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311: Mosaic
Compact Discs: 311 show that old dogs can learn new tricks with an album that dares to traverse different sonic territories.
· CHON: Homey
· Igorrr: Hallelujah
· Styx: The Mission
· Rise Against: Wolves
· Stone Sour: Hydrograd
· Imagine Dragons: Evolve
· Flogging Molly: Life Is Good
· HAIM: Something To Tell You
· Origin: Unparalleled Universe
· Portugal. The Man: Woodstock
· Jackson: SLXT Scott Ian Anarchy
· Municipal Waste: Slime And Punishment
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10 Best Songs By Alice Cooper
Features: The Godfather of Shock Rock.
· Plini: What's My Favorite Guitar Chord
· Top 10 Sickest Breakdowns Of All Time
· Mike Shinoda: 'One Week. Feels Like Forever.'
· Chester Bennington's Widow: 'How Do I Move On?'
· ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons: 10 Albums That Changed My Life
· Dave Mustaine: What I Like The Most About Ultimate Guitar
· Linkin Park Fan Took Her Own Life Following Chester's Suicide
· Melodic Death Metal: The Point Of Entry To Extreme Metal Music
· Dave Grohl Reacts To Seeing Axl Using His Throne Live In Concert
· Watch: Abbath Falls Hard After Ridiculous Run Attempt Live In Concert
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The Beginner Guitarists Guide To Music Theory Part One - Understanding Triads
For Beginners: In the first part, we will be concentrating on understanding the triads.
· A Simple, But Advanced Sounding Way To Fingerpick Blues On Your Acoustic Guitar
· For Those About To Shred: Major Scale Practice Routine
· 7 Ways To Stop Wasting Your Music Practice Time
· Develop Your Blues Guitar Soloing By Using The Minor 6th Pentatonic Scale Adding The 9th Tone In The Playing
· 5 Country Blues Rock Licks That Work Great On Major Chords
· How To Choose A Guitar And What Type Is Better For You
· Writing Guitar Solos For Those Who Can’t Yet Shred
· How To Play "Oh My Darling Clementine"
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Jason Mraz - Camouflage

chords, by kroffi

Ed Sheeran - Bloodstream

chords, by Dom201412

Linkin Park - One More Light

chords, by Kc159


guitar pro, by Crayon-_-

Lupe Fiasco - Pick Up The Phone

chords, by tjfairhills

Alestorm - Shipwrecked

guitar pro, by Crayon-_-

A$AP Mob - Raf

chords, by Tikken

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