10 Richest Drummers In the World

Spoiler alert: It's not Buddy Rich.

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10 Richest Drummers In the World

10. Chad Smith

Net Worth: $90 Million

While RHCP don't release albums very often, Chad Smith always has a lot of job on his hands, drumming hard rock supergroup Chickenfoot, John Fogerty and Kid Rock, to name a few. And while he has less money than his doppelgänger Will Ferrell, $90 Million is still enough to make it to our list.

9. Joey Kramer

Net Worth: $100 Million

Known for drumming not only with his hands, 'Kramedog' came up with the band's name 'Aerosmith' who are one of the most popular bands of all time, with 150 million albums sold worldwide and 18 albums that went platinum. This was more than enough to get Joey Kramer his $100 million.


8. Roger Taylor

Net Worth: $140 Million

While Duran Duran also has a drummer named Roger Taylor, this Roger Taylor is best known for being behind the kit for Queen, and still tours alongside guitarist Brian May with Adam Lambert filling in for the late, great Freddie Mercury. He wrote some of the most famous Queen songs which certainly helped him to accumulate his $140 Million



7. Larry Mullen Jr.

Net Worth: $150 Million

U2 is one of the highest-earning acts on the planet so it's no surprise that one of the band’s founding members – has therefore earned a net worth of $150 million up to this point in U2’s storied career.

6. Charlie Watts

Net Worth: $160 Million

Although most of Rolling Stones members are in their 70s now, they’re still touring and playing to sellout crowds wherever they go. It’s no surprise then that their drummer Charlie Watts has raked in an astounding $160 million net worth.

5. Lars Ulrich

Net Worth: $175 Million

Although he often reinvents his style of drumming with every album Metallica makes, Ulrich remains one of the band’s most iconic members. The infamous Napster incident didn't really hurt him financially as he boasts a net worth of $175 million as the band continues to tour to massive crowds.


4. Don Henley

Net Worth: $200 Million

Although better known for his lead singing, Don Henley is also well-known for his role as the Eagles’ drummer. Both endeavours have been extremely successful for him: the Eagles have sold over 120 million albums around the world, and an additional 10 million albums worldwide have been sold through Henley’s solo career, making for a net worth of $200 million.

3. Phil Collins

Net Worth: $250 Million

Though he makes this list mainly because of his days as the drummer/singer for Genesis, Phil Collins’ solo singing career has bumped up his net worth in ways that his drumming career has not: his net worth clocks in at $250 million, thanks in large part to selling over 150 million albums worldwide despite being one of the most polarizing figures in rock music – just ask what Noel Gallagher thinks about that.

2. Dave Grohl

Net Worth: $260 Million

Dave Grohl might have earned most of his fortune as a frontman of Foo Fighters, but he still remains an almost legendary drummer. He’s actively drumming, like his involvement with Them Crooked Vultures as well as Queens of the Stone Age.

1. Ringo Starr

Net Worth: $300 Million

Although his last solo albums didn't sell, Ringo is still the member of the most famous band in history. Iconic songs by The Beatles transcend entire generations it’s no surprise that he makes ridiculous amounts of money even if his current musical career isn’t very active. He occasionaly plays with Paul in various Beatles-related endeavours.


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    net week should be top ten poorest drummers. 
    Anyhow else here thinking that even 1 million would he awesome?
    No doubt, man, like...Chad Smith is number 10, but 90 million dollars is more money than I'd know what to do with. 
    And where tha fuck is Nicko McBrain...? ... I'm sure he's in top 10-ish
    $30m, according to google. Interestingly, Steven Adler is worth $15m, which surprised me a little.
    He got a payout when he took gnr to court,more importantly he gets 10 % of all gnr royalties
    "Although he often reinvents his style of drumming with every album Metallica makes"  Does he?... He doesn't, i've still got much love for him though
    What does Net Worth mean: Does Dave Grohl have 260 million dollars in his bank account? Is that Net Worth?
    Net worth is the total value of all assets minus total debt.  Add up the current value of all the shit you own (including cash) and subtract out all the money you owe other people...that's your net worth.
    Ringo -  "even if his current musical career isn’t very active" - what? He tours all the time with his "All Starr Band", plus he's a new studio album coming out in September. For a 77 year old that's pretty active. 
    This is the only list that Ringo is coming top of...
    Ringo is actually a very fine drummer.Tasteful playing.You forget that he played for a pop band so he couldnt be very fast, technical...Beatles has many songs and the variety of his playing is displayed sufficiently.You will need to listen to entire albums before you judge. 
    I have (obviously) listened to pretty much all of the beatles records .. Occasionally ringo plays something cool (come together)but mostly i find his drumming pretty piss poor.. And irritating..
    I think U2 splits the money even. No writers royalty, so he has as much money as Bono theoretically