10 Unique Gifts for Musicians for $20 or Less

If you are not a musician it might be hard to shop for someone who is. Now instead of the usual gifts you might think of these 10 items that are under $20 and a little more unique than a gift card.

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10 Unique Gifts for Musicians for $20 or Less

As musicians most love the idea of a challenge trying something that makes us view our approach of the instrument differently. Thats what these items are about as well as products that just make a musicians life easier. While the idea is gifts below $20 some are under $10 making bundling items together an option!So lets get going on these 10 items.

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1. 6 fret Portable Guitar Neck.

It might seem kind of silly at first but could be a great tool to kill time and build up those legato chops.

2. Capo With Pick Holder

Capo's are a go to gift so why not snag one that has that little extra something to it. Adding the pick holder on a capo is a really nice touch.
Picks are a great way to have a musician thinking out of the box. There are many different pick companies out there that offer picks in different styles, shapes, and sizes

3. Dragon’s Heart Picks

A pick can be an exciting new twist for a player so a pick that offers the versatility of 3 picks is sure to be a hit!

4. Flat Wound Strings

Flat wound strings will probably sound really interesting to most players who haven't tried them before and just seem like a cool gift.

5. Slide

Slide guitar can be a real challenge if you have never done it before, but it might be just what the musician you are buying for needs to get out of a rut or just try something new.

6. Jimmy Clip

Here's something for the metal head. When you tune your guitar super low you can get those high pitch rings from behind the nut. This will drive anyone crazy while recording. This solves that for you and looks awesome.

7. Circle Of Fifths ring

This seems like a gift any musician would love. It's almost like cheating the system looks liek a ring but its actually an extremely useful tool.

8. Multi volts adaptor

Super useful for the pedal head. We all have that one musician friend who has tons of pedals. This could be a very welcomed gift.

9. String winder clipper

The combo of a string winder and string clipper just makes so much sense. Its one less thing the musician needs to carry around,

10. D'Addario Planet Waves Headstand Instrument Workbench Stand

Might seem like something simple, but it is something that makes working on an instrument or changing strings so much easier! Of corse you could so a home made version of this but this could be a great gift.


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    Just give em the 20 bucks. They need it to afford food and rent.
    "9 Unique Gifts for Guitarists and 1 for all Musicians for $20 or Less" Fixed that for you!
    I must be stupid or something... but aren't the notes on the ring not ordered as fifth but rather in a chromatic order?!?
    Nah, not chromatik, look again
    I don't see what I'm missing from left to right, D D# E F F#. And then a 2nd row that you can move around, but in the same order. It is great for transposing but I fail to see the fifths in there (my guess is that I just don't understand how to use those two rows)
    Hi there you would need to line up the 5th. So just line up for example an A note on the top and an E on the bottom.
    Just ordered the '6 fret Portable Guitar Neck'. Let's see if it's worth anything. I like the idea though.
    I can always use a new guitar strap for all these guitars. Also, sets of green Tortex pics. In fact, just gimme my pics. I trust them. They don't let me down, like my college group members did, and are Green! My favorite. Another gift idea would be a new set of Boomers 10 gauge.