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Linkin Park: One More Light
Compact Discs: Linkin Park changes things up again with a pop-influenced record.
· Zac Brown Band: Welcome Home
· Mew: Visuals
· Gorillaz: Humanz
· Slowdive: Slowdive
· Mark Lanegan: Gargoyle
· At The Drive-In: In•ter A•li•a
· Kasabian: For Crying Out Loud
· Squier: SE Special Stratocaster
· New Found Glory: Makes Me Sick
· The Cranberries: Something Else
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10 Mugshots Of Famous Musicians
Features: They fought the law and the law won.
· Randy Blythe Comments On Terrorist Attack At Ariana Grande Show: So Sick Of Headlines Like This
· Top 10 Greatest Guitar Harmonies Ever
· Dave Navarro: Why RHCP Fans Rejected Me
· Devin Townsend: What's My Goal As A Musician
· Lars Ulrich: How I Construct Setlists For Metallica Shows
· Tom DeLonge: The Thing Music Fans Hate About Punk The Most
· Police Report: Homicide Ruled Out As Cause Of Chris Cornell's Death
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How To Learn Scales So That You Become A Creative Guitar Player With Musical Freedom
Guitar Scales And Modes: Make learning new scales more fun and more effective with these 6 steps!
· How To Play '4'33' By John Cage (Easy)
· Make Your Acoustic Rhythm Playing Interesting! Part 5 - Travis Picking
· How To Keep Good Tight Rhythm On The Guitar
· Nickel Allergy Solutions For Guitarists
· Combining Mixed Meter And Rhythmic Displacement To Enhance Your Songwriting
· Home Recording Of Acoustic Guitar Through A Microphone And Piezo DI - How To Do It Yourself In 5 Short Steps
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