10 Best Rockstar TV Commercials

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10 Best Rockstar TV Commercials

Ozzy Osbourne / World of Warcraft

A classic ad where Ozzy's 'Prince of Darkness' title is contested by...... The Lich King from World of Warcraft.

And what does Ozzy do? Calls Sharon for help, of course!

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Alice Cooper / Staples School Supplies

A schoolgirl feels betrayed by Alice Cooper, who said the school was our forever. No, young lady, only for summer.

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Les Paul / Coors Beer

- What's your name?
- It's on your guitar.

Might be the coolest answer ever.

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David Bowie / Vittel Water

This ad can be described as 50 shades of David Bowie endorsing bottled water. Still funny to watch.

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KISS / Walmart

In a 2-minute video, the band does a lot of things while working in Wallmart. But, of course, Gene Simmons has the spotlight. He manages to sell bread, throw away Aerosmith CD, Sell KISS CD (duh), and tell a customer that Walmart shops work AAAALL NIIIIGHT!

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KISS / Action Figures

The main character of this commercial is a kid, whose toys always lose in a fight, so he manages to summon live action figures of KISS. And this where the shit starts to go down.

First, an 'action figure' of Gene Simmons pukes all over the kid's friend. But then, the kid's mom asks to borrow Paul Stanley for a night to do some " string-pulling of her own" while the daddy is on vacation. It must be hella awkward to be this kid.

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Jack Black / MTV

Back when MTV was a thing, they had an ad that portrayed Jack Black as a lazy ass. And Jack Black played this role perfectly.

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Iggy Pop / Schweppes

A great commercial that features Iggy's father. Iggy Pop has done a lot of crazy shit in his life, but it seems like Schweppes Limón Dry is too much even for him.

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Brent Hinds / Elmyr Pharmaceutical

This parody ad is just a pleasure to watch. Elmyr is actually a bar in Atlanta.

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Steel Panther / Doritos

If there's anything we learned from this commercial is that playing in a band won't get you girls. Eating Doritos will.

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    Not sure whether to laugh or cringe to death at the Kiss/Wall-mart one...or maybe a combination of the two  
    Ah the good ol' WoW comercial with ozzy. Back in the times when that game was THE shit and now is just pure shit.
    Rob Halford made a cameo in a virgin mobile commercial like 10 years ago for some reason. (0:13)