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Pain Of Salvation: In The Passing Light Of Day
Compact Discs: A slight return to progressive metal territory, the Swedish prog-metallers unleash their new lineup on a very personal and dark concept album.
· Myrath: Legacy
· Marshall: Code50
· MXR: M300 Reverb
· Birds Of Tokyo: Brace
· David Bowie: No Plan [EP]
· Gone Is Gone: Echolocation
· Nine Inch Nails: Not The Actual Events [EP]
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New Guitars: Gibson Unveils Its First Ultra-Affordable Guitar Series Ever, These Are The Prices
Music News: 3 new series in total.
· Gig Like A Pro Part One: Get A Decent Gig
· Learn Something: The Guitar Chord That Changes Everything
· A7X's M. Shadows: Gojira Is The Best Current Metal Band In The World
· New Conspiracy Theory: Elvis Is Alive, This Is What He Looks Like In 2017
· Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess: 5 Amazing Keyboard Albums You Never Heard
· RHCP's Josh Klinghoffer: Why I Can't Be Friends With John Frusciante Right Now
· Gene Simmons On Kurt Cobain's Suicide: Ah, Cool, That Was Fast. Thank You, Bye
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How To Master Alternate Picking String Crossing - Part 3
Guitar Techniques: In this lesson you'll learn how to expand on your skills by combining them together.
· Mahogany Vs Rosewood
· Essential Scale Sequences
· 6 Classic Signature Shred Licks
· Killer Vibrato: The Ultimate Guide
· Ultimate Finger Strength For Guitar
· Which Scale Should You Use Here?
· 3 Jazz Guitar Lines From 3 Guitarists
· 5 Unconventional Minor Pentatonic Licks
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