10 Offensive Metal Band Names

There are band names you should not google.

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10 Offensive Metal Band Names
Music offended people long before Elvis the Pelvis made teenage girls lose their minds over his trademark moves. Nowadays, people are kinda got used to all kinds of sick shit and it takes a lot more than provocative dances or band names to offend them. 

However, some bands do that really well. Here are 10 most offensive metal band names.

Cock and Ball Torture

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A progenitor of pitch-shifted, porn-influenced goregrind, and one of the most influential groups within the style, Germany's Cock and Ball Torture is not a band name you want to google, trust me.

Revolting Cocks

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Rumor has it the gents who make up Revolting Cocks came upon the name by their usual debauchery. Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen was out for a hard night of drinking with some friends, so hard that the bartender threw them out, declaring them a bunch of revolting cocks.


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Unlike the other bands in our list, Rapeman is a pretty chill band with Steve Albini on vocals. Apparently, they took their name from  the title character in a Japanese comic book 

Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel

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They went something softer with their current name 'Foetus,' but theirformernamestillstrike fear into the hearts of righteous Christians. 

Butthole Surfers

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Granddaddiesofthepunksceneare not that offensive anymore as they are now treated as a classic band. That's a weird thing when a band that is supposed to stay in the underground forever goes mainstream.

Prostitute Disfigurement

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It's easy to guess what kind of music this Dutch band plays. As the name heavily insinuates, it's gory, brutal death metal in the vein of Carcass.

The Crucifucks

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The Crucifucks were a hardcore punk rock bandfromLansing,MI,USA,  formed in 1981 by vocalist Doc Dart. The band's original drummer was Steve Shelly, who eventually ended up as the permanent drummer for Sonic Youth. Their first album featured songs like "Cops for Fertilizer" and "Hinkley Had a Vision" (referring to would-be presidential assassin John Hinkley.)

Seeds Of Iblis

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Seeds of Iblis is an “anti-Islamic black metal band fronted by a female in Iraq” who introduced herself with a single called “Burn the Pages of Quran.”  Needless, to say, they received death threats on a daily basis. Now that's the new level of offensive.

Vaginal Jesus

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This American racist grindcore band offenses a lot more people that one can possibly imagine. When your album is called Affirmative Apartheid it can't be the other way. 

Anal Cunt

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These guys are in completely their own league. Known for their grindcore musical style and controversial lyrics, despite their moniker, they enjoyed a long, prolific run up until the death of frontman Seth Putnam in 2011.

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    “anti-Islamic black metal band fronted by a female in Iraq” She has bigger balls than I could ever dream of. 
    There are a bunch of bands in the Middle East doing stuff in a similar vein, most notably AlNamrood from Saudi Arabia, which is incrementally getting more recognition in the past few years. The fact that they're being blasphemous in a society were you could get flagellated if you were spotted walking in the street in pray time is worthy of a raging horns salute from us  
    Do you often dream of balls? Nothing wrong with that. Just for some perspective, what size, on average are said dream balls? I'm intrigued.
    The ethereal mass of said dream balls are irrelevant considering my imagination doesn't have the cognitive strength/will to conjure anything that could match the aforementioned leadwoman's metaphorical and/or physical balls.   
    Like a story out of Lovecraft, one would go mad just imagining said balls. Truly transcendental.
    She has none, considering they were outed as fakes. Their music was lifted from other bands and their artwork and pictures were stolen from a few different Norwegian bands. Melechesh and Al-Namrood are the real deal, though.
    Ah yes, Anal cunt. My personal favourites by them are, Wind chimes are gay. I went back in time and voted for hitler, and I lit your baby on fire
    "I got an office job for the sole purpose of sexually harassing women" is a timeless classic.
    How about the classics "I Snuck A Retard Into A Sperm Bank" and "You're A Cop"? Or the entire "Picnic of Love" concept album.
    I'm more of a "40 more reasons to hate us" kind of kind of guy. The songs really get their point across in a short amount of time
    Fidget spinners is definitely the most offensive imo, content wise too, how they appealed to the masses is beyond me. Now prostitute disfigurement that's something we can all surely relate to.
    Way Cool JR.
    " Now prostitute disfigurement that's something we can all surely relate to." Yeah, especially Jack The Ripper.  
    I actually quite like the way this list goes for variations of offensive rather than just gross out things. The dude just needs a spell check
    You forgot about one of the biggest metal bands ever, Thunderfuck. And grunge icons, Fecal Matter. Wait, wrong universe.
    "Nine Inch Nails" is too subtile to be in this category.
    Yeah, I've always thought their name as well as their music is cringeworthy and uncomfortable.
    Nine Inch Nails is fucking awesome
    The themes and aesthetics of that band, besides the cold industrial elements, just sound quirky and uncomfortable to me. I didn't say they're bad though.
    When I was a kid the bands Goblin Cock and Goatwhore used to make me laugh every time I saw their names when buying CDs at Best Buy. Good times.
    the only offensive thing about the band "Rapeman" is that Steve Albini tried to make music himself 
    There is a band here in Louisville Kentucky named FuckFace Rick and the mother fucking count punders. Needless to say, they dont play a lot of shows. Hilarious name though
    Love how when you go to UGs home page there is a picture of a ringhole and a slant right there. Stay Classy UG
    VJ are the most hardcore out of those groups, with AC coming in a close second. Seth was friends with VJ and even drummed on some of their songs. Like he said, they make Skrewdriver sound like Disney music. If you're into VJ and AC, the guys from those bands were friends with The Raunchous Brothers. Ethnic Cleansing are another band in that spirit. Of course, none of those bands would exist without the Mentors.
    Vaginal Jesus, Seeds of Iblis and The Crucifucks are the only ones that look legitimately offensive, the rest of them are just cursing and swearing, although I do get the point of the article But I believe the one that would offend people the most is the band that has sensitive themes (like religion in this case)
    Imo, the only offensive things here are probably the Foetus one, Rapeman and the Affirmative Apartheid album name. The rest is either just silly, dumb or funny but not particularly offensive from a reasonable standpoint :o.