10 Music Trends of 2015 That Would Freak Marty McFly Out

We don't have hoverboards, but we do have Babymetal.

Ultimate Guitar

On this day (October 21, 2015) in "Back to the Future 2," Mr. Marty McFly arrives to the future.

We all know that young Marty is a rock 'n' rollin' man, a guitarist, and a fan of the likes of Chuck Berry and Eddie Van Halen. So if he arrived to 2015, what would his reactions to modern day music be?

Well, some things might just be bound to freak ole McFly out, like these 10 tidbits.


1955: Marty takes out his trusty Gibson ES-345, fans go wild.

2015: Marty takes out his trusty Gibson ES-345, fans go, "But does it djent?".

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People pay money to see a guy playing with his laptop


"What the hell happened to Blue Oyster Cult?", Marty curiously asks.

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Pop music is packed with big twerkin' asses and Miley's tongue

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Mastodon's video for 'Motherload'

Turns out metal is packed with big twerkin' asses as well...

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Bazillion metal subgenres

Progressive narrative djent core confuses Marty.

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So many damn strings

"Since when are six strings not enough?", baffled Marty asks.

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Country music is now basically pop crap with cowboy hats

David Lee Roth's singing now sounds like someone's torturing a goat

Marty loved Van Halen. Marty would be sad.

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Bonus: Buckethead

We like to think that Buckethead and his music would somehow have the same life-changing effect on Marty as Marty had on his dad in that Darth Vader Van Halen scene.

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Which music trend of today do you think would baffle young Marty the most? Let us know in the comments.

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    That Keith Richards is still alive
    Even crazier is Chuck Berry - He's now been alive through the entire timescale of the first two movies, perhaps even the third one, should he for some reason turn out to be vampire - It'd certainly explain some of his "escapades" with young lasses.
    What would baffle him the most? The impending death of the record label as a successful business entity.
    Ow god, that Terryberry guy >.< Never met him. Sure he's a great guy. But FUCK ME, i hate him with a passion. No words can describe the burning, seething hatred that festers deep in my black heart :O It's not his fault. I just can't, man.
    I don't think Marty would whip or nay-nay...and neither should anyone else on the planet
    "David Lee Roth's singing now sounds like someone's torturing a goat" Only now? Didn't he sound just as bad live back in the 80s?
    Can't expect a guy in his late 60's to scream like he used to in his 20's. But to say he didn't sound good back in the day? Check yourself, my friend. Check yourself.
    the ignorance over electronic music on this website still baffles me to this day
    To be fair, most people's idea of "electronic music" is limited to brostep, which sucks more than a dimestore whore blowing a vacuum cleaner.
    It's not ignorance... people dont like it. The ignorance over the fact that people like different things on this website still baffles me...
    He wasn't talking about not liking electronic music, that's totally valid, he was talking about all the "hurr durr live-laptop playing hurr durr make-music button" attitude that a lot of people here have.
    Fucking preach. UG community is full of close-minded shitty "muh metal" elitists.
    That Mastodon video is the best video clip that happened in the last decade.
    aww you guys forgot to put ultimate guitar itself marty would love to easily learn music theory and guitar shredding and stuff