10 Band and Artist Names That You've Probably Been Saying Wrong

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10 Band and Artist Names That You've Probably Been Saying Wrong
Some bands have names that are trickier to pronounce than Metallica or Guns 'N' Roses. Today, UG will help you with them!  

Here are 10 band and artist names that you've probably been saying wrong.

Die Antwoord (dee ant-werd)

The name of the band means "the answer" in Afrikaans, so please, don't say "die ant-verd" with a weird Gaccent.

!!! (chk - chk - chk)

The band says making three clicking noises with your tongue is the "original" way to pronounce it, but "chick chick chick" is acceptable. And also makes it impossible to find this band on Google.

Gotye (gore-ti-yeah)

This is an adaptation of the name Gaultier, the French version of the artist's birth name Wouter (though he now goes by a simpler name Wally).

Anaal Nathrakh (uh-nahl nuh-thraak)

That's how you pronounce the name of this British extreme metal band that's been creating violent, nihilistic, distorted, hellish music since 2000.

Bon Iver (bone ee-vair)

Bone E-vair. Lots of people think this is a name but it’s derived from a story he read where Alaskan town people would say it as a greeting. He dropped a letter or two when naming his band.

Sunn O))) (sun)

Sunn O))) took their name from the now-defunct Sunn brand of amplifiers, which featured a logo that looked like "O)))" But the band is simply called "Sun," not "Sun Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Burzum (Byur-tsum)

Pehaps, it's acceptable for English speakers to say burr-zum, but that's really not the way Varg says it.
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Yngwie Malmsteen (Ing-vay mahlm-steen)

Swedish neoclassical metal God Yngwie Malmsteen's name isn't pronounced "ing-wee," "yahweh," "yeezy," or "ying-wy": it's "ING-VAY mahlm-steen.

Sigur Ros (Sig-Uh Rohs)

The band name sounds pretty much like "ciggar rose". (The band has a handy audio pronunciation guide on its website, if you're looking to settle arguments.) Well, you can actually say it however you want because 95 percent of the population just pretends they know.

Eluveitie (El-way-tee)

This is how the singer of this Swiss folk metal band pronounce it so you should probably do the same.

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    How to pronounce Lynyrd Skynyrd?  I have the complete discography exept the first album .. so I do not know.
    Tenacious D it's actually pronounced "The greatest band in the world"
    I think it's awkward to have a band name that people have no idea how to pronounce.  I don't get the Sunn O))) thing.
    I think it's because originally they were called Sunn, but the amplifier company weren't ok with it, so they changed it to Sunn o))) to get round it.
    And the actual Sun wasn't ok with the amplifier company using its name, so they changed it to Sunn.
    Also to be honest Sunn O))) fits their sound perfectly in a really weird way. 
    That's pretty funny, if the amp company wasn't okay with them using their name, but they WERE okay with them adding the actual logo to their name.
    It's amp worship. Sunn amps were a brand of high watt monster amps from the 70s. Which Sunn O))) uses as part of their sound. It was also a play on the band Earth of whom Sunn O))) are fans.
    I still remember back in the day thinking that Alexisonfire was pronounced Alex is on fire lol. 
    I'm probably in the minority here, but Yolandi Visser with those mental contact lenses in does it for me for some reason.
    I guess is says something about me that Yngwie is the only one I recognize. 
    The first time I saw the band name "Metallica" I thought it was pronounced "Metal LICKA" with the emphasis on the "LICKA" part.
    But Burzum isn't a Norwegian word. It's from the Black Speech. How do THEY pronounce it?
    You can just barely hear the line "ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul". And yeah it's the movie, but they had top Tolkien linguists working on them, so that must be an educated guess at least.
    Ah, but that's an (half) elf pronouncing it. That's like asking a German to pronounce "squirrel" (they can't). Let me know how an orc would say it!
     Gandalf is not an elf, he is a wizard (are you confusing him with Elrond?); and wizards have superior abilities, even in linguistics (in the book it is noted how much Gandalf's voice changed while saying these verses).  Killing the joke further, I'd say that orcs wouldn't have the same accent as Sauron. It would be like Hochdeutsch vs that weird language they speak in Tyrol.
    My bad, I'm at work so I didn't watch the clip. I forgot that Gandalf reads the inscription.
    Bands and artist don't get to decide how we pronounce their names.
    Anneke Van Geirsbergen.. When I first heard her say her own name I was like wait, what?
    How about the band Mnemic? People debate me on that one. I've heard "knee-mick" and "nemmick".
    I literally cant believe UG hasnt reported on metallicas Denver show that was cancelled due to lightning. ACTUAL metallica news doesnt get reported on, only rehashed interview quotes from a year ago
    Admit it, the only reason you want that article is so you can make the pun "guess they can't ride out the lightning"
    South African here, actually it's Dee Ant-Voerd, w's get pronounced like V's. Also, all you had to do was listen to Zef Side and he says it.
    A more accurate way to say Die Antwoord for non-Afrikaans speakers: dee unt-voor-t
    Who are these guys? I can't pronounce these names because I have never herd of them? The only one I really have heard of is Burzum. 
    If pronounciation hasn't left me, I believe Eluveitie was something an NFL fan wore in Denver, Colorado in the late 80's early 90's...
    i've been saying Yngwie Malmsteen right .. about the rest.. haven't heard about any of them until now so technically i wasn't wrong?
    Names are funny.  Can really make or break something for ya.  I was eating with a friend at a pizza parlor and it had a jukebox inside, and we both picked a song to play and I played Soundgarden - Spoonman.  My friend was digging the song the entire time and then up comes out his mouth, "Hey, this is great.  What is this song called?"  I said, "Spoonman..." he stopped everything and looked at me and said, "That is the dumbest shit I've ever heard.  That's like if I made a song called 'ForkGuy'."  Lol...guess I'm saying, we're running short of available names that aren't all nonscense.  I mean, come on!  Some one named their band with three clicking noises.  That's like if evertime I called my dogs name to come over, I fart shitting myself.
    Not a band name but I always get irritated when someone says/writes Tommy Iommi instead of Tony Iommi.  Blasphemy!
    I mispronounced PVRIS as "Piv-riss" for months before I knew they were simply pronounced "Paris"
    FUCK I'VE BEEN PRONOUNCING THEM AS PURIS UNTIL NOW. Probably because I spend too much time browsing tve kvlt black metal memes. Thank you!
    I'm exactly the same. That spelling makes no sense.
    For sure. It's the popular rise of people replacing the letter A with an upside down V. A$AP Rocky often stylises it as ASVP. Same with a lot of people using the letter X to replace a particular vowel.
    actually, Tolkien is the authority on that particular word, since cunt grishnakh stole it from his created Black Speech. it is "boor-zoom", not "byur-tsum" or "burr-zum". same with Amon Amarth, it is NOT "amOn amArth" it is "Amon Amarth", with emphasis on the first vowel of each letter. not sure if anyone else made this mistake, but the narrator for the Rankin/Bass cartoon version of Return of the King called it "gora-gor-oth" instead of Gorgoroth
    if you know a little french, you could already say half of these :p i guess that's the perk of growing up in europe, you know things of lots of different langueges