It's Like To Overdose On Heroin
· Learn Something: This Is How To Play Scales On 7-String Guitar
· Tool, Linkin Park & Over 200 Other Artists Say 'Blurred Lines' Plagiarism Ruling Is Bullcrap
· Guitar Tips: Here's Why Your Guitar Sounds Out Of Tune Even When The Tuner Says It's Not
· GN'R Manager Calls Axl/DC Haters A 'Disease,' Turns Out AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Is One Of Them
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Here's The Best Way To Learn To Play Guitar On Your Own
The Guide To: Get the most potential out of every second you spend playing.
· A Deep Look At Guitar Shapes
· Diminished Scale Picking Patterns
· The Golden Rules Of Not Going Broke On Tour: Part 2
· Open Tunings Made Easy For Your Acoustic Guitar Playing
· Why CAGED For Guitar Doesn't Work Part 2: Scales/Arpeggios Mechanical Integration
· This Is Why You Suck At Guitar: How To Change Tunings And String Gauges On A Floyd Rose Tremolo!
· Why Only Practicing Lead Playing Harms Your General Guitar Level: Thoughts On Mastering The Blues Shuffle Rhythm
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Ed Sheeran - All Of The Stars

guitar, by Jet-BlackGuitar

Dream Theater - On The Backs Of Angels

guitar pro, by Unregistered

Dave Matthews Band - Recently

guitar, by jakenben

AC/DC - Fire Your Guns

guitar pro, by jebus_xt0

Beyoncé - Pray You Catch Me

chords, by SelormTTx

Asking Alexandria - Let It Sleep

guitar pro, by faggit123

Bastille - Get Home

chords, by gabryele560

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