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Kvelertak: Nattesferd
Compact Discs: Kvelertak's fresh brand of hard rock and black metal makes one wonder why there are not more bands that use a simple "rock + new element" formula.
· Eric Clapton: I Still Do
· Vektor: Terminal Redux
· DevilDriver: Trust No One
· B.C. Rich: Bich Perfect 10
· Paul Gilbert: I Can Destroy
· Katatonia: The Fall Of Hearts
· Schecter: Blackjack SLS C-7 A
· Hawkwind: The Machine Stops
· World Be Free: The Anti-Circle
· Catfish And The Bottlemen: The Ride
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Weird Al: How Kurt Cobain Reacted To My 'Teen Spirit' Parody
Music News: "One of my favorite quotes is Kurt Cobain said..."
· Top 28 Darkest Songs Of All Time
· Are Classic Rock Bands 'Idiots' For Playing New Songs Live?
· A Songwriter Would Need 288 Million Streams To Earn Average Spotify Staff Salary
· Watch: Rob Trujillo Joins His 11-Year-Old Son Onstage, Both Headbang Maniacally
· For Fans Of Weird Time Signatures: Here's Zappa's Son Pushing Odd Timing To The Limit
· Anti-Trump Protesters Asking New RATM Supergroup To Perform At Republican National Convention Protest
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The Les Paul Shootout: Part Two
The Guide To: Three more LPs go under the microscope in this week's edition.
· Life As A Looper
· Wrong Note? There Are No Wrong Notes!
· 101 Ways To Be A Better Electric Guitar Player
· 5 Fun Exercises You Can Do With A Loop Pedal
· How To Not Suck At Playing Blues Rhythm Guitar
· The Golden Rules Of Buying Your Second Guitar
· Why CAGED For Guitar Doesn't Work Part 1: Inconsistent Picking
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