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Suicide Silence: Suicide Silence
Compact Discs: One of the most odd and abrupt changes from a well-known band in ages...
· Ibanez: GART60
· Yamaha: SG1000X
· Ryan Adams: Prisoner
· Mystery Weekend: Surprise!
· Overkill: The Grinding Wheel
· Schecter: Banshee Elite-6 FR S
· Galactic Empire: Galactic Empire
· The Orwells: Terrible Human Beings
· Danny Worsnop: The Long Road Home
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Top 10 Guitar Solos By Adrian Smith
Features: A special article to celebrate the 60th birthday of Iron Maiden's guitarist.
· 5 Live Mastodon Videos You Need To Watch
· Cockroach Moshing Is Now A Thing, Here's What It Looks Like
· Steel Panther: The One Lyric Line Label Forced Us To Change, It Was Too Dirty
· Billy Corgan: I Wanted To Commit Suicide When Nirvana & Pearl Jam Made It Big
· James Hetfield: How I Feel About Chinese Government Censoring Metallica Shows
· GN'R's Steven Adler: Foo Fighters Are Bigger Than Nirvana, Dave Grohl Is A Fucking God!
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8 Easy Combo Shred Licks - And How Combining Techniques Can Make You Faster
For Beginners: Learn how to combine picking and legato together to make shredding a bit easier - allowing you to play faster, with less effort.
· Complete Guide To Tapping Technique
· How To Write Killer Chord Progressions
· Break Out Of The Pentatonic Boxes With This Simple 2-3 Pentatonic Scale Pattern
· Lead Guitar Scales Introduction
· Using Of Polymetric Phrases In The Soloing
· Complete Guide To Vibrato Technique
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