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The Rules: Comments In The Articles Section

Here at, we value your thoughts and opinions. We encourage you to comment on every article you read and every video you watch. An honest comment and a fair rating can be very helpful to writers and other users. Put simply, a good comment can easily make someone's day.

Unfortunately, we are sure you can see the potential for both abuse and misuse of this system. New writers should be encouraged to improve, but angry comments easily discourage them from writing altogether. In the same vein, insulting bands and users promotes hostility in the columns, thus discouraging readers from sharing their opinions. As such, the following areas of the site are carefully moderated:

The team that moderate these areas are called Column Cleaners. The members of the Column Cleaner team can be found here.

The following is a list of rules that ALL user must abide by when posting in ANY comments section. Please be advised that, depending on the severity of the infraction, rule-breaking comments may be met with (1) a deletion, (2) a warning, or (3) a banning.


  • Keep your comments relevant to the topic. Do not contribute meaningless or irrelevant comments. This includes, but is not limited to, position comments, whether you care about the article or not, "Tl;dr"s and so on.
  • Racist, homophobic, sexist, and general vulgar comments will not be tolerated.
  • Pornographic or gore links ARE NOT ALLOWED. Users who post these will be banned immediately.
  • No advertising. Promoting your own or some other website is not allowed and will result in a warning. It is also asked that you DO NOT QUOTE OR REPLY TO THE ADVERTISING SPAM.
  • Do not complain about the article contents, the title of the article or the author. Doing so in the comments section is neither constructive nor helpful. If you have a suggestion for the site or would like to provide feedback about the content on UG, there are appropriate channels in the UG Forums to do so.

  • Personal attacks and insults are strongly discouraged on Ultimate-Guitar. There is to be NO flaming towards the authors on this site, members of the Ultimate-Guitar team or your fellow users. Debate and discussion is welcome between users - just keep it clean.
  • If there is some criticism you would like to give or if you have a problem with an individual, do it appropriately and respectably. Explain your issue or critique and do not resort to name calling.
  • Insults towards bands, artists and genres are considered “bashing” and is not allowed. “This band sucks!” is an example of bashing and will not be tolerated. “I do not like this band because…” is acceptable and the correct way to express your opinion.

  • Trolling is the act of posting something designed purely to incite negative reactions. Such comments do not belong anywhere in the comments section.
  • Do not feed or quote the troll. Just ignore it and move on. Responding or arguing with the troll will only make things worse.
  • These rules are subject to change without prior notice or warning. It is best to point out that each individual punishment is determined by the Column Cleaner giving it out. Stay on topic and follow these rules and you should be fine.