10 Facts About Primus

10 facts about the weirdest band in the world.

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10 Facts About Primus

1. Primus guitarist Larry LaLonde took lessons from Joe Satriani when he was young

2. Les Claypool befriended Kirk Hammett in school

3. Primus has often cited Tom Waits as one of their favorite artists

4. In 2010, Primus released a new version of the track sung entirely in Spanish under the title "Me Llamo Mud"

YouTube preview picture

5. On '94 Woodstock while playing 'My Name is Mud' they got showered with chunks of mud

Throwing mud is a sign of small and insignificant genitalia.

Les Claypool at Woodstock '94

6. Originally, the band was called Primate

They changed the name from Primate because there was another band already called "The Primates". To avoid legal retribution, Les pulled out a dictionary and found a close alternative. Primus means "the primary one". It is also the name of a Russian stove (and a popular stove company in parts of the world), an insurance company, a camping equipment company, an international telecommunications company, a Belgian beer brewed in Haacht, and an Internet Service Provider. Primus means "top of the class" in Dutch and German, and "I feel great" in Swedish.

7. Les Claypool wrote a novel called South of the Pumphouse in 2006...

The book is a a tragic tale containing themes of family, racism, drugs, and misconceptions.

8....and started a wine-making project in 2007.

9. Bryan "Brain" Mantia played in Guns N' Roses

After leaving Primus he handled drum duties for Guns N' Roses until 2006, and provided beats on thirteen of the fourteen tracks on their album Chinese Democracy.

10. Primus sucks!

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    What the fuck is with that Hammett picture??? Looks like a cross between Anne Frank and a child molester.
    What exactly ks a child molester supposed to look like?
    Someone with unpopular hair and ridiculously huge glasses. That picture of Kirk Hammett is a good start!
    Kirk Hammet is in the video for John the Fisherman Tom Waits is Tommy the Cat And Winona's got herself a big brown beaver, she strokes it all the time...
    Alright, who keeps deleting my posts?? I posted a comment twice now with the title from Number 10. That's just rude... 
    Anti Pop was such a great album. Not very well known either. Les is a phenomenal bass player. Eclectic electric is such a great song
    I agree. It had some great songs. Brain was underated as their drummer..at least according to Les. He's all over Jay lane
    If the last one wasn't "Primus sucks!", I was going to delete U-G from my favorites and bookmarks...
    The combination of the picture, and the wording "Les Befriended Kirk Hammett in school" makes it sound like weird charity haha, they could have easily put a modern picture of Kirk 
    You forgot to ad that Primus is also the name of The Transformers‘ God! Yeah! Gimme nerd points!!
    Brain played in Gunners and his good friend by the name of Buckethead also played in Gunners    
    11. My wife and daughter went to see Primus last Thursday while I stayed home and went to work like a good boy/dumbass.
    Lester Claypool worked as an engineer on Yngwie Malmsteen's debut album "Rising Force"