10 Classic Basslines

There are 10 riffs which I think are classic bass lines that are easy to play and you can have a lot of fun with them and muck around with.

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First of all this isn't 10 Top Classic Bass Lines, and they are in no particular order. I have designed this page for the bassist who wants something to muck around on. Most of these riffs aren't particularly hard or anything but they are defiantly fun to play.

For each song that I suggest I will write the tab for the riff I think is so fun. I know many people are going to say where's this riff? etc. so I'm going to say now that these are just 10 easy ones of the top of my head which no matter how many times I play them, I still enjoy going thought then 100 times. Or more!

But please leaves suggestions in the comment area for your bass lines which you love to play. I dub them: "Classic Bass Lines."

01. "Re-Arranged" - Limp Bizkit

This is defiantly one of the best bass lines by Sam Rivers. The song starts on this riff the whole song is fun to play but the main riff is a classic.


02. "I'm Housin'" - Rage Against The Machine

This riff is from Rage's cover album, Renegades. It has a cool little slow bass line to start of the funky verse. It sounds good and easy to play.


03. "Cochise" - Audioslave

1st song of the 1st album of Audioslave and "Cochise" is full of life and always fun to play. Not so much a classic but still great to play and I recommend it to many learners.

G|-------------------------------| G|-------------------------------|
D|-1/2-0---0--------1/2--0-------| D|-------------------------------|
A|-------2---2-------------2-----| A|-5/7-5---5--------5/7--5-------|
E|-------------3-0-----------3-0-| E|-------7---7-3-0---------7-3-0-|

04. "Money" - Pink Floyd


05. "Chameleon" - Herbie Hancock

This little funky bass line is a beauty. The effect on the bass is called an Envelope Follower, and I think Syth works well but clean does the job too.


06. "Low Rider" - War

This is another funky little bass line that is repeated through the whole song. This bass line is easy but has hard bits. In "Low Rider" you have to keep the riff really smooth but rough in the same time.


07. "Somebody Someone" - KoRn

I think this is a really cool funkish sort of bass line by Fieldy. Not hard at all but sounds good and is good to play. And you don't need a 5 string bass. I'm going to write and standard tuning on a 4 string.


08. "Around The World" - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

This I definitely know is a big favourite if any bass player maybe because it's Flea but yeah. What ever. I know the Intro is really cool but I'm going to put the tab of the verse.



09. "Dazed And Confused" - Led Zeppelin

This is an easy one, not very hard or anything. I think the rest of the song can be but I'm only going to put this one on. It's my favourite by Zeppelin and I think it's nice and slow.


10. "Bullet In The Head" - Rage Against The Machine

This is my favourite of Rage's first album. This is just another easy fun riff. Good to make up little licks to follow it.

E|---------------0-----| <-- mute "E" with left thumb
So there are 10 riffs which I think are classic bass lines that are easy to play and you can have a lot of fun with them and muck around with.

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    leave the writer alone he said that it wasn't top ten or anything and like annaplaysguitar just said if he likes playing korn or limp bizkit it doesn't affect you, i'm not a fan of those bands but i don't mind the fact that other people are
    These are supposed to be FUN BASSLINES, not particularly Anti-NuMetal Basslines. Don't freak out if this guy enjoys playing Korn or Limp Bizket! It's just some catchy friggin basslines! I think this would've better fit in the forums though.
    ermmm.., I would say the joker by steve miller is more classic then half of these.
    Any one Heard of Victor Wooten...? plays for bella fleck and the fleck tones...best bassest alive
    not runnin with the devil by van halen i no its simple but its easily remebered, also no more tears by ozzy is well known
    Another good bass riff of the past couple of years is Hysteria by Muse, it proves Chris Wolstenholme has a purpose in the band God love him! Matt Bellamy is a God.
    Nero, you sir are a genius compared to these idiots! The first line in this article is "this isn't 10 top classic bass lines, keyword being ISN'T. The writer likes what they like. Besides, who should judge what is "top" or what is "classic"? My opinion on top? Geddy Lee, Jaco (duh), Stu Hamm, Les Claypool, Billy Sheehan, Geezer. But that's just my OPINION! We all have our own, and are entitled to it.
    Yea Music is 100% opinion and you guys need to notice that he is just a fellow guitarist tryin to share what he thinks are 10 cool basslines. And besides cant u see that there are 10 spaces if we made a new list no matter what there would always be people who disagree. Geez he's just tryin to be nice.
    Jesus, UG ***ing sucks when it comes to comment's. He said it WASN'T Classic basslines, then you get 32549328 morons saying "dey rnt clasik baselines" Fucking tools. Read the ***ing article before rating or commenting... God I bet all the downrates were from people who dislike Limp Bizkit or Korn
    another one bites the dust? and there are too much basslines anyway... alteast cool ones
    You people are just prejudiced against Limp Bizkit and Korn. Agreed, LB sucks and Korn ain't great either, but those basslines are pretty good. Probably not the best, but definitely not rubbish.
    for whom the bell tolls G:---..19-18-17-16---..19---.. D:---..17 -16---.. A:- --..17-16 E:2-2--2-2--0---.. happ y??
    i guess the list isnt TOO bad, but where the Fuc@ is Steve Harris` riff on Wasted years just before Adrians solo?! That one should have been on the list because its classic and cool!
    where is there the classic? i see two or three songs which have a good bassline but korn? limp bizkit? rage? well they are not bad but good enough to be classic basslines? where is some classis rory gallagher bassline? this bassplayer is really good. hes amazing, but ok, limp bizkit the bassplayer is pretty good but amazing? not really... and a classic bassline for example would be the bassline of Johnny B. Goode for example or the classic Rock'n'Roll Bassline... G---.. D---..4-4-5-5-4-4---.. A---..4-4--7-7 ---..7-7-4-4- - E-5-5---.. and so on for example! this is a really classic bassline
    Hmmm...I expected to see Megadeth's "Peace Sells (But Who's Buying?" on there. That's classic I suppose.
    9tothe Universe
    tim commerford is awesome. rage always has good bass lines...and the only good ones on this list happen to be by rage. and they arent even the BEST lines by tim.
    where the hell is "another one bites the dust" or "under pressure" those are more classic than limp bizkit or korn
    you are missing sugar hill gang's rapers delight , am not into hip hop and that but its very funky
    I've said it before... n-crap-metal is a serious musical infection. It contaminates the brains of young bass players. The only known cure: a session like those on "A Clockwork Orange" watching n-crap-metal videos with your eyelids stretched open for an entire day. I bet they'll crave Sabbath records after that.
    Where the hell is Les Claypool? The stuff he comes with is by far better than anything the Limp Bizkit or dude or Fieldy could ever come up with.
    ...dude you list is smellier than the shit i took on the beach this summer. you left out the joker. theres no rush or les claypool. wat about IMA ROBOT, their bassist is amazing. im not saying that tim cummorford isnt good, i mean you obviosly masturbate to him 6 times a day. but you left out alot of classics. and Superfreak is a helluva lot of fun to play...fyi.
    where's for whom the bell tolls peace sells 1000 years!? those are good bass lines!
    Wonderful idea for an article. I didn't really like the bass lists, but Around the World is a great example of the usefulness of a good bassplayer be more than just white noise. When I get my band I'm going to make my best friend Steven a great cellist and bassist into Flea.
    I've got another 1 nobody's mentioned yet. How about Faith No More. Their bassist was really good, Billy Gould I think was his name. I liked the bass part to "The Morning After".
    but anyways maybe u culd add in quarter notes eigth notes, hmmmm wuld help a bit, i no most of those are commonly known but still sum arnt so the notes wuld help
    Exactly what X-Y-U said, maybe if you people read the first paragraph of the damn article you'd understand it and not post hlaf the comments you did.
    its good to see there are nice people out there. i actualy renamed the article "10 begginers basslines" but this one was sent off first and i dont they will post the other one.
    Exactly Nero. These guys are generally just bastards it seems. This really was a great idea for an article.
    bassplayer_16, you sir, are a dick. Sorry for spamming, but my God you're an *******.
    I?m Housin? ? Rage Against The Machine Thats why i rated you high
    Everyone who comes up with better bass lines, you are ***ing tools, who fail to see the error of your ways.
    There is no funk bass in there? WTf? I Noticed how none of those bands are from before 1990..