10 Best Anime Opening Songs

J-rock, Nu metal, catchy pop-rock. These have it all.

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10 Best Anime Opening Songs

When watching an anime, one of the first things that really get you hooked onto it is the opening theme.  Throughout the years, we’ve seen and heard a lot of different anime openings, some being more impactful than most others. Whether it’d be your first ever anime, or an anime that really got you hooked, we’ve no doubt have had our own anime opening favourites.

Today we'll take a look at 10 Best Anime Opening Songs. J-rock, metal, Nu metal, these have it all!

And guys, please, keep it civil, we know that not everybody likes anime, but we all like good music and these songs are worth to check out even if you're not a big fan of Japanese animation.

Let's kick it!

10. Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad - Hit in the USA by Beat Crusaders

This catchy pop-rock tune really captures the essence of what it's like to be young, rebellious and play music with your buddies.

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9. Baccano!

This one is a great example of how opening should serve its purpose as every time you see it gets you incredibly giddy and excited for what will happen to these characters.

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8. Soul Eater - ‘Resonance’ by T.M. Revolution

Resonance really pumps up you for the action, while not being too serious about itself which makes it a perfect opening song for Soul Eater.

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7. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - ‘Again’ by Yui

A great OP to begin a great series (or second season, if you want to be exact). I think the one bit, that I can safely say, that had everybody loving this particular OP was the prechorus and its visuals; I mean come one… you’ve gotta admit that bit is just pure awesomeness!

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6. Attack on Titan ‘Guren no Yumia’ By Linked Horizon

It’s probably not too premature to say that this powerful anthem was an instant cultural marker. Perfectly themed to its subject matter, it’s not just an opening—it’s a declaration.

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5. Darker than black Opening number 2 - Kakusei Heroism

A lot of people enjoy cyberpunk, and this one is definitely no exception. Batman from the world of anime gotta have an appropriate opening and this one for sure nails it.

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4. Dragonball Z - Rock the Dragon

Oh yeah, now this is the childhood! Listening to this every morning and singing along at the top of the voice like an idiot was a really fun thing to do back then. But c’mon, this has got to be one of the most classic anime openings out there.

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3. Death Note What's Up People? By Maximum the Hormone

This series had the difficult task of living up to the legend of the wildly popular manga, and it did not disappoint. But TV is a medium that provides a lot more options. The intro is a hectic assault of imagery backed by a driving death metal tune that slaps you in the face and demands your attention.

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2. Pokémon American Opening Theme - Jason Paige

You all know the lyrics for this one. Since its release, the song has been virtually synonymous with the Pokémon franchise. It became popular again last year with the release of Pokémon Go. There were instances of police cars playing the song through loudspeakers while driving near Pokémon Go players, as well as groups of people singing the song in public.

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1. Cowboy Bebop - ”Tank!” by Seatbelts

Now, who would have any doubt? Cowboy Bebop flawlessly combined jazz, film noir, and sci-fi, so of course its opening would be a perfect miniature representation of genre-crossing goodness. The driving horns and sax really set up the mood for some action and you know that an OP is awesome when it still rises to the top 20 years after it was made!

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What anime openings do you like the most? Leave your entries in the comment section below.

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    William Sitnin
    I always enjoyed the opening of Trigun a lot. 
    I came here fully expecting this to be on the list. No dice. American Pokemon and Dragonball though? Sure. Not that I necessarily hate those songs, they're just shit in comparison to Tsuneo Imahori's might.
    Detroit Metal City - this show is so cringy that its actually fun
    m4ss3 m/
    What's cringy about it? One of the funniest if not the funniest anime I've seen. 
    Surprised it didn't make the list! Anime is super fan and the music not half bad
    Called it. Seriously, Rock The Dragon though? Part of our childhood in the west maybe but objectively not as good as Cha-La Head-Cha-La.
    I knew of the Japanese opening before, but it never really stuck in my head until I started watching TeamFourStar's Abridged Series in earnest.
    As a non american Dragon Ball fan, I find it ridiculous that "Rock the Dragon" was chosen to represent the series.
    I'm pretty sure Gundam Wing's theme would make the top 10 if you asked the population of Japan.
    Seriously, all these comments...not a single mention of the Outlaw Star theme?!! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="
    " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    "Will Goku ever stop screaming? Will Gohan stop being a little bitch? Will our heroes ever actually fight? ALL THIS AND MORE ON THE NEXT EXCITING EPISODE OF DRAGON BALL Z!!!!" Seriously, though... The DBZ soundtrack by Bruce Falconer had some pretty legit industrial metal stuff in it.
    I own every DBZ soundtrack that he composed and I really miss having him score the show....nothing beats Vegeta's Hells Bells or SSJ Transformation and I could name a whole lot more but you already know.
    Since it's hard to choose just one opening from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure...
    I'm surprised noone has mentioned Hellsing yet, the opening is amazing
    Hell yes. All of the music from the original series was fantastic. I'm sad that it wasn't included in Hellsing Ultimate, but I suppose it's a fair trade seeing as Ultimate actually follows the story laid out in the manga. 
    Ah was really hoping to see a few other entry's but a solid list all said and done. A few of my favs: In My World - Blue Exorcist H.S.O.T.D - High School of the Dead Re:Re - Erased Be Strong -  History's Strongest Disciple Back On - Air Gear Ash Like Snow - Gundam 00 Haruka Kanata or  Seishun Kyousoukyouku - Naruto [h][/h]
    If there is an anime ending poll, I hope this makes it to the list
    Not one for autotune, but this is band - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - is an exception
    Sorry, but the anime ending poll #1 would be Cowboy Bebop, in my opinion..
    Weirdly, I don't think Cowboy Bebop deserves #1 for intro, though. It might be one of the most iconic intros to any anime, but I don't think it deserves "best".
    Orange Range got some solid hits and many openings, O2, Asterisk, and Viva Rock are the first that pop in my head