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Green Day: Revolution Radio
Compact Discs: After releasing an abundantly aimless trilogy of albums in 2012, Green Day regain their footing in their twelfth album, "Revolution Radio."
· Godin: Redline 1
· The Agonist: Five
· Sum 41: 13 Voices
· I Prevail: Lifelines
· Yellowcard: Yellowcard
· Gibson: Explorer Blackout
· Alter Bridge: The Last Hero
· Jackson: SLATX-M 3-7 Soloist
· Sonata Arctica: The Ninth Hour
· The Devil Wears Prada: Transit Blues
· The Dillinger Escape Plan: Dissociation
· Meshuggah: The Violent Sleep Of Reason
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Top 10 Riffs To Troll Guitar Center
Music News: How to make GC employees and innocent bystanders see you as an insufferable retard.
· Watch Elders React To System Of A Down: 'Obnoxious Stuff'
· PSA: Introducing Official UG Fingerstyle Tabs, Feedback Wanted!
· Wednesday Question: Most Annoying Myths About Guitars And Guitar Players
· Learn Something: Here's An Interactive Circle Of 5ths To Teach You Some Essential Theory
· Steve Harris: Getting Young Bands To Pay To Open For You Is A Dick Move, We'll Never Do It
· Exclusive Interview With Kvelertak, The Norwegian Band That Fuses Black Metal With Classic Rock
· Mastodon Album Update: Drummer Brann Dailor Just Recorded Bass Parts On His Grandma's Old Bass
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How To Create A Guitar Backing Track
The Guide To: A helpful guide to producing backing tracks on your own without any expenses.
· Ukulele For Guitarists
· How To Keep Improving
· How To Play The Diminished Scale
· Jumping Back To The 'Normal' World
· The Blues Scale And The Dorian Mode
· Sweep Picking Technique Fundamentals
· The Definitive Modal Approach. Part One
· Simple Method To Play Extended Arpeggios
· Functioning And Non Functioning Dominants - Part 1
· Guitar Chords That Sound Advanced And Are Easy To Play
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Def Leppard - Tonight

guitar, by defleppardrocks

Fun - Some Nights

ukulele chords, by dianneruby

Bloc Party - Life Of The Party

guitar pro, by CarValOffi

Hozier - Take Me To Church

guitar pro, by UG Team

Korn - Everything Falls Apart

chords, by Sevenblack07

A-ha - Take On Me

chords, by UG Team

Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage

guitar pro, by fan-of-metall

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