Shots community guidelines

Ultimate Guitar Community site rules and guidelines, which we update from time to time, exist to foster trust, respect, and a positive environment for musicians and fans worldwide.

Violation of the guidelines may result in your account and/or content being removed. We trust all users to respect the community and keep Ultimate Guitar fun and welcoming for everyone.

Prohibited content

Shots are aimed to demonstrate your guitar skills. It's a great platform to be creative. Learn more about opportunities in shots here.

However, content that is intended or likely to cause harm is not allowed.

Including but not limited to:

Learn more about Prohibited content.

Ultimate Guitar is NOT the place to post, share, or promote any of the following, including:

When you use UG you are joining a global community of musicians. Don’t post or share content that could harm other users or encourage them to harm themselves – whether through physical, emotional, financial, or legal harm.

UG is not the place for graphic, violent, shocking, or sensational content.

UG is an inclusive community. It is not ok to attack or incite violence against other users. Please keep your interactions civil and treat all users with respect.

UG is not the place for sexually explicit content or content intended for sexual gratification. If it isn’t something suitable to be done or shown in public view, don’t post it.

UG values high-quality, engaging content. Content that is spammy, fake, fraudulent, or misleading is prohibited will be removed.

UG is not a place to post, share, or send any content that violates someone else’s copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights.

Any activity by any member of the Ultimate Guitar community that harms, defrauds, or misleads other users or harms our community will be considered a violation of our Community Guidelines and may result in your content and/or account being removed. If you see content that you believe violates any of the Community Guidelines, please report it so we can review and take appropriate action. If you have further concerns, please contact

Shots moderation

To avoid prohibited content in Shots we have a special process of moderation.

If after uploading your video was automatically determined by our algorithm as potentially unacceptable, it will be queued for review by our moderators. Reviewing can take from several minutes to 48 hours, depending on the total number of uploaded shots, day of the week, and other factors.

If your shot falls into the moderation queue, you will be informed about it. Until your shot is accepted or rejected, you can save it or delete it. If your shot got to moderation queue while it doesn't offer any prohibited content, there's no reason to worry. As soon as the shot passes moderation by our team, it will appear in the general shots feed.

And remember that posting prohibited content is a bannable offence.