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Nickelback: Feed The Machine
Compact Discs: Nickelback may get a lot of hate, but "Feed the Machine" has some surprisingly good material.
· Chuck Berry: Chuck
· Anathema: The Optimist
· Paramore: After Laughter
· Volumes: Different Animals
· Seymour Duncan: Black Winter
· Alestorm: No Grave But The Sea
· Adrenaline Mob: We The People
· SikTh: The Future In Whose Eyes?
· All Time Low: Last Young Renegade
· Roger Waters: Is This The Life We Really Want?
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35 Best Rock Bands From The Netherlands
Features: The greatest Dutch rockers.
· The Story Behind The Black Leather Jacket
· Tony Iommi: How Often I Play Guitar These Days
· Liam Gallagher: Why I Don't Like Taking Selfies With Fans
· Lars Ulrich: My 15 Favorite Rock & Metal Albums Of All Time
· Gene Simmons Abandons Attempt To Trademark Devil Horns
· This Guy Played Guitar For 114 Hours Non-Stop, Broke The World Record
· Nickelback: The Biggest Change We Made To Our Music Before Making It Big
· UG Exclusive: Brendon Small Shares All The Details Behind New Galaktikon Album
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How To Write Good Guitar Pro Tabs
The Guide To: 14 useful tips for guitarists.
· Integrating Alternate-picked Arpeggios Into Your Solos
· Do You Need To Learn The Notes On The Guitar Fretboard?
· How To Play Dust In The Wind By Kansas
· 5 Major Pentatonic Scale Tricks Every Guitar Player Should Know
· How To Make Fast Picking Feel Easy
· Cool Sounding Metal Guitar Rhythm Variations
· Practice For Greatness: 3 Techniques To Write Great Songs
· Modulation Station: Simple Steps To Making Smooth Key Changes
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Toby Keith - You Caught Me At A Bad Time

chords, by Sisi27481

Jim Reeves - Suppertime

chords, by stargazer1701

The Magic Gang - How Can I Compete

chords, by bwinter3107

Carly Simon - Tired Of Being Blonde

chords, by JackDelonge

Anja Nissen - Where I Am

chords, by NeoMvsEu

Amorphis - Sacrifice

chords, by Darcyon

Young The Giant - Art Exhibit

chords, by Unregistered

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