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Sepultura: Machine Messiah
Compact Discs: Continuing their streak of concept-driven albums, "Machine Messiah" captivates more with its stellar metal performance than it does with its technologically-themed lyrics.
· MXR: M300 Reverb
· Jackson: RR Minion JS1X
· David Bowie: No Plan [EP]
· Gone Is Gone: Echolocation
· Electro-Harmonix: East River Drive
· Pain Of Salvation: In The Passing Light Of Day
· Dropkick Murphys: 11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory
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Watch: This Is What Reunited Audioslave Sounds Like
Music News: "Cochise," "Like a Stone," "Show Me How to Live."
· Top 25 Best B-Sides & Rarities Albums
· Mastodon Post Official Album Update, It's Weird
· Learn Something: 5 Warmups All Guitarists Should Use
· Myles Kennedy: What The Future Holds For Slash's Solo Band
· Watch RATM's Zack De La Rocha Join Run The Jewels Onstage
· Watch: Guitarist Attempts To Play 'Holy Wars' Solo Blindfolded, This Is How It Turned Out
· Andreas Kisser: Sepultura Never Tried To Replace Or Emulate Max Cavalera, That Would Be Stupid
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Why CAGED For Guitar Doesn't Work Part 5: Not All Systems Are Equal
Guitar Scales And Modes: Learning multiple fretboard systems won't make you a better guitar player.
· Ultimate Finger Strength For Guitar
· Which Scale Should You Use Here?
· 7 Signature Paul Gilbert Shred Licks
· 7 Signature Jason Becker Shred Licks
· A Simple Way To Get Creative With Scale Shapes
· How To Master Alternate Picking String Crossing - Part 3
· The 6 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Speed - And How To Ensure You Never Make Them
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