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Tremonti: Dust
Compact Discs: Mixing heavy influences, modern rock melodicism, and blistering shred playing, Tremonti's new album is an intriguing blend of sounds and styles.
· Ihsahn: Arktis.
· The Fall Of Troy: OK
· B.C. Rich: Warlock IT
· Gibson: SG '60s Tribute
· The Algorithm: Brute Force
· Westfield Massacre: Westfield Massacre
· Sturgill Simpson: A Sailor's Guide To Earth
· The Last Shadow Puppets: Everything You've Come To Expect
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Top 20 Greatest Songs Under 60 Seconds
Features: As voted by UG community.
· This Is Blink-182's First Post-Tom DeLonge Single
· DJ Ashba: Axl Wanted Me In Guns N' Roses Reunion
· Does Unlocking The Truth's Debut Single Live Up To The Hype?
· Here's A Clip Of Slash And Conan O' Brien Buying Guitars On Craigslist
· Tribute Band Singer Who Auditioned For AC/DC: 'Axl Rose Is Not A Good Fit'
· Skeletonwitch Guitarist Scott Hedrick Talks To UG: 'People Hated Our New Singer Before We Had One'
· Legal Explanation: Why Is Led Zeppelin Being Sued For 'Stairway' Plagiarism Only Now, 40+ Years After
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5 Practical And Impractical Tips To Being An Earth-Friendly Guitarist
For Beginners: Here are 5 practical, and impractical, ways you can start using today to make the world a better place.
· Two String Arpeggio Riffs
· 5 Reasons To Learn Your Scale Intervals
· Hammer-Ons And Pull-Offs On Open Chords
· How To Avoid Or Recover From Guitar Related Injuries
· A Simple Practice Routine For Beginners To Make Faster Improvements
· Learn The Secrets Other Instruments Hold That Will Make You A Better Guitar Player
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