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Cannibal Corpse: Red Before Black
Compact Discs: A relentlessly brutal, but catchy and even "fun", record from one of the greatest veteran death metal bands.
· Powerman 5000: New Wave
· Theory: Wake Up Call
· The Used: The Canyon
· Ne Obliviscaris: Urn
· Sons Of Apollo: Psychotic Symphony
· Weezer: Pacific Daydream
· Amenra: Mass VI
· Veil Of Maya: False Idol
· Europe: Walk The Earth
· We Came As Romans: Cold Like War
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Friday Top: 20 Greatest Classical Music Pieces
Features: As voted by UG community.
· 7 Days Of Giveaways
· The Story Behind 'Roundabout' By Yes
· Black Sabbath: The Drugs Helped Us Become Legends
· Watch: Guitarist Simulates 7 Guitar Effects Using No Pedals At All
· Myles Kennedy: How Working With Slash Is Different From Working With Mark Tremonti
· Someone Just Walked Into A Hard Rock Cafe & Walked Out With $100,000 Frankenstrat
· A7X's Zacky Vengeance: I Can Save 1 Guitar, 1 Amp & 1 Pedal From A Fire. This Is What I Choose
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Instantly Make Your Solos Better With These Vibrato Tips
Music Theory Tips: It’s not about speed. It’s about the quality of the notes you choose to play.
· Complete Guide To 'Johnny B. Goode' By Chuck Berry
· Drop C Tuning
· Gypsy Jazz Lesson - Right Hand Technique For Good Tone
· 4 Vital Factors That Affect How Fast You Progress As A Musician
· Miking Your Acoustic Guitar For Studio Quality Recordings
· Guitar Players Who Don't Learn Theory
· Dorian Mode Using Pentatonic Scales
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Katy Perry - Witness

chords, by KatyCats

Type O Negative - Paranoid

tab, by Pokrzy

Blink-182 - California

bass, by Brands99

Placebo - Slackerbitch

chords, by oleglopuhoff1

Major Lazer - Leg Over

chords, by Tikken

Billy Joel - Roberta

chords, by tommymc

Westlife - I Wanna Grow Old With You

chords, by buenzify

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