10 Metal Songs You Should Workout To

A list of my favorite metal songs (and possibly yours) which give an extra boost when you workout.

Ultimate Guitar

I remember the first time I watched "Rocky III." The movie started and this song "Eye of the Tiger" started playing.

And the overwhelming sensation I was felt was inexplicable. I felt strong. I felt empowered.

Here's an excerpt from this greatest workout song ever written.

"Risin' up, straight to the top
Had the guts, got the glory.Went the distance, now I'm not gonna stop.Just a man and his will to survive..."

Since then, I've been listening to songs and compiling a list for myself to which I feel I can push myself harder, run that extra mile. And I'm not just talking about pumping iron at the gym. I'm talking about building a strong resolve. To achieve strength... beyond strength. 

10. Death - "Spirit Crusher" ("Sound of Perseverance")

Beginning this list with Death is a way of paying homage to one of the most talented metal guitarists of all time, Chuck Schuldiner. Rest In Peace. His high-pitched death growls, technically complex thrash riffs, make this song what it is. "Sound of Perseverance" is one the best Death albums, IMO.

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Extras: "Leprosy," "Crystal Mountain," "Denial of Life," "Lack of Comprehension," "The Philosopher."

9. Trivium - "Pull Harder on the Strings Of Your Martyr" ("Ascendancy")

Trivium is one of those bands, which became popular very quickly after it emerged. This song from their second album is modern thrash and has some metalcore traces. I like the drums especially. Intricate and fast. The growling vocals also add to the power.

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Extras: "Like Light to Flies," "A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation," "This World Can't Tear Us Apart," "Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis," "In Waves."

8. Metallica - "Ain't My B-tch" ("Load")

Surprised? Yes.. Me too. My first instinct was to choose "Master of Puppets." But, as I heard it over a few years, this became my favorite Metallica workout song. I love the apathy in this song. Before we go all sexist on the band, the term "b-tch" refers to a problem and not a woman. Apart from the jumpy distortion guitars, the solo is noteworthy.

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Extras: "Master of Puppets," "Sad But True," "Enter Sandman," "Seek and Destroy," "King Nothing," "Battery."

7. Children Of Bodom - "Sixpounder" ("Hate Crew Deathroll")

When I first got into Children of Bodom, I liked almost every song of theirs. Maybe it was the down tuned guitars or the fast keyboards, they're probably the only melodic death band I ever favored. In this song like the others ones from the album, guitars overpower the keyboards which sounds borderline power metal. Heavy and loud. Just the way I like it.

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Extras: "Needled 24/7," "Hate Crew Deathroll," "Angels Don't Kill," "Mask of Sanity," "Children of Decadence," "In Your Face," "Punch Me I Bleed."

6. Machine Head - "Imperium" ("Through the Ashes of Empires")

This Machine Head song is a perfect justification to the latin word, which translates to "power to command." It emphasizes self-control, confidence and inner strength. Rob Flynn's commanding voice, groovy thrash guitar bridges and loud percussion leave you with an unbreakable spirit. Let's call it a herald of triumph.

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Extras: "Halo," "Be Still and Know," "I Defy," "Davidian," "Now I Lay Thee Down," "Locust."

5. Manowar - "Sons of Odin" ("Gods of War")

I wish I was a viking. Seriously. Norse mythology is so fascinating. Manowar is classic when it comes to writing epic metal. Case in point, this song is about the gods of war. It's about swords and magic and death. They infuse these fantasy tales with tight guitars, warrior vocals and symphony which gives you guts of glory, ready for battle. And you are just in a gym.

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Extras: "Hail and Kill," "Blow Your Speakers," "Metal Warriors," "Die for Metal," "Warriors of the World."

4. Motorhead - "I Am the Sword" ("Bastards")

The title gives you a hint of what's coming your way. Absolute power. The song's main theme is war. Lemmy's voice is godly. With a fast tempo, groovy guitars and a solid drum rhythm, it's an excellent workout song. Tried and tested.

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Extras: "Ace of Spaces," "Overkill," "The Game," "Killed by Death," "Death or Glory," "See Me Burning."

3. Lamb Of God - "Ruin" ("As the Palaces Burn")

Oh Chris Adler... I solemnly swear to thee, I will be a devotee of your drumming for the rest of my mortal life. "Ruin" is bada-s. It doesn't give a shit of who you are, or what you are listening to before. When it starts playing, it transmogrifies your brain climate. It makes you ready to endure pain. Neck-snapping guitars and diehard vocals get overshadowed by the drums. Hold on tight guys, because you will drown in your own ruin, only to be revived as a stronger animal.

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Extras: "Set to Fail," "Desolation," "11th Hour," "Vigil," "Redneck," "Blacken the Cursed Sun," "Choke Sermon."

2. Pantera - "F--king Hostile" ("Vulgar Display of Power")

From the masters of NWOAHM, comes a hate anthem, a song filled with so much of necessary hate, it uplifts you. This song is about you. Society teaches us a lot of wrong things. Sometimes, you have to just say "F--k you" and believe in yourself and know that your way, is the right way. With aggressive vocals, super fast tempo and Dime's signature riffage, it is truly a vulgar display of power!

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Extras: "Cowboys From Hell," "Domination," "5 Minutes Alone," "Drag the Waters," "War Nerve," "Goddamn Electric," "Uplift," "Strength Beyond Strength," the entire "Vulgar Display of Power" album.

1. Judas Priest - "Painkiller" ("Painkiller")

"Painkiller" deserves this place. The song has fought it's way through the toughest competition. It is about a fictional metal messiah named well, The Painkiller, who resurrects mankind from evil. It is nothing but pure power, weaved with insane riffs, high pitched vocals, masterful drumming and face-melting solos. Priest delivers power like no other. I might as well have listed all of their songs and be done with the list. Enough said.

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Extras: "The Sentinel," "Blood Red Skies," "Jawbreaker," "Ram It Down," "Reckless," "Between the Hammer and the Anvil," "Some Heads Are Gonna Roll," "Demonizer," "A Touch of Evil."

In life, one must always aspire to become stronger. Leave the weakness behind and embrace the brave idea of becoming a healthier, stronger and overall, a happier human being.

Music is but a mere catalyst in this path to totality.

"Power is everything." - Jin Kazama ("Tekken 6")


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    I am very glad you didn't include five finger death punch in this list!
    Personally strength beyond strength is my favourite Pantera work out tune followed by the rest of Far Beyond Driven
    Why shouldnt 5FDP be on this list?
    Because it's the kind of music that wannabe-tough angsty twelve year olds work out to. Tbh the band get on my nerves as well. Just a load of generic bro metal. But if you like them keep listening to them. To each their own.
    Rammstein has rather slow and forceful music. It really has decent punches that you can do for example push ups in rhythm. I prefer Sehnsucht. You can't get a better song for workout then "Bück dich" in my opinion.
    Industrial Metal is the best to work out to.
    Speaking of Industrial Metal, Fear Factory and Sybreed deserve a mention. Definitely good to lift to.
    I like to lift to Rammstein, particularly the Mutter album.
    Awesome list! I suggest Meshuggah's "Bleed" as an also-ran
    What about this one?
    What about Laser Cannon Deth Sentence by Dethklok
    Southern Trend Kill - Pantera
    Seeing death on there made me happy. Plus that song is a monster.
    I agree. I was working out to that album quite a bit last summer. It doesn't hurt that they had a pretty good cover of Painkiller on there as well. I also feel that Meshuggah, Gojira, and Testament are solid to work out to.
    Gojira. I swear I'm physically stronger when I workout to their music.
    Lamb of God and Pantera usually do it for me
    Divine Heresy perhaps. Good ol' FAILED CRE-A-TION
    The leper affinity - Opeth. When this plays when I'm walking something forces me to keep up with the tempo and I can't stop!
    I would add Damageplan - New Found Power.
    Good list, also "Bulls on Parade" by RATM is a surefire way to get back on the pull-up bar
    Fear Factory is the best workout music, specifically Demanufacture and Obsolete. And surprisingly, Daft Punk's Alive 2007 album is great workout music. Don't knock it til you try it
    So glad Death made the list. Also, sometimes I like to pretend I'm in my own montage and listen to Hard as Iron by Judas Priest.
    Absolute Rock-O
    No particular order here... 1. Chevelle - Still Running 2. Hacktivist - Cold Shoulders 3. Periphery - Icarus Lives 4. In Flames - My Sweet Shadow 5. Disturbed - Want 6. Alice In Chains - Dam That River 7. Audioslave - Show Me How To Live 8. Deftones - Rocket Skates OR Engine #9 9. P.O.D - Alive 10. Staind - Falling Other cool songs : Korn - Here To Stay, Love & Death - Empty, Mudvyane - Dig, Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds, Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot, Pantera - I'm Broken, Protest The Hero - Clarity, Puddle Of Mudd - Stoned, Mark Tremonti - All I Was
    Disposable Heroes by Metallica.
    Slipknot - Disasterpiece
    Damn right! Happily you didn't put "Walk" between Pantera's extra's!
    Wow with your selections of death, trivium, machine head, lamb of god and pantera I feel like you were reading my mind
    i like a lot of meshuggah songs. somewhat repetitive, the polymeters give the mind something to think about if you need a distraction, fairly constant levels of aggression...works for me
    WTF? Really? Where's Rammstein? Rammlied, Keine Lust, feuer frei... I can get 10 extra pounds on biceps curl just listening to these songs. Here you go, horse testosterone into your veins can't give you more strength than this:
    Mine would include August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, The Black Dahlia Murder, Veil Of Maya, The Contortionist, In Flames, Stray From The Path, Architects, The Ghost Inside, Northlane, etc.
    Not sure why you got downvotes, these are decent bands, with a few gems. In Flames would definitely top my list, along with Caliban's "Ghost Empire"
    For me, i work out to Miss May I, Coheed and Cambria, and a LOT of complextro dance music
    Anthem (We are the fire) is my absolute favorite song by trivium, for running.
    Dethalbum 1 by Dethklok and Forever Abomination by Skeletonwitch.
    Blasphemy! Where is One More Rep?
    As a Trivium fan, one thing jumped out at me: This World Can't Tear Us Apart? Is that serious? It's a slow paced love song, not ideal for a workout. Becoming The Dragon, Chaos Reigns, or Pillars of Serpents are much better choices.
    SikTh-Bland Street Bloom BtBaM-White Walls ...and all of As the Palaces Bur, an album of pure fury.
    Hatebreed is pretty much a given for when I work out.
    Sure, don't include Rammstein's Feuer Frei on that list...
    Excellent, this is better than the UG Top 10 list. Always great to hear some Motorhead especially!
    Sir Stoney
    I would've picked "Kirisute Gomen" instead of "Pulling Harder on the String of Your Martyr" by Trivium. Both are good but Kiri is more intense. Gets me pumped.
    Wurs slayur? dis iz all poser mutulz!
    I would do "Triple Corpse Hammerblow" for CoB instead, but a pretty good list overall
    Also, anything by Meshuggah.
    DeviDriver - Clouds over California Breedapart - Unjust Martyr Lamb Of God - Redneck
    How is this not on the list?
    Damn, I expected to see a Hatebreed song on here! Jamey Jasta's vocals are second to none for getting you pumped!!
    Yep, ABR does the trick for me, along with some Parkway Drive, All that Remains, Trivium, Underoath, etc. Off that list though, Judas Priest's Painkiller definitely deserves top metal workout song, and I would've put Ace of Spades for Motorhead instead but to each their own.
    best work out song !! Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name
    I know about what's happened but As I Lay Dying - Greater Foundation or Cauterize are pretty good for my when working out. Same goes with a bit of Slipknot, well... nearly anything with a good beat (with double bass ofc) :p
    More pantera songs please....
    Here's my list 1.Pendulum ft In Flames - Self Vs Self 2.Disarmonia Mundi - Cypher Drone 3.In Flames - Touch Of Red 4.In Flames - Cloud Connected 5.Kataklysm - Elevate 6.Soilwork - Distance 7.Lamb Of God - Again We Rise 8.Stone Sour - Reborn 9.Disturbed - Divide 10.Nickelback - Burn It To The Ground
    My list: 1. Adrenaline (Gavin Rossdale) 2. Bodies (Drowning Pool) 3. Fire It Up (BLS) 4. Hellraiser (Ozzy Osbourne) 5. Beat It (Raintime) 6. Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor) 7. The Hand That Feeds (NIN) 8. The Only (Static-X) 9. Bang Your Head (Quiet Riot) 10. Save Me (Damageplan) 11. Wake Up (R.A.T.M.) 12. Jump (Van Halen)
    Any Machine Head really, but most definitely "I Am Hell".
    where the **** is godsmack? what about hatebreed? there are way better bands to work out to then what is mentioned here
    Eclectic Lizard
    At The Gates -Slaughter of the Soul Entombed -Left Hand Path Bloodbath -The Fathomless Mastery Edge of Sanity -The Spectral Sorrows And Fleetwood Mac -Rumours haha
    Here'd be mine, in no particular order: 10:Blood & Thunder - Mastodon 9. Berserkers - Black Label Society 8. Grace - Lamb Of God 7. In The Shadows - Children Of Bodom 6. Dig Up Her Bones - Misfits 5. Disciple - Slayer 4. Icarus Lives (Instrumental) - Periphery 3. Shit On The Liver - King Parrot 2. Spit It Out - Slipknot 1. The Axe Shall Fall - Devildriver Also, anything by Pantera, Down, Hatebreed and Damageplan
    Everyone forgot Master Exploder-Tenacious D.