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Mystery Weekend: Surprise!
Compact Discs: Members of Protest The Hero go on a playful tangent with their pop punk side-project Mystery Weekend.
· Ibanez: GART60
· Orange: Micro Dark
· Elbow: Little Fictions
· Big Wreck: Grace Street
· Ibanez: RGIF7 Iron Label
· Overkill: The Grinding Wheel
· Schecter: Banshee Elite-6 FR S
· Galactic Empire: Galactic Empire
· Danny Worsnop: The Long Road Home
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The UG Academy Awards Shortlist: Vote For The Best Original Movie Song Of 2016
Features: 5 songs remain...
· UG IQ Special: Former Runner-Up Returns And Wins Guitar
· Dream Theater: No Plans For Portnoy Reunion, Not Even As A One-Off
· Superfan: This Guy Owns 850 Metallica Vinyls & CDs + 3,000 'Tallica Memorabilia
· Report: AC/DC Recording Album With Axl Rose On Vocals, Release Expected In 2018
· Brown Note Discovered? Turd Fuzz Pedal Is Now A Thing, Here's What It Sounds Like
· Test: This Is The Difference Between The Most Expensive Les Paul ($8,750) And The Cheapest Les Paul ($210)
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Complete Guide To Tapping Technique
Guitar Techniques: Everything you need to know about types of the technique, how to practice and good songs for that.
· How To Write Killer Chord Progressions
· Using Of Polymetric Phrases In The Soloing
· Complete Guide To Vibrato Technique
· The One Skill Every Songwriter Should Have
· Guitar Effects: Everything You Should Know About Reverb
· 4 Vibrato Tips That Make Your Guitar Playing Sound Great
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