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Overkill: The Grinding Wheel
Compact Discs: Living up to every aspect of their reputation and established sound, Overkill does Overkill on this Overkill album about being Overkilled to Overdeath.
· Ibanez: GART60
· Orange: Micro Dark
· Elbow: Little Fictions
· Big Wreck: Grace Street
· Ibanez: RGIF7 Iron Label
· Schecter: Banshee Elite-6 FR S
· Galactic Empire: Galactic Empire
· Danny Worsnop: The Long Road Home
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The UG Academy Awards: Vote For The Best Original Movie Song Of 2016
Features: We'll have our own ceremony with blackjack and guitars.
· Exclusive Interview With Phil Campbell
· KISS Is Now Selling Official Air Guitar Strings
· 10 Awesome Pieces Of Classical Music For Metalheads
· Complete Guide To Jimi Hendrix 'Voodoo Child (Slight Return)'
· This Is What New Linkin Park Single Would Sound Like If They Still Played Nu Metal
· 'Rust In Peace' Engineer: Dave Mustaine Fired The Album's Second Producer Because His Name Was Dave
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How To Write Killer Chord Progressions
Songwriting: This strategy will help you dig deeper into really planning out your chord progressions.
· Using Of Polymetric Phrases In The Soloing
· Complete Guide To Vibrato Technique
· The One Skill Every Songwriter Should Have
· Guitar Effects: Everything You Should Know About Reverb
· 4 Vibrato Tips That Make Your Guitar Playing Sound Great
· Turn Your Guitar Into A Wand With These Magical Sounding Harp Harmonics
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