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Coma Cluster Void: Mind Cemeteries
Compact Discs: This international 10-string death metal band raises the bar for extreme metal (and string count) in a HUGE way on their amazing debut album.
· Skillet: Unleashed
· Moose Blood: Blush
· First Act: Power Gig
· Carnifex: Slow Death
· Jeff Beck: Loud Hailer
· Equilibrium: Armageddon
· Crystal Castles: Amnesty (I)
· Saliva: Love, Lies & Therapy
· The Amity Affliction: This Could Be Heartbreak
· Steven Tyler: We're All Somebody From Somewhere
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James Remembers Hearing Lars Play Drums For First Time: 'He Performed Poorly, I Said No Thanks'
Music News: "We said, 'We'll call ya,' and that was that..."
· Video: Ghost Inside Drummer Begins Practicing With Prosthetic Leg
· Turns Out New Blink-182 Guitarist Matt Skiba Is Also An Alien Conspiracist
· Review: The New Opeth Album Is 'Their Heaviest Since 2008's 'Watershed''
· Report: GN'R Are Working On New Album, Will Be Loaded With Guest Appearances
· Experiment: This Is What It Sounds Like When You Plug EIGHT Overdrive Pedals Into One Guitar
· When You Take A Music Theory Look Behind 'Master Of Puppets' You'll Find This Weird 5/8 'Microtiming Deviation'
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Here's The Best Way To Learn To Play Guitar On Your Own
The Guide To: Get the most potential out of every second you spend playing.
· A Deep Look At Guitar Shapes
· Diminished Scale Picking Patterns
· The Golden Rules Of Not Going Broke On Tour: Part 2
· Open Tunings Made Easy For Your Acoustic Guitar Playing
· Why CAGED For Guitar Doesn't Work Part 2: Scales/Arpeggios Mechanical Integration
· This Is Why You Suck At Guitar: How To Change Tunings And String Gauges On A Floyd Rose Tremolo!
· Why Only Practicing Lead Playing Harms Your General Guitar Level: Thoughts On Mastering The Blues Shuffle Rhythm
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Paramore - Hate To See Your Heart Break

ukulele chords, by ninabernard

Cannibal Corpse - Centuries Of Torment

guitar pro, by Marcus 90

Bring Me the Horizon - Doomed

guitar pro, by saotjess

The Fratellis - Rosanna

chords, by cameronsycamo1

Dodie Clark - An Awkward Duet

ukulele chords, by dondegaby

Volbeat - Seal The Deal

guitar pro, by TokiWart

Passenger - Four Horses

chords, by thelonetravelermusic

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