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Rob Zombie: The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser
Compact Discs: After gravitating more towards a classic rock/metal feel, Rob Zombie brings back the strong industrial metal energy in his sixth album.
· Ihsahn: Arktis.
· Tremonti: Dust
· Haken: Affinity
· The Fall Of Troy: OK
· B.C. Rich: Warlock IT
· Gibson: SG '60s Tribute
· Ace Frehley: Origins Vol.1
· The Algorithm: Brute Force
· Sturgill Simpson: A Sailor's Guide To Earth
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The Future Is Now: Meet The World's Very First REAL Smart Guitar
Music News: It's called Sensus...
· They're Back: First New RHCP Song In 5 Years Streaming, Now!
· Fun Fact: Since The Latest Tool Album, Buckethead Has Released 247 Albums
· Here's A List Of 10 Amazing Guitar Videos You Should Absolutely Check Out
· Pearl Jam Could Perform Their Entire Discography In A Single Concert Residency
· AC/DC: Why We Offered Ticket Refunds To Fans Who Don't Want To Watch Axl With Us
· Melvins' Buzz Osborne Talks To UG: 'I Have Never Felt Connected To Any Music Scene Anywhere Ever'
· Back In The Day, Lars Was Considered To Replace James As Metallica Singer, Here's What He Sings Like
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Life As A Looper
The Guide To: Multi-instrumentalist Paul Bytheway reveals his challenging journey into the world of live looping.
· Two String Arpeggio Riffs
· 5 Reasons To Learn Your Scale Intervals
· The $1000 Les Paul Shootout: Part One
· Hammer-Ons And Pull-Offs On Open Chords
· How To Avoid Or Recover From Guitar Related Injuries
· A Simple Practice Routine For Beginners To Make Faster Improvements
· Learn The Secrets Other Instruments Hold That Will Make You A Better Guitar Player
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