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Foster The People: Sacred Hearts Club
Compact Discs: Foster the People attempt to pivot into hip hop/EDM with their third album.
· 311: Mosaic
· Ibanez: RG470MHZ
· WEAK13: They Live
· In This Moment: Ritual
· Coldplay: Kaleidoscope
· Mr. Big: Defying Gravity
· Nine Inch Nails: Add Violence
· Wintersun: The Forest Seasons
· Jackson: SLXT Scott Ian Anarchy
· Melvins: A Walk With Love & Death
· Manchester Orchestra: A Black Mile To The Surface
· King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: Murder Of The Universe
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Iggy Pop's Guide To New Music
Features: Female vocals, exotic tunes, and awkward melodies.
· Friday Top: 30 Best Album Interludes
· The Brand New UG IQ Contest Format
· Bill Ward: What I Regret About My Split With Black Sabbath
· Rusty Cooley: The Hardest Tapping Thing You Can Do On A Guitar
· It Happened: Tobias Forge Unmasked Himself As The Frontman Of Ghost
· RATM's Tim Commerford: Neil Peart Is A Dick, He Was Really Mean To Me When I Met Him
· Tom Araya's Brother Made A New Type Of Guitar Strap That Relieves Pressure From The Shoulders
· Apparently That New Mastodon Album Everyone Thought Brent Was Trolling About Is Getting Released
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Learn How To Easily Play Slide Guitar
Guitar Techniques: While you may be familiar with a slide, you may never have considered adopting it as part of your guitar playing style.
· Complete Guide To 'Cute Without The E (Cut From The Team)' By Taking Back Sunday
· Complete Guide To 'Santeria' By Sublime
· Why CAGED For Guitar Doesn’t Work Part 6: Pentatonic Is Not The Same As CAGED
· Marty Friedman's Guitar Technique Analysis
· How To Work Nuanced Chord Voicings Into Familiar Progressions
· Complete Guide To Downward Pickslanting
· Riff & Jam: The Two-Figure Rock Technique
· Find Intervals On The Fretboard Fast: 3x3 Box Technique
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