10 Facts About The Ramones

A few things about one of the first punk rock bands in music history.

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10 Facts About The Ramones

1. The Ramones band name was in reference to Paul Ramon, the pseudonym that Paul McCartney used to maintain his anonymity when checking into hotels.

In a 1995 interview, Joey Ramone explained: 'In the days of the 'Silver Beatles,' Paul McCartney would go to check into a hotel room, using the name Paul Ramone. Dee Dee was a big Paul McCartney fan, so he changed his name to Dee Dee Ramone. When I hooked up with Dee Dee, we decided to call the band the Ramones.'


2. The band's shortest album was 'Ramones' from 1976 at 29:04.

Their Longest Album was 'Mondo Bizarro' from 1992 at an astonishing 37:25. Therefore, their average album length was about 32:45. Most of their songs are about two minutes long - partly because they didn't do guitar solos. In concert, when a song ended, they did a 1,2,3,4 count-in and went right into the next one.

3. The song '53rd and 3rd' is supposedly about Dee Dee Ramone, working as a 'male hustler' on the corner of 53rd and 3rd streets in Manhattan to pay for his heroin habit.

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4. It is rumored that Joey Ramone died in his hospital bed after listening to U2’s 'In a Little While.'

Bono mentions it on the band’s live DVD Elevation 2001: Live from Boston, adding that ‘Joey turned this song about a hangover into a gospel song because that’s the way I always hear it now.’
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5. The Ramones toured almost nonstop for 22 years, playing a total of 2263 concerts.

By the way, they never had a tour bus, they liked to spend their time on the road in a passenger van.
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6. Dee Dee Ramone departed the group and recorded a rap album, 'Standing in the Spotlight,' in 1989 under the name Dee Dee King.

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7. In 2003 Johnny Ramone was named the #16th greatest guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine.

8. In March 2002, the Ramones became the first punk band ever to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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9. The Ramones appeared on 'The Simpsons' in the 5th-season episode 'Rosebud' (1993).

They’re hired by Smithers to play at Mr. Burn’s birthday party. Afterward, Mr. Burns orders, 'Have the Rolling Stones killed.'
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The Ramones also appeared on the 5th episode of the 1st season of 'Space Ghost Coast to Coast,' in 1994. They ate Space Ghost’s birthday cake.
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10. Joey Ramone was an avid online stock trader in the late '90s.

He was a big fan of cable network CNBC and wrote a song named after his favorite anchor, Maria Bartiromo. There were plans to have him sing it on her show, but he never recovered from his cancer.
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    1. Johnny stole Joey's girlfriend and married her, which resulted in the two of them not talking to each other until the rest of their lives, even though they were in a band for another 15+ years. Joey wrote the song "KKK Took My Baby Away" about it.
    Johnny Ramone was also one of the first (If not only) right wing punk rockers too.
    Road Cat
    The Ramones did travel in several tour buses along with vans  over their long career. Check out the book "On The Road with the Ramones" and see pictures of them.
    Only in the past 20 years has this band really gotten the respect and recognition they deserve on a wide range basis. The band and music was initially deceptively simple, the trick is how powerful and melodic it is at the same time. They also had that Beatles quality of being a band whose members are largely distinctive and almost mythical. I only wish and hope that teens these days think of them more than just a T-Shirt logo, cause these boys were game changers.
    16th Greatest Guitarist of ALL Time...hmmmmm
    Look, you don't have to use polonium in the tea to kill someone; a good solid bat to the face will work just fine. You also don't need 46 chords, 27 scales and a dozen tempo changes to make a good song.
    No one's saying you need 46 chords and 27 scales to write good music but the fact of the matter is writing 3 or 4 power chord progressions does not make you one of the greatest guitarists ever, it just doesn't. To say it does is quite a smack in the face to actual accomplished guitarists who gave their lives to mastering their instruments. Go listen to Eric Johnson then Johnny Ramone and tell me Johnny's better.
    I've heard of Johnny Ramone... I haven't heard of Eric Johnson </my 2c>
    Well as his signature tune has over 14 millions hits he's definitely known so that's ignorance on your part. But please enlighten me as to how Johnny Ramone's guitar approach was so much better than his. You could probably learn every single Ramones song in less time than it'll take you to learn this one song.
    I think these lists reflect more on the artists mark on music culture, in terms of who they went on to inspire as apposed to their technical skill. Hence why Hendrix is always #1, he's obviously not the most technical player by today's standards, but look at the mark he's made on music culture, and the amount of people who look up to him as a source of inspiration. Johnny Ramone is in no way the best guitarist, but he influenced a lot of people. I personally consider him the reason I like playing music at all.
    While that may be. I strongly stand by playing nothing but 3 or 4 power chords for every song for 20 odd years doesn't make you the greatest guitarist ever. He relied on the bare minimum of guitar knowledge through his entire career and never strived to get any better. They wrote good songs yes but we're talking the greatest of all time here which Johnny definitely was not. 
    I was gonna say if it was for technical reasons most people on those list would not be there at all. It is more for their impact and ol Johnny hit pretty hard.
    the Space Ghost and Simpsons appearances are some of my favourites from any show