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Seether: Poison The Parish
Compact Discs: A back-to-basics rock record that provides an adequate antithesis to rock's current direction.
· Linkin Park: One More Light
· Zac Brown Band: Welcome Home
· Mew: Visuals
· Gorillaz: Humanz
· Slowdive: Slowdive
· Mark Lanegan: Gargoyle
· At The Drive-In: In•ter A•li•a
· Kasabian: For Crying Out Loud
· Squier: SE Special Stratocaster
· New Found Glory: Makes Me Sick
· The Cranberries: Something Else
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10 Best Sibling Rock Bands
Features: When music runs in the family.
· Kirk Hammett: What Would I Do If Metallica Ended
· SOAD: We Have 15 New Songs That Match Or Beat Anything We Did In The Past
· Dragonforce's Herman Li: The Crucial Guitar Lesson No One Seems To Teach These Days
· Chris Cornell's Wife Pens Emotional Letter To Late Husband, Mother In Law Attacks Eddie Vedder
· Liam Gallagher: Fake Guitar Bands Are Running Amok, These Cunts Are Getting Away With Murder!
· Chester Bennington Reacts To Corey Taylor Reacting To Chester Bennington Reacting To Fans Reacting To New LP
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Intervals And Transposing Via Tuning And Capo Use
The Guide To: This lesson will give the reader some tools to deal with translating songs to different keys and instrument tunings.
· Popular Songs To Help You Learn Guitar
· How To Learn Scales So That You Become A Creative Guitar Player With Musical Freedom
· How To Play '4'33' By John Cage (Easy)
· Nickel Allergy Solutions For Guitarists
· Combining Mixed Meter And Rhythmic Displacement To Enhance Your Songwriting
· Home Recording Of Acoustic Guitar Through A Microphone And Piezo DI - How To Do It Yourself In 5 Short Steps
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Dihaj - Skeletons

chords, by patipati03

Ingrid Michaelson - Miss America

chords, by Tikken

Johnny Cash - Chain Gang

chords, by 15aubreya

Bloc Party - Skeleton

bass, by Blitzkford


chords, by JjJj1298

Emily Browning - Asleep

chords, by Tikken

Casting Crowns - Face Down

chords, by Steve7878

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