10 Beautiful Music Venues

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10 Beautiful Music Venues

Théâtre Antique d'Orange

Orange, France

This historical Roman theatre in France has been built in the first century. The UNESCO World Heritage site, carved into a hillside in Provence, can fit 10000 spectators on its stone seats. Nowadays, the theater sees mostly operas and hosts the world-famous annual festival of Les Chorégiesd’Orange. The first two rock bands to perform at the venue were the Dire Straits and the Cure.

The Cure gig was filmed in its entirety by Tim Pope.

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National Centre for the Performing Arts

Beijing, China

The National Grand Theatre, or The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), is one of the 4 most important landmarks in Beijing. The titanium-and-glass ovule that appears to be floating on water, is often compared to an egg. It sits on a man-made lake, complete with an underwater entryway that leads to the three performing spaces inside.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Morrison, Colorado, USA

In the first decade of the twentieth century, John Brisben Walker had a vision of artists performing on a stage settled in the perfect acoustic surroundings of Red Rocks, which likely were used by the Ute tribe in earlier times. Walker produced a number of concerts between 1906 and 1910 on a temporary platform, and the history of Red Rocks as an entertainment venue began. The naturally formed, acoustically perfect amphitheater in the heart of the Rockies sits 6,500ft above sea level and affords unrivaled views, stunning sunsets, and starry skies.
The beautiful and unique setting has led to the venue becoming a favorite for many performers. Jimi Hendrix played at Red Rocks on September 1, 1968, along with Vanilla Fudge and Soft Machine, The Beatles played in 1964, Bruce Springsteen in 1978, Grateful Dead in 1978, Pearl Jam in 1995, and the list goes on.

St Michael’s Cave

Upper Rock Nature Reserve, Gibraltar

It’s a limestone cave buried inside the rock of Gibraltar, and the first written record of it dates back to 45 AD. During Victorian times, the cave was used as a venue for weddings, picnics, and duels. It was then abandoned before being rediscovered in 1942 when it was turned into an emergency hospital for the armed forces. The cave has been used as a theater since the early '60s and has a seating capacity of 400 to offer intimate performances in a magnificent underground setting. Since then the cave has hosted light shows, Miss Gibraltar beauty pageants, philharmonic orchestras and numerous pop and rock concerts.

Bluegrass Underground

Cumberland Caverns Rd McMinnville, Tennessee

Bluegrass Underground is a monthly concert series that runs throughout the year inside the Volcano Room of the Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville, Tennessee. Taking place more than 333 feet underground, the venue offers top-notch natural acoustics in a breathtaking cave landscape. Regardless of outside temperature, the Volcano Room is a constant, comfortable 56 degrees. This venue looks like it could be a natural fit for Jack White, doesn't’ it?
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Dalhalla Amphitheatre

Rättvik, Sweden

Dalhalla is an amphitheater located 7 km north of Lake Siljanin and the municipality of Rättvik in Dalarna (Sweden). Tucked inside a limestone quarry, Sweden’s Dalhalla Amphitheatre is used only in summer for regular performances by rock, jazz, and pop bands. The audience is separated from the stage with water, which makes the setting exotic and spectacular. Bright white limestone cliffs are a great backdrop for the venue.

Auditorio de Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

The white wave of the auditorium resembles the Sydney Opera House but is still unique. The incredible design of the building characterizes a cutting-edge architecture. The majestic arch is the only one of its size to have two points of support, making the tip almost defy gravity, and has become a symbol of Tenerife and Spanish architecture. Auditorium facilities are designed to accommodate music events, conferences, product launches and conventions.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles, California

it’s Disney, it has to be magical. This stainless steel LA landmark draws in people from all over the world, but the inside is just as sophisticated. It has some of the best acoustics in the world and hosts a variety of shows across almost all genres.
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The Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval

Hauterives, France

This is a palace that was constructed entirely from individual pebbles that were collected by a postman named Joseph Ferdinand Cheval for 33 years. The Palais is a mix of different styles with inspirations from Christianity to Hinduism. Cheval bound the stones together with lime, mortar, and cement. The palace, which was constructed in 1907, hosts concerts during the June and July.

Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay

Marina Bay, Singapore

Esplanade reflects the present-day personality of Singapore and is indeed a challenge to conservatism. The building resembles a melting honeycomb and the aluminum shades of the structure maximize natural light. The international and local performances attract millions of visitors annually. The concert hall serves as a venue for concerts, recitals, and other performances.

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    these are some beautiful venues wow. One of my favorite venues is your mom's house. great acoustics 
    My bedroom sounds fukking amazing! Even my neighbours are screaming when I play  
    Come on guys: Paradiso, Amsterdam TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht Anyone?
    Paradiso has a great atmosphere, but not as historical as the rest. Same goes for Tivoli. Great acoustics there, but not as amazing as these big ass historical theaters and caves hehe... 
    Definitely Paradiso. It may be small, but it's cosy and has a beautiful historic feel with the balconies and the stained glass windows.
    I'm glad Red Rocks in on there. One of my favorite concerts was at there, Devin Townsend, Gojira, and Opeth. There was even a blood moon which made for quite the spectacular night
    Almost every place Gilmour played in Europe last tour was a cool place... I saw him in Croatia in the Pula Amphitheater. Awesome experience!
    I had the chance to see David Gilmour in this exact amphitheater of Orange, best concert of my life. He was playing so loud that the couchsurfers I was staying at said they heard the concert perfectly fine, though they were living some 20min walk away from it.
    CBGB's? The Whisky? Not as beautiful, but the fact that these are venues with an unbelievable important role in music history makes them beautiful. 
    May I add the "Anfiteatro del Vittoriale"? A Roman amphiteatre right on the coast of Lake Garda. I saw Wilson there...nothing to add  
    Agree with Red Rocks and I love the Rush photo, but to not mention its most famous performance, U2 in 1983, is a bit odd.
    The less said about U2, the better.
    Thanks for your input. The Edge is who got me wanting to play guitar. Sure, as I got better and my tastes changed, I got into progressive and metal music, but my guitar journey started with U2. In the 80s, both U2 and Metallica were different bands and with different public perceptions than what they are now. 
    The Esplanade one is in the shape of a durian, the national fruit (which is truly disgusting if you haven't tried it). Amazing acoustics and atmosphere. I saw Rodrigo y Gabriela there a couple of years ago and they invited a lot of the audience onstage for the entire set- one of the best gigs I've been to.
    Going to see Devin in Bulgaria this September. The Ancient Theatre, looks stunning.