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The Sword: Low Country
Compact Discs: Intended as an acoustic rendition of their recent album "High Country," "Low Country" starts out lush and organic, but soon runs back into the arms of electric instrumentation.
· Godin: Redline 1
· ESP: LTD EC-1000T
· Fender: Mustang IV (V.2)
· Touche Amore: Stage Four
· Of Mice & Men: Cold World
· Neurosis: Fires Within Fires
· Kansas: The Prelude Implicit
· Gibson: Flying V Pro 2016 HP
· Taking Back Sunday: Tidal Wave
· Giraffe Tongue Orchestra: Broken Lines
· Die Antwoord: Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid
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'Suicide Squad' Star Margot Robbie Is A Metalhead: What Are My Favorite Bands
Music News: "The best concert I've ever gone to is..."
· Report: Ace Frehley Is Rejoining KISS Next Year!
· Top 25 Greatest Keyboardists In Guitar-Driven Bands
· Maynard: Why I Said Tool Fans Are Insufferable Retards
· Lead Single From New Animals As Leaders Album Is Here, LISTEN!
· Major Tonebridge Update: Bass Section Now A Thing, 4,000 Presets Crossed!
· Bruce Dickinson's Son's Band Releasing Album In 2 Weeks, Here's What They Sound Like
· Ghost: Why We Didn't Include 'Square Hammer' On 'Meliora' Despite It Being A Killer Song
· New Steel Panther Album Announced, Here's Lead Single 'She's Tight' Featuring Michael Jackson's Daughter
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How To Spice Up Your Two-Hand Tapping
Guitar Techniques: Freshening up the traditional tapping sound.
· Spice Up Your Chord Progressions!
· The Fundamentals Of Great Picking
· Mixing Major And Minor Pentatonic Scales
· Top 7 Red Hot Chili Peppers Riffs Of All Time
· How To Play Awesome Sounding Harp Harmonics On Your Guitar
· How To Start With Fingerpicking: Part 2, Playing While Using The Thumb For Bass
· This Is Why You Suck At Guitar: Your Muting/Dampening SUCKS! Ditch The Hairband!
· Why A Lot Of Blues Guitar Players Do Not Achieve The Level Of The Greats And What To Do About It
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Pixies - Head Carrier

guitar, by Miamasa

Simple Plan - Addicted

chords, by richardkimmad

Jason Mraz - Living High

chords, by Zilmen

Green Day - Troubled Times

guitar, by BigBalls17

Radiohead - Ill Wind

guitar, by Slusher783

In Flames - The Truth

guitar pro, by sam b

Chris Tomlin - Home

chords, by frenchboy

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