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Schecter: Stealth C-1
Electric Guitars: This guitar is a good solid body electric and so it does most of the genres fine.
· Havok: Conformicide
· Ed Sheeran: ÷ [Divide]
· Emmure: Look At Yourself
· Within The Ruins: Halfway Human
· Bush: Black And White Rainbows
· Electro-Harmonix: Holy Grail Plus Reverb
· Darkest Hour: Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora
· Washburn: Disney Hannah Montana 'Secret Star' 3/4 Scale
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Complete Guide To Radiohead 'Paranoid Android'
Features: All you need to know...
· Watch: New Ghost Lineup Makes Live Debut, This Was The Setlist
· Dream Theater's John Myung: The Essence Of Practicing Your Instrument
· NBA Legend Charles Barkley: That Time I Accidentally Got High With Nirvana
· Fans Outraged: Metallica Tour Sold Out In Minutes, Tickets Now Resold For Up To $2,500
· Richie Kotzen: Guitar Tabs Are Awesome, They Were Very Helpful When I Was Learning Guitar
· Dave Mustaine: Hetfield, Me, Malcolm Young, Schenker - We're The Fantastic 4 Of Rhythm Guitar
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Simple Tips That Make Your Guitar Playing Feel Very Easy
For Beginners: In this lesson you'll learn simple tips that help you control unwanted muscle tension in your body when you play guitar.
· Guitar Effects: Everything You Should Know About Delay
· Complete Guitar Tapping Course Week 1 (Part 2)
· Why You Should Never Compare Yourself To Others
· Five Steps For Writing Great Songs
· 4 Ways To Use Twitter To Increase Your Fanbase
· Pick Economy
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