10 Ugliest Guitars Ever

There are guitars that shouldn't have been made.

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10 Ugliest Guitars Ever
Guitars are beautiful, you can't argue about that, but there's always one in the family. Or 10 in this case. We picked 10 guitars which, in our opinion, are the ugliest things that have been ever created by a luthier.

Enjoy our list and tell us, which guitar do you find the ugliest?

This 36-fretted abomination

Bender Distortocaster

Stig Pedersen's 2-string bass

Dean Budweiser Guitar

Musicvox Spaceranger

This Double Neck Fretless Guitar

Dewey Decibel's FlipOut

ESP Samurai Kyomoto Special

Gibson Reverse Flying V

Legendary Wangcaster


P.S. special props to this UG forum thread.

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    Reverse flying V is just wrong... so wrong
    The "melted" strat is actually kind of cool... it has a Dali feel to it.
    Yeah, thought the same. If it weren't for that stupid dolphin...
    You take that back!  Echo is the best!
    Shit, yes Ecco.  The greatest time traveling alien fighting dolphin of all time.
    I remember my Mother buying me this game as a kid, thinking it was cute and suitable for young kids... The later levels were actually creepy as hell and damn near impossible to beat!
    What the hell was that ESP Samurai? Brw, Stig Pedersen's bass is bizarre, but somewhat cool.
    Must be from the ESP Japan custom shop. For a bit of fun, Google Image Search "ESP Japan custom shop". Most of what you find will be a great addition to this list.
    Stig Pedersen got a lot of weird 2-string basses. Check out some of the live recordings with his band D:A  (d:a:d)  
    That double neck with the fretless isn't actually too bad. I'd rock it.
    Also, the 36-fretted thing gets my vote, because at least the other ones look as if they were designed with the idea of being ugly in mind. The 36-fret one looks like an attempt to do something serious that just failed miserably. (bring back the edit button!)
    The wangcaster is far from the ugliest. As a matter of quality it at least looks like someone put some effort into that wang axe. The ESP on the other hand....yuck.
    Picking the ugliest here is like picking the worst song on the new LP record! I need Chester to stab me in the eyes!!!
    Most of these were more stupid than ugly The Bender Distortocaster was kinda cool though - If one someday, somehow scored a gig as guitarist for the Flaming Lips or King Gizzard it'd be a great stage guitar, albeit rather clumsy. The ESP custom on the other hand... It's like the holy grail of vomit-inducing eyesore.
    I bought the Reverse Flying V ten years ago, figuring it to be fun and collectible.  Turns out everyone who bought one thought the same thing and it never increased in value.  Quite uncomfortable to play too as there's no place to rest your right wrist, the strap button placement inherently puts it at a bad angle, and the neck is angled from the body so the top body bout blocks your view of the side of the neck.
    Which one of Stigge's 2-string basses are you referring to? The picture shows his Reverse Strat, but I think his Olive-on-a-stick is uglier... Or the Red Baron one...
    You'd need skin like a Rhino to play 'the wangcaster' on stage. 
    I didn't mind that double neck, looks a lot like a warwick. bender was ugly but I didn't hate it.
    The problem with the reverse V is that every time you played it on stage it'd look as though you're trying to put an umbrella up...
    The Reverse V - the others are all deliberately ridiculous, I suspect we're meant to take the Gibson seriously!
    The ESP Samurai Kyomoto Special reminds me of that Nickelodeon alarm clock all the cool kids had in the '90s