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Ibanez: AR220
Electric Guitars: For the money this guitar is excellent. It is a very versatile and good sounding instrument.
· Abbath: Abbath
· Bloc Party: Hymns
· Megadeth: Dystopia
· ESP: LTD Arrow-401
· SikTh: Opacities [EP]
· David Bowie: Blackstar
· Bloodhound Gang: Hard-Off
· Gretsch: G2622 Streamliner
· Highly Suspect: Mister Asylum
· Paul Reed Smith: Paul's Guitar
· Dream Theater: The Astonishing
· Gretsch: G6134-LTV White Penguin
· Fender: Dave Murray HHH Stratocaster
· Panic! At The Disco: Death Of A Bachelor
· Jesu & Sun Kil Moon: Jesu/Sun Kil Moon
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Listen: Here's A Metal Song That Uses Only Pinch Harmonics
Entertainment: Zakk is aroused...
· Devin Townsend: What Metal Is In 2016
· Deftones: We Can't Pay Our Bills Unless We Tour Often
· Paul Gilbert: The Most Important Thing For 'Cool' Guitar Playing
· Dream Theater's John Petrucci Shares His Top 5 Tips For Guitarists
· Watch: Guy Acts Like A Dick In Mosh Pit, Gets His Ass Beaten By A Girl
· Metalhead Campaigning To Get His Stolen Battle Vest Back From Macy's
· A Martin Fan Has Written A Poem About That 'Hateful Eight' Guitar Smashing
· Crazy Archive Footage: Stevie Ray Vaughan Slays, Gets Booed By Troll Audience
· Hellfest Refuses To Pull Down From Lineup For Anselmo's Racist Outburst, Government Cancels Festival Funding
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7 Reasons To Learn Your Scale Harmonizations
Scales: A quick look at the reasons why this is vital to your musicianship and also how this concept works.
· The Art Of Warming Up
· How To Play Minor 6 Chords
· Major 7 Chords: A Touch Of Class
· Practicing When You Can't Practice
· T-Bone Walker - Augmented Triad Lick
· 6 Exercises To Improve Your Rhythm And Time
· Jason Becker Lick: Absurd Diminished Arpeggio
· 6 Reasons You Should Learn Your Scale Patterns
· How To Improvise: A Video Course With Backing Tracks
· This Is Why You Suck At Guitar: Your Hand Synchronization Sucks!
· Sound Better Than The Original Song When Creating Your Own Unplugged Acoustic Arrangements
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The Five Golden Rules of Onstage Behavior
Features, by UG Team
How you act onstage is as important as the music you play.
How to Get More People to Your Gigs

The Guide To, by UG Team

11 More Great Pearl Jam Songs You Should Hear

General Music, by ehbacon

Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Band Practice

The Guide To, by UG Team

3 Secrets to Becoming Incredibly Motivated on Guitar

The Guide To, by GuitarAdvance

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