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Ibanez: RGD320Z
Electric Guitars: Thick, sharp, yet balanced tones combined with a great scale length for using as a lead or rhythm guitar.
· Deep Purple: Infinite
· Schecter: Stealth C-1
· Yamaha: Pacifica 912
· Body Count: Bloodlust
· Jamiroquai: Automaton
· Mastodon: Emperor Of Sand
· Falling In Reverse: Coming Home
· John Mayer: The Search For Everything
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Paul Gilbert Reacts To Meshuggah: I'm Not Ready For This Kind Of Harmony
Music News: "Metal past '89, I don't know anything about it."
· 13 Best Covers Of Bob Dylan Songs
· Dave Grohl: This Was The Most Embarrassing Moment Of My Entire Life
· Kirk Hammett: I Don't Even Remember Recording 'Moth Into Flame' Solo
· Incubus Frontman: Nu-Metal Makes Me Cringe, So Much Of It Is Openly Misogynistic
· Opeth's Akerfeldt: I Can Save 1 Guitar, 1 Amp & 1 Pedal From A Fire. This Is What I Choose
· WTF: Killswitch Engage's Dutkiewicz Leaves Stage Mid-Show, Goes To Bar, Drinks Beer With Robb Flynn
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How To Clean Up Sloppy Guitar Playing Mistakes At Fast Speeds Without (Always) Practicing Slowly
Practice Tips: These guitar practice methods help you do this.
· A Trick That Makes Lyric Writing More Simple And Fun
· What You Don't Know About The 'BB King Scale'
· Make Your Acoustic Rhythm Playing Interesting! Part 4 - Fingerpicking
· How To Easily Change Between Difficult Chords On Guitar
· Top 5 Tricks To Skyrocket Your Improvisation Skills
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