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Operation: Mindcrime: The New Reality
Compact Discs: The final part of Geoff Tate's trilogy of concept albums under the Operation: Mindcrime name.
· Intervals: The Way Forward
· Glassjaw: Material Control
· Björk: Utopia
· Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds: Who Built The Moon?
· Sam Russell: Impetuous Desire
· Cavalera Conspiracy: Psychosis
· Anti-Flag: American Fall
· Converge: The Dusk In Us
· Electric Wizard: Wizard Bloody Wizard
· Cannibal Corpse: Red Before Black
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UG Awards 2017: Vote For The Album Of The Year
Features: It's up for you to decide who made it big in 2017.
· UG Greatest Riff Showdown: 2nd Round, Group C
· UG Awards: Vote For Best Songs Of 2017
· ZZ Top: What Got Us To Start Growing Beards
· Learn Something: 11 Things Top Working Musicians NEVER Do
· Jordan Rudess: Why I Refused To Join Dream Theater When They First Asked Me In 1994
· Josh Homme Allegedly Also Injured Security Guard The Night He Kicked Photographer In Face
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Locrian Metal Licks
Guitar Scales And Modes: The Locrian mode... The most metal of all the major scale modes!
· Slide (technique)
· Complete Guide To 'Back In Black' By AC/DC
· Playing Chords “In Key” – The Major Scale Harmonized With Chords
· Better Guitar Solos With Target Notes
· At Which Speed Should You Practice?
· 4 Things Guitarists Get Wrong When Learning Theory
· How To Blend Fast Shred With Slower Melodic Playing?
· Developing A Simple Guitar Riff Into Something More Interesting
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Katy Perry - Witness

chords, by KatyCats

Type O Negative - Paranoid

tab, by Pokrzy

Blink-182 - California

bass, by Brands99

Placebo - Slackerbitch

chords, by oleglopuhoff1

Major Lazer - Leg Over

chords, by Tikken

Billy Joel - Roberta

chords, by tommymc

Westlife - I Wanna Grow Old With You

chords, by buenzify

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