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Bill+Phil: Songs Of Darkness And Despair [EP]
Compact Discs: A strange curio in one aspect and a sort of artistic looseness in another, "Songs of Darkness and Despair" is more of a thing to stop and stare at than attempt to ingratiate.
· The Xx: I See You
· Jackson: RR Minion JS1X
· David Bowie: No Plan [EP]
· Sepultura: Machine Messiah
· Electro-Harmonix: East River Drive
· Pain Of Salvation: In The Passing Light Of Day
· Dropkick Murphys: 11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory
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Fresh: Opeth Unveil 'Era' Music Video
New Releases: Video directed by Markus Hofko, song coming off the latest album "Sorceress."
· Top 5 Weirdest Guitar Effects Ever
· Gig Like A Pro Part Two: Bring A Big Crowd
· Dave Mustaine: Who's My Favorite Country Artist
· Crystal Fairy (At The Drive-In/Melvins) Stream New Track 'Crystal Fairy'
· Today Is The Day To Release 20th Anniversary Edition Of 'Temple Of The Morning Star'
· Ghost: Writing Commercial Music Doesn't Necessarily Mean You Only Write Songs Only To Sell Records
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How To Play Blues Rhythm And Lead Guitar Parts Simultaneously
Guitar Styles: In this article you will learn how to start playing blues rhythm and lead at the same time.
· Ultimate Finger Strength For Guitar
· 7 Signature Paul Gilbert Shred Licks
· Modern Metal Lead Guitar, Lesson 1 - Groups Of Six
· How To Master Alternate Picking String Crossing - Part 3
· Why CAGED For Guitar Doesn't Work Part 5: Not All Systems Are Equal
· The 6 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Speed - And How To Ensure You Never Make Them
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Frank Iero - Oceans

chords, by janethecreator

Dance Gavin Dance - Philosopher King

guitar, by alexvankirk14

Billy Talent - You Had It All

guitar, by MichaelBILLY

Avril Lavigne - Everybody Hurts

ukulele chords, by maggiekate91

The Cure - The Weedy Burton

bass guitar, by tockaa

Chris Isaak - Things Go Wrong

bass guitar, by tockaa

You Me At Six - Spell It Out

guitar, by Mrekat

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