10 Facts About Tool

10 facts about the pioneers of the alternative metal sound.

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10 Facts About Tool

Their first album called 72826 was released in 1991 on a cassette

The album was released in limited quantities of 1500 and sold through the mail for $5.

Adam Jones made special effects for blockbuster movies

Jones has worked on the make-up in Men in Black, Jurrasic Park and Terminator 2.

Maynard Keenan served in the army

His desire was heavily influenced by a movie 'Stripes' with Bill Murray. He initially served in the Army as a forward observer before studying at West Point Prep School. He was distinguished in basic and advanced training, but declined an appointment to West Point and instead chose to pursue a music career because of his disillusionment with his colleagues' values.

Adam Jones played in a band called Electric Sheep with Tom Morello

The discordant sounds at the start of the song “Disgustipated” were created by the band smashing up and hitting three pianos and some shotguns with a sledgehammer....

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...and the sound for the unusual short instrumental in “Mantra” was created by Maynard slowly squeezing his cat

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The song "Lateralus" makes use of the “Fibonacci sequence”

The Fibonacci numbers go 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144... and when plotted as squares, a “golden spiral” can be drawn. Fibonacci numbers are prevalent in nature: in pine cones, the arrangement of leaves, the center of a sunflower, and so on. The number of syllables in each line in “Lateralus” are all Fibonacci numbers. “Black (1) Then (1) White are (2) All I see (3) In my infancy (5) Red and yellow then came to be (8) Reaching out to me (5) Let's me see (3)”. “Ride the spiral” most likely refers to the “golden spiral”.

Danny Carey is into the occult

Everyone expects rock drummers to be a little weird. There is even a thread of horror and occult that runs through the genre. Still, Carey makes a presumably expensive hobby out of it. Rumor has it that he collects rare Aleister Crowley memorabilia. What he does with it is anyone's guess.

They never write the lyrics in the CD sleeve

In an interview with MTV, Maynard said this is "Because I think reading is a thinking process, and I would prefer that people FEEL the album first, and just let it sink in because you might get something out of the music that you might not get from thinking about it, and watching the words go by." Maynard puts the lyrics online a month or so after the release of the album for this reason.

Maynard launched several April's Fools jokes

During the recording of the Lateralus album, the band spread a message on their website stating that "Maynard found jesus" and that the recording of the album had been put on hold and may never be finished. This was a joke of course and referred to the conversion of a former KoRn bandmember. However, some people took it seriously. A journalist (who noticed that the message cited jesus without a capital letter, which is very uncommon for newly converted Christians) got suspicious and emailed Maynard to ask if he indeed became a Christian. Maynard gave an unclear response, so the journalist asked again, and Maynard replied to this email with "heh heh." A few days later the band published on their website, "Good news April Fool's fans! The recording of the album is back underway." Maynard, who clearly never converted to Christianity, was asked about his so-called encounter with Jesus, and answered, "that guy's a punk!"


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    I think it's worth mentioning that Carey's occult interests influence his drumming. It's been said that some of his drum patterns are the product of him literally drawing pentagrams and other occult symbols with his hands on the drumkit. Carey's drumming is literally an exercise in his summoning demons and spirits and shit, which is both extremely weird and cool.
    It also bears mentioning that Adam Jones' artistic pursuits include creating Tool's weird AF videos. The dude doesn't get enough credit for how much of a creative powerhouse he is.
    This explains his drum roll face!!! He always looks like he's afraid the tom's gonna bust open his face.  Turns out he's just expecting the summoned demons!
    If youve never had to chance to watch behind the scenes of Jurrassic Park make sure you do. Adam Jones and his big mop of hair are painting what I think was a T Rex
    Thanks UG for scouring the internet for these factoids that literally EVERY single Tool fan already knew. Must of taken them awhile to read wikipedia
    True, but not EVERYBODY is a massive tool fan I guess
    Hard to believe, right? I like some of their stuff, but its hard for me to understand the obsession a lot of folks seem to have with them. Not knocking it, we all have our favorites and that, but I wish people would just say they like them a lot instead of trying to convince why they are the best and most talented band on the face of the earth.
    I like Tool quite a bit, Lateralus is without a doubt one of the greatest albums I have ever heard. That being said I am certainly not a TOOL mega fan. I more very much appreciate TOOL and their music. To speak on your questioning the obsession folks have, I believe that Tool is one of those bands that has a calculated and designed mythology/mystic about them that people really get into. The band members are low key in the public eye, extremely intelligent and are masters of their craft - they create albums and musical pieces that are hard to digest quickly and must be labored over and almost studied (in a positive way) and from that stems obsession and preoccupation. Also because they release music at such a slow pace, the eagerness and anticipation builds to a frenzy at times,  Lastly Maynard has a unique sense of humor that polarizes which in tern creates the "i hate him", or the "i think he's the greatest, i get him, and i like him even more because people hate him" type fan base. Just my take here, all said the music is fantastic 
    I wish I was friends with Adam Jones. Dude just seems like good vibes
    You should check out some of his interviews, the guy is very passionate about effect pedals and hasn't become 'jaded' like some do after awhile.
    Adam Jones worked on a lot of cool movies when he was working for Stan Winston but unless I'm mistaken, I'm pretty sure he was too busy with Aenima to work on MiB. 
    Gee. Where would we be without Gearwire huh since there posted the exact same facts on their YT page. 
    11 - Hardcore Tool fans are worse than hardcore fans of Rick & Morty, Apple, Dr. Who and My Little Pony combined.
    The more I learn about Maynard, the less cool and interesting, and more typical he seems. It makes me less interested in their music, which is excellent when you dismiss the other stuff.
    I'm the opposite. I like him more after reading his biography and listening to him on the Joe rogan podcast. before that i just dismissed him as a dick.
    Also, as I remember correctly, Justin Chancellor  has a synesthesia - a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sensory leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory, such as sounds with colour, or smell with sight etc. Justin has a "music to color" type of synesthesia, so he see colours when hearing music.
    That last fact is half way wrong. The Jesus thing couldnt have been in reference to Head from KoRn because Lateralus came out in 2001 and Head didnt find jesus and leave korn until 2005.