10 Best Songs by Alice Cooper

Best hits from the Godfather of Shock Rock.

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10 Best Songs by Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is a living legend. He helped to shape the sound and look of heavy metal, and has been described as the artist who "first introduced horror imagery to rock'n'roll, and whose stagecraft and showmanship have permanently transformed the genre". 

He’s pushing 70, but still touring around the world and gathers entire stadiums and with his latest album 'Paranormal' he proves everyone that he still rocks hard.

To celebrate the release of his new album, UG decided to take a look at the best songs from the Godfather of Shock Rock.

10. Hey Stoopid

This song delivers a strong anti-drug message in which Cooper warns young people about the dangers and pitfalls of drug abuse and espouses the benefits of living drug-free. The track also addresses suicide among teens and young adults and stresses that it should never be an option, no matter how depressed, lonely or isolated an individual may feel. Slash plays the guitar solo on the song. The track also features axe master Joe Satriani and Ozzy Osbourne, who provided backing vocals.

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9. Elected

“Elected” was originally released as a single in the fall of 1972, just in time for the presidential election and its music video is on par with a 2016 freak show. 

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8. Feed My Frankenstein

This ferocious glam metal scorcher was written by Alice Cooper, Mark Manning (aka Zodiac Mindwarp), Ian Richardson and Nick Coler. Manning's band,ZodiacMindwarp and the Love Reaction, recorded the original version of this track for their 1991 album Hoodlum Thunder. Some famous string players appear on this track: Joe Satriani and Steve Vai are on guitar, and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue played bass.

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7. Only Women Bleed

This controversial song was initially called "Only Women" and the single was protested by several feminist groups claiming the song as horribly sexist and insulting. Those offended by Cooper's blunt and biting lyrics, however, obviously missed the point of the song. "Only Women Bleed" finds the shock artist writing about a helpless victim of spousal abuse, singing "she spends her life through pleasing up her man/he slaps her once in awhile and she lives and loves the pain." In his soft performance, Cooper obviously has some sympathy for the character and is willing to acknowledge the situation as tragic -- not necessarily because of the situation itself, but because she allows it to continue.

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6. Billion Dollar Babies

One of the last great blasts by the original Alice Cooper band was also the title track of their only No. 1 album. Featuring vocal assist by hippie-dippy ’60s Scottish singer-songwriter Donovan, “Billion Dollar Babies,” like “Elected”, works better within the context of the album than as a single.

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5. Under my Wheels

The first single from the band’s fourth album features one of the original quintet’s best-ever performances. From the stumbling drums that intro the song to the chugging guitar riff that fuels it to one of Cooper’s toughest vocals, “Under My Wheels” is straight-up rock ‘n’ roll played by a band whose greatness was often overshadowed by its theatrics.

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4. No More Mr. Nice Guy

A killer radio hit with a massive hook and a jabbing guitar riff, “No More Mr. Nice Guy” remains one of Cooper’s signature songs, a declaration of independence by an artist who was breaking rules from the start.

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3. I'm Eighteen

Alice Cooper’s initial appeal wasn’t so much the snakes, blood and decapitated heads; it was the anthems for hopeless youth they cranked out with regularity back in the day. Their breakthrough hit captures this perfectly. Little else sums up disillusioned teens heading into even more crushing adulthood better than the immortal lines “I’m a boy and a I’m a man / I’m 18, and I don’t know what I want.”

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2. School's Out

The band’s fifth album finally took them to the Top 10. And its opening cut, first single and title track became their first Top 10 (and first Top 40) hit. And like their breakthrough song “I’m Eighteen” , “School’s Out” tapped into teenage wasteland. But this time it’s more celebratory: a radio-ready and totally fist-pumping anthem marking the last day of school. Few verses in the history of rock are as casually inspired as “We got no class / And we got no principles / And we got no innocence / We can’t even think of a word that rhymes.” A true classic.

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1. Poison

Poison is Alice Cooper's masterpiece. In this song, Cooper sings about a girl who is bad for him, but he can't resist her charms. Sounds like an average 80's songs but his voice takes it a completely another level.  

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    Poison #1 are you fucking kidding me. i can think of tons of Alice songs that are way better than that. not a bad list but they skipped all his no hits which is bullshit as he has many great songs. 
    They could have found better. But poison's lyrics are actually quite interesting. It could either be about heroin or HIV. This brings a lot of depth to the song !
    If I ever get chosen for "10 Albums that Inspired Me", Billion Dollar Babies will be on the list!
    My list: 1.Only Women Bleed 2.Cold Ethyl 3.Under My Wheels 4.Billion Dollar Babies 5. I'm Eighteen 6. Ballad Of Dwight Fry 7. Black Juju 8 Halo of Flies 9 My Stars 10 I Love The Dead  
    Hell yes, Halo Of Flies is a frikkin masterpiece. Still think it's pretty cool it was released as a single here in the Netherlands, it even peaked at #5!
    Yes, IMO the best Alice song ever. A great 1-2 punch with Desperado.
    the real great Alice Cooper songs and lps were the ones by the band 'Alice Cooper' and with Alice Cooper the singer- Vincent Furnier- ...from 'Pretties for You' to 'Muscle of Love' the excellently written and performed material blows away anything that came after the band broke up...
    While "Poison" has it's good points, it is far from a "masterpiece". It may have brought Alice back into the spotlight because of MTV, but his music with the original band tops anything he did after 1974. 
    Total disagree - Raise Your Fist and Yell, Da-Da, Brutal Planet, Along Came a Spider, Welcome to My Nightmare...
    yeah Alice didn't suddenly lose his ability to come up with good songs after the original band broke up. Freedom, Go To Hell, Lost In America, Devil's Food/Black Widow. World Needs Guts etc are all as good.  Poison isn't a bad song but it's far from his best i don't think it would even make my top 20 let alone be #1. 
      [code]First: Excuse my bad English. In Germany it was beginning of the 70 fashion to print the own [/code] [code]name on a T-shirt. But I did not have my name printed, [/code] [code]but Alice Cooper. Then many asked me if my name is Alice Cooper. [/code] [code]Crazy people. [/code] [code]My favourite Songs ever:[/code] [code]1.Schools out[/code] [code]2.Hello Hooray[/code] [code]3.Elected[/code] [code]4.No more Mr.Nice Guy[/code] [code]5.Poisen[/code] [code]BTW: He is live on Stage in Wacken next Week.[/code]
    Can anyone ever post an article without putting their biased opinion on the 2016 election in it for once? Just because he has a song called "Elected" doesn't mean you have to mention the unrelated 2016 election and post your opinion on it.
    I'm wesring an Alice Cooper shirt as I write this
    Halo of Flies man! Also, you should distinguish whether you're doing top Alice Cooper Band songs, or top Alice Cooper Solo songs, they're *very* different.
    I have to say I LOVE LOVE Welcome 2 My Nightmare. The sequel to the first one. I left off a song or 2 from that album but it is great and so is Paranormal
    I saw Alice Cooper live for the first time when he was supporting Motley Crue as part of their final UK tour and to be honest, I think he was better than they were.
    BDB is a seriously underrated song! I really get a kick out of Gutter Cat vs the Jets. My guilty pleasure is Detroit City. The song is one big name drop, but having grown up with the WRIF, I appreciate it!
    Sorry for the double reply, internet problems. Anyway, glad to find someone who listened to The Eyes of Alice Cooper Novocaine, This House is Haunted and The Song That Didn't Rhyne were great along with Detroit City.
    Good album. I love This House is Haunted. The Song That Didn't Rhyme is great. Even non-Alice fans like it when they listen to it
    As a Friday fan I'm sad to not see He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask) here.
    Looking At Me, Shoe Salesman, and Generation Landslide are my top 3. Hard to choose an order to put them in.
    Almost impossible for me to but here's my 10. 1. You Drive Me Nervous 2. Halo of Flies 3. Might As Well Be On Mars 4. Nothing's Free 5. Gail/Roses On White Lace 6. Clones 7. Second Coming/Ballad of Dwight Fry 8. Luney Tune 9. Unfinished Sweet 10. I Love America
    I'd add one from 1980's "Flush the Fashion"...Clones is brilliant or maybe Model Citizen: "I'm a hostage in a city of creeps  they got mercenary guards that watch me sleep  they wanna kill me slow and bury me deep"
    In no particular order : Dead Babies Halo of Flies The Ballad Of Dwight Fry Black Ju Ju Billion Dollar Babies Halo Of Flies Desperado Killer Second Coming Under My Wheels Damn it's hardware choosing just 10, he has so many perfect songs...
    Be My Lover is the Alice Cooper band's best song. Also including his solo stuff with the Alice Cooper band doesn't fly... Of course youtube ain't got it.... but you'll get the idea
    the only one I would agree with is I'm 18. most of his great songs are within the fiirst five albums. Halo of flies is by far their Masterpiece, song that works on so many levels and is a testament to the band's compositional skills
    Way Cool JR.
    Poison is one of my most favorite Cooper songs.  Glad to see it snagged the #1 spot, it's fantastic song IMHO.   
    This article is trash. The rule for articles like this should be strictly no singles. See how many actual fans of bands are out there.