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Jackson: SLXT Scott Ian Anarchy
Electric Guitars: If you're a rhythm guitarist in a metal band so this Anthrax signature guitar is for you.
· CHON: Homey
· Styx: The Mission
· Rise Against: Wolves
· Stone Sour: Hydrograd
· Imagine Dragons: Evolve
· Flogging Molly: Life Is Good
· Novembers Doom: Hamartia
· Origin: Unparalleled Universe
· Portugal. The Man: Woodstock
· Municipal Waste: Slime And Punishment
· Squier: Vintage Modified Jazz Bass V
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Chester Bennington Committed Suicide
Music News: He was 41.
· 5 Exotic Musical Techniques
· Lars Ulrich: When Am I Planning To Retire
· Musicians React To Chester Bennington's Death
· Watch: This Was Chester Bennington's Last Performance
· Kerry King: What's My Favorite Metallica Song Of All Time
· Joe Bonamassa: What's It Like Being Addicted To Buying Guitars
· Devin Townsend: Why I Share My Feet On Instagram Every Time I Go Poop
· Watch: Chris Cornell And Chester Bennington Performing 'Hunger Strike' Together
· Korn's Head Condemns Chester Bennington For Committing Suicide: It's The Cowardly Way Out!
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5 Country Blues Rock Licks That Work Great On Major Chords
Soloing: How to really bring the color of major chords by using the major pentatonic when improvising over them.
· How To Choose A Guitar And What Type Is Better For You
· Writing Guitar Solos For Those Who Can’t Yet Shred
· How To Play "Oh My Darling Clementine"
· Bore No More With This Important Songwriting Tactic
· How To Write Good Guitar Pro Tabs
· Integrating Alternate-Picked Arpeggios Into Your Solos
· How To Write Catchy Song Lyrics That People Will Remember
· Do You Need To Learn The Notes On The Guitar Fretboard?
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