10 Ugliest Metal Tattoos

Also known as 10 reasons why you shouldn't make cheap tattoos.

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10 Ugliest Metal Tattoos

Some people turn their bodies into art galleries. And some turn their bodies into a kindergarten galleries. 

Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn't make cheap tattoos. 


 Better than the hologram.

Ozzy Osbourne

Don't know what kind of disease this Ozzy has, but it's not lupus.

Dimebag Darrell

For some weird reason, Dimebag looks like a character out of Hotline Miami on this tattoo.

Black Flag

Mmmm.... bacon.

James Hetfield

Ever wondered what would happen if James ate all the Axl's food? The answer is in the photo.

Michael Jackson

Ok, this one is not metal, but it is wrong on so many levels we just could not resist.

Dave Grohl

Close enough.

Chad Kroeger

 Tattooing Chad Kroeger on your butt sounds like a lost bet.

Green Day

Bet you didn't know Brad Pitt played in Green Day, did you?

King Diamond

King Diamond looks like he wants to be killed.

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    It looks like instead of a mic Chad Kroeger seems to be holding a dick… or dildo, respectively. 
    Didnt notice it the first time but you're right. Hes hold something that looks like a cock
    Please tell me they all got them in prison for a few biscuits or a fruit roll up & didn't actually pay for them
    That´s not suppossed to be Ozzy! Clearly that´s Dick Knubbler, producer of Dethklok. Casuals!
    There are five Metal players in this metal list. That´s a Buzzfeed standard!
    When these guys tattoo, the voices in their head say "you don't know what your doing!" on repeat.