About UG Shots

'Shots' are short videos you can create to share your playing skills with the largest guitar community online. Shots were created to inspire musicians regardless of their level. Pros can use this platform to promote themselves, intermediate musicians can discover new songs, and total beginners may get inspiration from more skilled musicians and keep track of their own progress.

You can record and upload videos in Shots up to 1-minute length, receive comments and likes. You can also comment and like Shots made by other users.

Feel free to use Shots to post your videos and to interact with the UG community!

Prohibited content

Shots are aimed to demonstrate your guitar skills. It's a great platform to be creative. However, content that is intended or likely to cause harm is not allowed.

Including but not limited to:

Learn more about Prohibited content.

Shots moderation

Ultimate Guitar is a community where everyone can express themselves and find an audience to perform to. To avoid prohibited content we have a special process of moderation.

If after uploading your video was automatically determined by our algorithm as potentially unacceptable, it will be queued for review by our moderators. Reviewing can take from several minutes to 48 hours, depending on the total number of uploaded shots, day of the week, and other factors.

If your shot falls into the moderation queue, you will see the status "Moderated" on it. Until your shot is accepted or rejected, you can save it or delete it. When your shot passes moderation, it will appear in the general shots feed.

And remember that posting prohibited content is a bannable offence.

Toxic behavior

It's prohibited to post offensive content in comments to Shots, including but not limited to:

Learn more about Toxic behavior.