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Steel Panther: Lower The Bar
Compact Discs: At the forefront of the '80s hair metal revival, Steel Panther delivers another solid slab of glam goodness and raunchy lyrics.
· 2CELLOS: Score
· Havok: Conformicide
· Schecter: Stealth C-1
· Ed Sheeran: ÷ [Divide]
· Bush: Black And White Rainbows
· Darkest Hour: Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora
· Washburn: Disney Hannah Montana 'Secret Star' 3/4 Scale
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History Of American Fingerstyle Guitar And Great Musicians Who Made It Happen
Features: How fingerstyle guitar changed through the 20th century.
· Between The Buried & Me Entering Studio In August!
· Rob Trujillo: What Was It Like To Join Metallica As A Funk Bassist
· It's Official: A Perfect Circle Releasing First Album In 13 Years In 2017!
· Steve Vai: The Simple Advice Frank Zappa Gave Me That Saved Me Millions Of Dollars
· Mastodon's Kelliher: How An Album My Friend Brought To Make Fun Of Changed My Life
· Steven Adler: Way More Rockstars Than You Think Had Hair Loss Treatment, Including Me
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Successfully Turning Inspiration Into Music
Songwriting: Ready yourself for your next burst of inspiration...
· Beginner Guitar: How To Make Your Guitar Chords Sound Better
· Complete Guitar Tapping Course Week 2
· Top 5 Lies Your Band Believes
· Basic Keyboard Skills Every Songwriter Should Know
· Simple Tips That Make Your Guitar Playing Feel Very Easy
· Guitar Effects: Everything You Should Know About Delay
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