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Rhapsody Of Fire: Into The Legend
Compact Discs: Symphonic metal outfit Rhapsody Of Fire reventure into their distinctive origins with their eleventh studio album "Into the Legend."
· Ibanez: AR220
· Abbath: Abbath
· Obscura: Akroasis
· Bloc Party: Hymns
· Megadeth: Dystopia
· ESP: LTD Arrow-401
· Steven Wilson: 4 1/2
· SikTh: Opacities [EP]
· Paul Reed Smith: Paul's Guitar
· Dream Theater: The Astonishing
· Gretsch: G6134-LTV White Penguin
· Fender: Dave Murray HHH Stratocaster
· Jesu & Sun Kil Moon: Jesu/Sun Kil Moon
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Top 15 Greatest Songs Celebrating Rock N' Roll Lifestyle
UG News: As voted by UG community.
· Gear Of The Gods: James Hetfield
· 10 Things You Didn't Know About Gibson SG
· Check Out The Only Playable Stradivarius Guitar In The World Live In Action
· This Is What Iconic Acoustic Songs Sound Like After Bad Online Translation
· Man Buys Scruffy Second Hand Guitar For $40, Turns Out To Be 1969 Gibson Les Paul
· On This Week In Guitar History: Van Halen Erupts, Changes Rock Guitar Playing Forever
· St. Vincent Designs Guitar To Fit Womens' Bodies: 'There Is Room For One Breast, Or Two'
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7 Reasons To Learn Your Scale Harmonizations
Scales: A quick look at the reasons why this is vital to your musicianship and also how this concept works.
· The Art Of Warming Up
· How To Play Minor 6 Chords
· Major 7 Chords: A Touch Of Class
· Practicing When You Can't Practice
· T-Bone Walker - Augmented Triad Lick
· 6 Reasons You Should Learn Your Scale Patterns
· Jason Becker Lick 2: Cacophony 'Concerto' Sweep
· How To Improvise: A Video Course With Backing Tracks
· This Is Why You Suck At Guitar: Your Hand Synchronization Sucks!
· Sound Better Than The Original Song When Creating Your Own Unplugged Acoustic Arrangements
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Why Your Guitar Influences Are Great and Why You Are Not Great
The Guide To, by JakeWillmot
This is the difference between being a great guitar player and being an ok one.
How to Get More People to Your Gigs

The Guide To, by UG Team

The Five Golden Rules of Onstage Behavior

Features, by UG Team

11 More Great Pearl Jam Songs You Should Hear

General Music, by ehbacon

3 Secrets to Becoming Incredibly Motivated on Guitar

The Guide To, by GuitarAdvance

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