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Sonata Arctica: The Ninth Hour
Compact Discs: Finnish melodic metallers Sonata Arctica return with one of their most varied and politically-charged albums yet.
· Godin: Redline 1
· The Agonist: Five
· Sum 41: 13 Voices
· I Prevail: Lifelines
· ESP: LTD EC-1000T
· Yellowcard: Yellowcard
· NOFX: First Ditch Effort
· Alter Bridge: The Last Hero
· Jackson: SLATX-M 3-7 Soloist
· The Devil Wears Prada: Transit Blues
· The Dillinger Escape Plan: Dissociation
· Meshuggah: The Violent Sleep Of Reason
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PSA: Announcing UG IQ Special - Another (New) Way To Get Rewards
Music News: This week's prizes are from Audio-Technica for top Guitar Pro and Power tab contributors, check out how it works inside!
· Steven Wilson: The One Guitar Effect I Absolutely Can't Stand
· Sting: 'Songwriting Is The Hardest Intellectual Pursuit In My Life'
· John 5: How I Feel About Non-Musicians Buying Vintage Guitars
· Corey Taylor Remembers Being Banned From Joining Anthrax: 'So Pissed!'
· Maynard: Being An Obnoxious Judgmental Asshole Is How My Success Started
· Brian May Forced To Cancel Remainder Of 2016 Plans Due To 'A Persistent Illness'
· Opeth Bassist: If You're A Great Musician, You Should Be Able To Make Any Instrument Sound Good
· This Actually Happened: Couple Encounters Black Metal Band In The Woods During Engagement Photoshoot
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How To Create A Guitar Backing Track
The Guide To: A helpful guide to producing backing tracks on your own without any expenses.
· The Blues Scale And The Dorian Mode
· Sweep Picking Technique Fundamentals
· The Definitive Modal Approach. Part One
· Simple Method To Play Extended Arpeggios
· Liven Up Your Guitar Sound With Pedal Points
· The 9th: A Powerful Add-On To Your Power Chords
· Functioning And Non Functioning Dominants - Part 1
· Guitar Chords That Sound Advanced And Are Easy To Play
· Metal Soloing: Alternative Scales For Soloing In A Phrygian Dominant Context
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Justin Bieber - Life Is Worth Living

chords, by Sevenblack07

Kansas - The Unsung Heroes

chords, by Unregistered

Alice in Chains - Nutshell

chords, by hytek77

Alter Bridge - Island Of Fools

guitar pro, by freak2004

Against Me! - Ache With Me

chords, by TheUpsides1337

Meshuggah - Transfixion

guitar pro, by jaul1987

Elvis Presley - Give Me The Right

chords, by maguri

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