10 Best Tenacious D Songs

This is the greatest list in the world.

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10 Best Tenacious D Songs

When it comes to Tenacious D you can call me Lee.

Here are 10 best Tenacious D songs and damn it was hard to pick 10 only, but we did our best. Enjoy!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Kielbasa
  • Wonderboy
  • Classico
  • Papagenu
  • Rock Is Dead

10) The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Ragekage

The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage is an emotionally charged tale detailing the fallout from the band’s experiences after The Pick of Destiny‘s failure at the box-office. Kyle has tragically gone completely insane, while Jack has gone on to become insanely rich and famous. Considering that the band is known more for their comedy rock, I find The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage to be an oddly beautiful piece of music.

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9) Rize of the Fenix

With this track, JB and KG rose from the ashes. A great opening track to the album of the same name.

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8) Roadie

A song dedicated to the woefully under-credited assets of rock and metal – the roadies! The music video for Roadie features Danny McBride as the titular character, as he applies for a roadie job with Tenacious D and shows him performing his general duties as a roadie, and hanging around backstage while the band play live on stage. Sadly, Danny McBride’s T-Total character soon falls off the wagon after an encounter with a groupie who was purely using him to get closer to meeting Kyle Gass and goes completely nuts.

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7) Low Hangin’ Fruit

This tune is catchy as hell and the music video has lots of juicy fruit, so this song was bound to be a success! Sometimes I think this song is not really about fruit, though...

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6) Master Exploder

For a song that has only three very short verses, Master Exploder is damn good. Jack Black does not need a microphone (his voice is fuckin’ powerful) First appearing in Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny, Master Exploder became an instant classic for the band, and has appeared in various media, including video games such as the Brutal Legend . Master Exploder is a song that must be played at full volume to truly appreciate its greatness.

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5) The Metal

Nothing can kill the metal! Especially with Lee rocking the stage in his metal costume. With this song, Tenacious D plead their allegiance to the metal as awesome as they can.

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4) Kickapoo

A long ass fuckin’ time ago in a town called Kickapoo, there lived a young boy named Jack Black, the black-sheep of his highly religious family. Young Jack did not hold with his family’s beliefs, instead worshipping the Rock and Metal Gods, much to his family’s chagrin. One day he interrupted grace with a musical composition of his own. Naturally, his father (ironically played by the legendary Meat Loaf) does not take kindly to this and punishes Jack, proceeding to chastise the boy and destroy all of his rock music memorabilia. After praying to Dio (also appearing in a cameo role), Jack realises what he must do – Travel to the land of Hollywood and find his destiny.

The music featured in this song is truly unforgettable. I don’t know a single fan of Tenacious D that doesn’t remember how it goes – the intro, the outro, and everything in between, simply fantastic. Of course, who doesn’t love the cameos by both Meat Loaf and Dio? The two iconic gods of rock and metal not only add to the epic quality to this song, but are also tremendous to watch in the music video.

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3) Beelzeboss

Depicting the tale portrayed in Tribute, Beelzeboss sees Jables and Rage Kage exiting a music venue just as the venue’s Open Mic Host uses the Pick of Destiny to reform his broken tooth and thus complete him – morphing him into the shiny demon who then proceeds to sentence Jables and the Rage Kage to die. A challenge is quickly issued by the defiant JB, a rock-off challenge which the demon cannot deny due to the edicts of the Demon Code (I wonder what other rules they have to obey). The demon is forced to accept and the terms are laid out – If The D win, the demon must return to Hell and also pay their rent. However, if the demon wins, he gets to take Kage back to Hell to be his ‘little bitch’. The demon agrees, and what follows is the showdown of a lifetime as KG’s very soul, and every one of his orifices hang in the balance.

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2) Fuck her Gently

It does seem that there are folk out there that are not fans of Tenacious D, yet still enjoy this particular inclusion in The D’s discography, and let’s be honest, it isn’t hard to see why. Fuck Her Gently serves as a useful guide for making love to your beautiful lady. The D generously offer us mere mortals some helpful tips such as asking what your partner’s favourite position is and taking part in it, even if it isn’t yours. Also, don’t waste time cooking their favourite meal, simply order it from Zanzibar. With this handy advice in mind, your love life is surely going to improve tenfold.

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1) Tribute

Now, who would have any doubt about this one? This is the greatest song in the world after all... Well, actually it's just a to tribute to it, but it still counts, right?

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    This is not the greatest list in the world.
    The list is just a tribute.
    Couldn't remember the greatest list in the world.
    For something that is so purely crude/fun/funny, they have some genuinely killer tunes and Jack Black's voice is pretty damn solid imo
    Absolutely. Being comedic seems to be the main thing or at least where they come from (JB more than KG, sure), yet they're actually good or very good in many ways. Kage is also a veeeery good guitar player I think.
    Woah Woah Woah...Wonderboy as an honorable mention?  You're fucking with me right?  
    That list is terrible. Should be way less pick of destiny and fenix stuff. First album had the most gems imo
    Classico, Explosivo, and Rock Your Socks, I think we all agree, are on the real greatest list in the world.
    Not a bad list, but I question its validity considering it doesn't mentioned Double Team or City Hall. I'm going to need a detail report first thing in the morning on what methods were used to derive this list. 
    I just started listening to master exploder on my phone when I cam to UG. This article was the first one that came up. Metal awesomeness confirmed
    Funny, played Fuck Her Gently for the other guys in my band the other night and everyone was hysterical.  Sadly none of them had ever heard it before, so maybe I need to start thinking about a new band.....
    Mine would have been: Honorable Mentions: - Kielbasa - Rise of the Fenix - Kyle Quit the Band - Explosivo - The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage - One Note Song  10. City Hall 9. Jesus Ranch 8. Wonderboy 7. Kickapoo 6. Roadie 5. Fuck Her Gently 4.The Metal 3. Double Team 2. Beezleboss (The Final Showdown) 1. Tribute
    For a website that loves to mention Dave Grohl all the time, they sure missed a key opportunity in this article (he plays the demon/Satan in Beelzeboss).
    Not a very good list. This should be titled "Tenacious D's most popular songs." But even so, this isn't news. This page is turning into some half assed buzzfeed quality shit.