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DragonForce: Reaching Into Infinity
Compact Discs: The "fastest band in the world" shows a surprising amount of diversity on their newest record.
· Epiphone: AJ-220S
· Blackstar: Artist 15
· Mark Lanegan: Gargoyle
· Seether: Poison The Parish
· Papa Roach: Crooked Teeth
· Linkin Park: One More Light
· At The Drive-In: In•ter A•li•a
· Kasabian: For Crying Out Loud
· Shure: GLXD16 Wireless System
· Zac Brown Band: Welcome Home
· Washburn: House Of Blues HSS Strat
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Chinese Rock Scene
Features: The music of resistance for those opposing the communist regime.
· Juke Joints: Blues Places Of Power
· Noel Gallagher: This Was Oasis' Lowest Point, My Brother Should Hang His Head In Shame
· Dream Theater: We Already Have A Lot Of Ideas For New Album, It Will NOT Be A Concept Record
· New Linkin Park Album Is No. 1 On US Charts, Band Now Has As Much Chart-Toppers As Metallica
· Dragonforce's Herman Li: What Young Metal Guitarists Forget Is That Vibrato Is High-Level Jedi Skill
· Myles Kennedy: This Is The 'New' Song I Jammed With Jimmy Page While Auditioning For Led Zeppelin
· Maynard Calls Out 'Entitled Snowflake Assholes' During Tool Show: 'Don't Believe The Hype Dumb-Dumbs'
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Intervals And Transposing Via Tuning And Capo Use
The Guide To: This lesson will give the reader some tools to deal with translating songs to different keys and instrument tunings.
· How Musical Form Can Help You Write Hit Songs
· Popular Songs To Help You Learn Guitar
· How Learning Music Theory The Right Way Will Change Your Life
· Learn The Major Scale Twice As Fast Using “The Octave Trick”
· Make Your Acoustic Rhythm Playing Interesting! Part 6 - Bossa Nova
· The Deceiving Guitar Of Johnny Marr
· Complete Guitar Tapping Course Week 3
· How To Play '4'33' By John Cage (Easy)
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