10 Metal Songs With Amazing Outros

An ordered list of 10 metal songs which have really cool outros.

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Hello, good readers of UG.

Below is the list of 10 awesome metal outros which will leave quite an impression on anyone. This post, in no way, means an exhaustion to this list.

There are many more songs which I might have missed because I haven't even heard them. So, please keep sharing! 

10. Iron Maiden - "Fear of the Dark" ("Fear of the Dark")

I had to. I just had to include a song of my favorite band in the world. This song, to this day, is the only song of this album, played in almost every live performance while fans chant in unison "Fear of the Dark." The song outro is awesome because the intro verse is repeated at the end, but the lyrics are switched. "When I'm walking a dark road, I am the man who walks alone." Almost every time I listen to these lines, I feel a chill down my spine.

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Notable tracks from the same album: "Afraid to Shoot Strangers," "Wasting Love," "Judas Be My Guide."

9. Dream Theater - "The Dark Eternal Night" ("Systematic Chaos")

The pioneers of progressive metal. These guys are so good when it comes to musical composition, that they always better themselves with every new album. Freakin' geniuses! I can't explain this song in words. Really. You'll just have to listen. The outro riff is delightfully simple, but totally noteworthy.

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Notable tracks from the same album: "The Ministry of Lost Souls," "Forsaken," "Constant Motion."

8. Metallica - "Astronomy" ("Garage Inc.")

Damn... Metallica is brilliant when it comes to covering songs. This Blue Oyster Cult cover is my favorite. I've heard the original and I don't care what others say. It's BETTER than the original. These guys transformed this song into a piece of heaven. Hetfield repeats this phrase "Astronomy... A star" throughout the outro, over Hammett's awesome guitar solo. The song fades out...

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Notable tracks from the same album: "Turn the Page," "Tuesday's Gone," "Am I Evil?," "Whiskey in the Jar."

7. Judas Priest - "Beyond the Realms of Death" ("Stained Class")

"Metal is my religion, Judas is my priest." I worship these guys. In the world of classic heavy metal, there's no one better. This song is a mixture of simple acoustic and distortion riffs, perfectly tailored with two mind-blowing guitar solos! The last one in particular, holy sh-t! I bow to these musicians. The only time the song title is mentioned (sang) is in the end.

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Notable tracks from the same album: "Exciter," "Savage," "Better by You," "Better Than Me."

6. Lamb Of God - "Vigil" ("As the Palaces Burn")

This one starts slow. But don't let the innocence fool you for one bit, you're in for one helluva ride. You can actually feel the power building up, and around the 2 and half minute mark, the band goes bonkers. Extreme metal brute-force is what follows which ends with a good chunky riff. Smite the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered.

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Notable tracks from the same album: "Ruin," "11th Hour," "Blood Junkie," "For Your Malice."

5. System Of A Down - "Aerials" ("Toxicity")

Sometimes, the whole song makes an outro what it is. "Aerials" creates a very eerie feel where the listener gets sucked into as all the elements blend in perfectly. An acoustic intro leads into a intense rhythm and engages the user long enough to lead into an atmospheric climax.

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Notable songs from the same album: "Chop Suey!," "Toxicity," "Prison Song," "ATWA."

4. Death - "Voice of the Soul" ("Sound of Perseverance")

This song makes me think, "Man, this is what it must feel like when music makes love to the ears." Seriously. An amazing instrumental piece, which makes you believe you're in acoustic heaven and will bring any guitarist to his/her knees with humility. Soon enough, the electric guitar starts and builds up to an unforgettable outro, which justifies the beauty this song truly is.

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Notable songs from the same album: "Scavenger of Human Sorrow," "Spirit Crusher," "Painkiller."

3. Pantera - "Floods" ("The Great Southern Trendkill")

This song is a class apart. It's a very unique composition of Pantera. That's because it has acoustic bridges, drag solos, doom riffs. You want it. You got it. The outro stands out because the song mutates into whole new psychedelic experience. It's just a simple guitar bridge over the sound of raindrops hitting the ground. Dime, I really don't know how you do it. R.I.P.

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Notable tracks from the same album: "13 Steps to Nowhere," "Drag the Waters," "Suicide Note Pt. I."

2. Black Sabbath - "Symptom of the Universe" ("Sabotage")

Funny story about this. The closing passage of this song was because of an in-studio jam and it was decided spontaneously, that it would become a part of the original composition. The song feels somewhat like a progressive thrash song, with some classic riffing and good drum backing. The end however, is TRIPPY as f--k. Pardon my language.

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Notable tracks from the same album: "Am I Going Insane," "Hole in the Sky," "Megalomania."

1. Opeth - "Closure" ("Damnation")

One of the reasons why I wanted to even write about this topic, is this song. It is by far, my most favorite musical composition of Opeth. Mikael Akerfeldt is a master composer. His musical proficiency is respected not only in the progressive metal world, but also by many other famous musicians. Coming to the outro in particular, I can describe it as "hauntingly beautiful." I'm using this term because, I know that once you listen to it, you'll never stop.

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Notable tracks from the same album: "Windowpane," "In My Time of Need," "Hope Leaves."

"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything." - Plato


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    What mean "outro" in this contest because I'm portuguese and outro means another? I found that outro is the song's end as opposite of intro. Right?
    You're correct. Also, you should use the word "context", not "contest". Have fun with your English learning journey, man!
    I negatived Izzy just to take his medal away. Why? Because sometime you just want to see the world burn!
    Rebel Scum
    Yeah? Well I negatived Izzy and thumbed up crazySam since they were even on 22 and Izzy still had it...just for shits and giggles, and because this article is old ain't no one gonna give a dam nor change it back mwah hah haha ha
    Metallica's "The Call of Ktulu" has my favorite outro of all time.
    Mine too. It tricks you into thinking it ends off as it started but then the drum roll kicks in followed by that epic ending riff. Brilliant use of dynamics.
    JD Close
    not that anything is particularly wrong with the list, but it's filled with the most agreeable metal bands possible.
    "One" by Metallica is a really great outro. I know in this over-Metallica-ized age it might seem lame. But they were actually cool back then.
    Where's Heaven & Hell by Black Sabbath???
    I'd have gone with War Pigs, what a fantastic ending to that song. Or even Under The Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes, that riff gives me chills, big time.
    Oh hell yes. Not just the solo, but the entirety of the fast section is just incredible.
    link no1
    Not sure. I checked the list like 5 times and like you pointed out, it isn't there. Maybe it's behind the cupboard or something.
    I'm gonna get neutered for bringing this up... "Save Me" by Avenged Sevenfold has a pretty great outro. It's a lot softer than the rest of the song, but it still fits, both lyrically and musically. The song isn't as "metal" as the rest of this list, but it's still pretty goddamn-heavy, with some serious shredding in the middle. The drums, in particular, are very well-executed and technical, without being overbearing. The Rev (may he rest in peace) and Mike Portnoy did an amazing job on it.
    (The outro starts at around the 9-minute 20-second mark.)
    Yea, nobody here usually likes to credit avenged sevenfold, but burn it down and second heartbeat had some pretty cool solo outros too.
    I seriously think "Save Me" is a pitifully, woefully and hopelessly underrated song in it's entirety. I love the whole thing from start to finish and there's nothing wrong with bringing it up in regard to this list; because the outro is perfect in context to the rest of the song.
    The outro from "Throes Of Rejection" by Pantera and " Clenching The Fists of Dissent" by Machine Head are my 2 favorite.
    One of the best Outros in my opinion is "The Straightener" from Black Sabath's "Wheels of Confusion" from Vol.4. This Drop-D Riff is so hard and so awesome when it kicks in!
    Half of Isis's discography and Cult of Luna's.
    Oh shit, I forgot about Cult of Luna. The end of "Ghost Trail" is so amazing. THEEEEE KIIIIING!
    I think I like this outro more then voice of the soul. both are great though
    Awesome to see both DT and Opeth on here (CLOSURE #1, WHOA), although as for DT, the TDEN outro is really cool, but I would have picked The Ministry of Lost Souls from the same album. One of the most beautiful and emotional leads/solos ever in my opinion.
    Behemoth - In The Absence Ov Light (from The Satanist)- that's a powerful outro
    That or O Father O Satan O Sun. That whole ending just made me stop dead in my tracks. Was NOT expecting that.
    I'm a big fan of the outro on "Necrotising Foetus Explodes" by Infernal Party, and "Scared Of Fear Part III" by The Dark Light Lepers.
    No meshuggah??? I think new millenium cyanide christ deserves to be on the top.Also Abnegating Cecity is pretty damn good!
    I would've picked Demiurge or Dancers To A Discordant System
    I'd go for The Hurt That Finds You First. The way it slowly fades into the dissonant melody is amazing. (Also sorry, but I don't really get the love for Demiurge - I think it's one of the weakest songs on the album, which doesn't mean it's bad, but just there are many better - MARROW. DO NOT LOOK DOWN. I R COLOSSUS.)
    Feelin' ya on Demiurge there. Such a weak track, definitely one of the weakest. Though I think you also listed the other weak songs on it...
    Well the three I listed are my favourite - Marrow is RIDICULOUSLY groovy, if I ever make an extreme metal disco, this one is going to be played 10 times. Do Not Look Down has great riffs (and surprisingly "traditional" for Meshuggah, and I Am Collossus is just incredibly monumental and the short atmospheric break is amazing.
    Valley Of The Damned by Dragonforce. I'm not really a dragonforce fan, but that guitar outro is sick.
    Dream Theater has lots of great outros in their songs but Dark Eternal Night is not the one I would have picked. The guitar solo in the end of "The Best of Times" is just freaking awesome. I also liked the ending of "The Count of Tuscany" from the same album. "Take the Time" has one of my favorite outros. Maybe I'm not just a fan of their "more metal" sound (though there are some heavier DT songs that I like).
    So many to choose from...all listed are pretty f**kin' cool: Gonna have to stay with Pantera with "Cemetery Gates". No need to post the vid, you all know it.
    m4ss3 m/
    Pretty bad list, imo. I think Periphery's Luck as a Constant or Ragnarok would make a good choice. The outro in both of those songs is easily the highlight of the song.
    Not life changing but I really like the outro in Sovrarobotizzazione by Progenie Terrestre Pura. Start listening at about 11 minutes in.