10 Metal Song Pairs Which Have Smoothest Segues

10 in-album track pairs which have the smoothest transitions from one to another.

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Hello kind readers.

"Segue" is defined as an uninterrupted transition from one piece of music to another. Somehow the concept of smooth transitions from one song to another has always fascinated me. I'm sure many of you feel the same.

Without further ado, here are 10 song-pairs from the metal industry which have the smoothest segues. Note that I'm not listing songs which the bands have grouped together as multi-part suites in their album. (Ex. "2112" by Rush or "The Glass Prison" by Dream Theater).

10. Iron Maiden - The Ides Of March/Wrathchild ('Killers')

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Alright, let's kick off the list with the masters of NWOBHM. Instantly recognizable classic Iron Maiden sound flows through these two songs. Starting off the album, the instrumental with the title of a significant date has two great solos, transitions smoothly into the fan favorite track's bass intro.

9. Judas Priest - Dreamer Deceiver/Deceiver ('Sad Wings of Destiny')

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Talk about seguing with style. Rob Halford screams his way through and you won't even realize the song has changed, until the riffage starts. Coming from their second album, "Dreamer Deceiver" is best described as a 'space ballad' with some masterful vocal delivery and soon transforms into a great little piece called "Deceiver."

8. Mastodon - Aqua Dementia/Hearts Alive ('Leviathan')

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Mastodon's first concept album is epic. It has a great flow and you can listen to it from start to finish with ease (and a lot of headbanging, of course). These two songs are connected by the sound of crashing waves and loaded with some killer music. Do give them a listen.

7. Strapping Young Lad - Polyphony/The New Black ('The New Black')

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Heavy Devy, you genius you! When I first heard this album, I instantly fell in love, mainly because of the typical dense "wall of guitar" sound and Gene motherfucking Hoglan's drumming. I was in the process of listening to the album, and didn't realize when the songs even changed. One of the smoothest segues in the list.

6. System of a Down - Vicinity of Obscenity/She's Like Heroin ('Hypnotize')

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Two of the most eclectic songs of SOAD form this incredible pair connected so well that I almost always listen to them one after the other. Definitely one of my favorite albums of all time. Check them out..

5. Lamb of God - The Passing/In Your Words ('Wrath')

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This duo is particularly interesting. "The Passing" is an instrumental starts off clean and builds into nice groovy piece with a beautiful outro and just when you think the song is over, "In Your Words" takes off with vicious power. Wrath is one of the best Lamb of God albums, IMHO.

4. Slayer - Post Mortem/Raining Blood ('Reign in Blood')

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No description needed. SLAAAAAYYYER!

3. Tool - Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)/Rosetta Stoned ('10,000 Days')

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A lot of people don't realize that the first part is actually another song track. You honestly cannot listen to one without the other, because the preceding track serves are prologue for the story of events which unfold in "Rosetta Stoned." I don't understand what kind of trippy shit this is, but the song's arrangement is just mind blowing. GODDAMN, SHIT THE BED.

2. Judas Priest - The Hellion/Electric Eye ('Screaming for Vengeance')

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Well, you had to see this one coming. Second entry for Priest and rightly so, but wow. What a composition. "The Hellion" instrumental acts as a perfect intro, to "Electric Eye," which symbolizes a pseudo-omniscient satellite which watches over everyone, in a dystopian future. The album is a true, bad-ass heavy metal classic.

1. Dream Theater - In the Presence of Enemies Part 1/Part 2 ('Systematic Chaos')

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Here we are folks. With the working title "The Pumpkin King" this two piece suite spans over 25 minutes. They are split as the first and the last song of the album. When I first heard these two songs, my soul turned inside-out. Extraordinary performance in every way imaginable and the band reaches absolute progressive musical perfection.

Special mention:

Tool - Parabol/Parabola ('10,000 Days')

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A special shout-out to this masterpiece. Only complete when you listen one after the other.

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    Nice! In The Presence of Enemies is an unbelievable DT track. One of my favorites, good work UG. However, Parabol/Parabola are on Lateralus not 10,000 Days.
    Crack the Skye has some cool transitions, most notably Quintessence into the Czar
    Interesting list. My immediate thought was Aqua Dementia>Hearts Alive. Glad to see it was mentioned.
    Two Tool entries, and none of them are "Disposition-Refection". Apart from that, yes, it is an interesting subject..This should be thought of as a Wednesday Question.
    The segue from Thumb into Green Machine has always been a favorite too:
    The transition from "Hole in the Sky" to "Don't Start (Too Late)" On Black Sabbath's Sabotage is the smoothest I've ever heard. Ever.
    Mr Winters
    Don't Dream Theater do that even between entire albums
    Yes they did. Mike Portnoy wrote his 12 Step Suite (or at least had the idea panned out) some time in the 90's. Metropolis Part 1 (the song) leads to the entire record of Metropolis Part 2. The fuzz at the end of that record is the first thing heard on the next album Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence. The last note on 6 degrees begins Train of Thought. The piano outro of that record's last track leads into Octavarium. The last note of Octavarium allows the record to be repeated effortlessly as the meaning behind Octavarium is to show how things come full circle (which is the musical and thematic scheme behind the album). Which I'm just now realizing is funny because Metropolis Part 2 is theorized to be about how life goes in cycles. The band used to be crazy innovative and forward thinking, now they're stuck.
    Super late to the party, but bizarrely stone sour copies this. The last song of house of gold and bones part 2 leads directly into the first song of house of gold and bones part 1(sounds like the fade out is reversed to me). Presumably for the same looping effect that octavarium has.
    Don't be ashamed you were late to the party. You made it to the party all the same.
    Between the buried and me - colors sounds like one song that u can skip to different parts of.
    Damn, I was going to say Pink Floyd then I read Metal song.
    The entire Animals album feels like 1 long track to me. This is not a bad thing.
    I was thinking about Dark Side of the moon but Animals is fucking amazing too.
    Steven wilson - Home invasion/Regret #9. Christ, that solo!!!!! Although I've just realised it said metal.oh well, still shit hot!
    The entire Meteora album by Linkin Park could be a good pick
    I would rather pick the entire A Thousand Suns instead. The whole album feels like one flowing song.
    One flowing horrible career-destroying song though.
    Man... I don't even give a shit about Linkin Park anymore, it is just my objective opinion. ATS sounds more flowing than Meteora IMO, regardless of quality of both albums.
    for DT I'd rather say war inside my head and the test that stumped them all. this is flawless.
    ~Maxi King~
    I somehow expected at least one Pink Floyd duo on this list. Maybe Us And Them/Any Colour You Like from The Dark Side Of The Moon. Edit: Misread the title. Pink Floyd is not exactly metal. My fault.
    Came here to see Dream Theater's The Mirror / Lie. Disappointed to see ITPOE...
    I know I'm late to the party, but Prelude - Cake from Manson for me. RIP Mr Wilder.
    Very good topic and the list! Also these segues came to my mind immediately (all of them are by Swedish band Tiamat and just perfect for me): Tiamat - Kaleidoscope/Do You Dream Of Me?/Planets ("Widhoney") Tiamat - Wildhoney/Whatever That Hurts ("Wildhoney" again) Tiamat - Teonanacatl/Trillion Zillion Centipedes ("A Deeper Kind of Slumber") Tiamat - Four Leary Biscuits/Only In My Tears It Lasts ("A Deeper Kind of Slumber")
    I liked The Path to Imminent Ruin/My Demise - Shadows Fall, Gettysburg Suite - Iced Earth, We Will Rock You/We are the Champions - Queen and Dialectic Chaos/This Day We Fight. Pink Floyd And Led Zeppelin have some great ones too.
    I don't know if anyone would enjoy it due to it being Christian but King's Kaleidoscope has a great transition between In this Ocean pt. 1 and 2.
    I've always liked the way that Where We Belong and Save Our Now flow together on Devin Townsend Project - Epicloud.
    1947/Forty-Nine Theurgy Chains off Mirror of Retribution by Chthonic is also one worth mentioning. A great, meaningful combination of compositions. The Island/Legacy of the Seediq off the Takasago Army album is also a great choice.
    The segue from "Godless" to "Mohammed" on The Dandy Warhols 13 Tales of Urban Bohemia is a good example, too. Edit: Ah, also missed the metal part of the title. My bad.