10 Unusual Hobbies of Rock Musicians

Rock royalty occasionally tends to have some strange hobbies.

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When they're not doing their thing onstage and in the studio, rock musicians are human after all, and much like all of us, they tend to be interested in pursuing various hobbies, some of which can be seen as quite peculiar, especially when their rock star persona is taken into consideration. So, a list of strange hobbies of rock musicians, go!

Steve Vai, the Bee Keeper

Guitar virtuoso Steve Vai fell in love with bees back in the day through his old neighbors, whose bees kept Stevie's plants well fertilized. He is now an expert bee keeper.

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Richie Kotzen, the Home Renovator

The Winery Dogs, Mr. Big and Poison guitar champion Richie Kotzen has a thing for home renovation, or at least so he claims. "The other passion I have is buildings, believe it or not. I own a home in the Hollywood Hills, and I'm constantly remodeling it, and it's my hobby," he told Guitar Messenger.

"I did something very cool [in my bathroom] - I made my first arch. When you go into the shower, it's in the shape of an arch, and I never did that before. It's a whole process to make that happen, so that was kind of exciting for me!"

Flea, the Chess Master

The entire lineup of the Red Hot Chili Peppers has a thing for chess, but bassist Flea reportedly stands out with superior skills. When the band was performing at the Rock in Rio festival in 2011, they challenged the world's No. 1 chess player Magnus Carlsen. Naturally, Mr. Carlsen won, but Flea impressed everyone by displaying great creativity in his defeat and lasting longer than any of his bandmates.

Lemmy, the Nazi Memorabilia Collector

This one is actually pretty well known, and to this day gets Mr. Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead branded a Nazi supporter, which he is not. He is merely a dude interested in World War II and the Nazi memorabilia, much like late great Jeff Hanneman of Slayer. As for Lemmy, it's interesting that his favorite piece of memorabilia is a teacup from which Hitler used to drink his brew of Hibiscus and rosebud tea.

Jim Martin (Faith No More), the Pumpkin Grower

Former Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin became known for a peculiar non-musical endeavor in recent times, the championship pumpkin growing. What a guy!

Geddy Lee, the Baseball Memorabilia Collector

Rush frontman Geddy Lee has a thing for baseball, which he describes as the best way to let off some steam. He's an avid collector of baseball-related stuff and in 2008, he donated his entire collection of nearly 200 autographed Negro League baseballs to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City.

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Maynard James Keenan, the Wine Maker

Another well-known entry is Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan, whose great passion for wine-making was even connected with the delay of the band's new album a few times.

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Billy Corgan, the WWE Aficionado

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is a regular attendee of those classy WWE matches, much like Tool guitarist Adam Jones. However, Mr. Corgan seems to be taking his passion a step further, for example this pro wrestling commercial he recorded a while back.

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Dave Mustaine, the Skydiver, Horse Breeder and Martial Artist

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine is known for nurturing quite a few hobbies, including horse breeding, skydiving and martial arts. He has a miniature horse named Rocky, tends to jump out of airplanes from time to time and has even dedicated a catchy tune called "High Speed Dirt" to it, and holds black belts in Taekwondo and Ukidokan Karate. Additionally, he was made a Goodwill Ambassador of the World by the World Taekwondo Federation (yes, the organization is officially called WTF) in 2007.

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Bruce Dickinson, the Everything

We're not sure that Mr. Dickinson is eligible for this list, as he took his side endeavors to a level that no longer makes them a hobby. He is known as a pilot, but he actually used to regularly fly Boeing 757 planes for a UK charter airline Astraeus and even owns an aircraft maintenance business. He likes fencing, but he was ranked No. 7 in whole Britain at a certain point. He likes brewing, but he led the charge for producing 5 million units of "The Trooper" beer, for which he personally formulated a recipe with head brewer Martyn Weeks. He used to host a music show on BBC Radio and also hosted the "Flying With Metal" historical TV series on the Discovery channel. His book "Adventures of Lord Iffy Boatrace" sold 40,000 copies almost the minute it hit the shelves. Bruce's latest hobby includes kicking cancer's butt and going to a pub afterwards. So yes, the guy just about does everything.

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    The thing about Bruce Dickinson is that he could potentially be anywhere you go. Flying abroad? Bruce is the pilot. Participating in fencing? The man's probably just kicked your arse. Going to the pub? Take a sneak peek at the brewery. Listening to the radio? He's playing his favourite songs. Reading a book? Make sure you check the author. Watching TV? There he is again!
    The thing about Izzy-Sweet is he could potentially be anywhere you go. Seriously though, I see you on like every single UG article. I find it incredibly funny, actually.
    You'd have to be on every single UG article to know that But yeah, what can I say? I quite like the community here overall, same goes for the UG guys themselves. I think we all acknowledge that this isn't the best news site out there, but there's definitely a reason we all come back every day.
    Alice Cooper loves his golf.
    Doesn't he love cooking as well? Him and Nicko McBrain, I believe. In fact, I also think McBrain has a BBQ restaurant in Florida that's good from what I've heard.
    This list really misses Dexter Holland! The Offspring's frontman is a pilot (owns several planes and once travelled alone around the world with one of them), hot-sauce maker (Gringo Bandito), biologist (check out his paper on micro-RNA for AIDS research), he founded Nitro Records, a surfer, skydiver and, last but not least, another weird hobby he apparently has is collecting stamps from the Isle of Man.
    I'm surprised Alex James from Blur isn't on here. He is also a cheese maker who has won competitions with his cheeses.
    Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull became a salmon farmer Although one might debate over whether that classifies as a hobby: apparently he became filthy rich through this venture, way richer than he might've been had he relied on the proceeds of record sales and ticket revenues alone Taking all of that into account it actually surprises me he still tours from time to time. In fact I kind of wonder whether he considers the music to be his actual hobby nowadays :p
    Neil Young collects and even owns a piece of the Lionel train company
    Brian May, the astrophysicist?
    I don't think you can say it's a hobby because he has a degree in it.
    Bruce Dickinson has a pilot's license and ranked highly in fencing. Brian May has a degree in astrophysics and is seriously considering partaking in the UK General Elections. If Bruce (Almighty) Dickinson can make the list, so can Prime-Minister Brian May.
    Dexter Holland and Bruce Dickinson in a mock dogfight would blow my mind lol
    Not my thing, but Billy Corgan actually started his own pro wrestling organization. He transcends mere *fan* the way MJK transcends *wine aficionado*...
    Paul Stanley - painter. Not that his paintings are masterpieces but some of them aren't that bad.
    What about me masterbating?
    C'mon guys. According to UG and its members, what I said is now considered a compliment. A normal hobby. Make up your minds
    Hey UG, you state no porn posts. Yet you post a link to a porn pic on a site kids visit. Way to go. Did you delete that?
    Must take a lot of BEE SHIT to FERTILIZE...
    The pollen attaches to them and they move from plant to plant, some falls off and pollinates the plants. Thank you Rutgers University for teaching me that. .. nown back to work because that's the stuff they told me would get me ahead in life. Who knew I should've played more guitar first, then practice my bee keeping....
    I'm amazed the subject of model trains didn't come up, there's like a million rock stars that have extensive model train sets. The only one I know instantly is Prince but I think Pete Townshend has them too, or maybe it was Keith Moon? EDIT: there we go http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/cultu...
    link no1
    The way it's described, Richie Kotzen is a home renovator in the same way that housewives are 'keen DIY enthusiasts' because they once bought some new cushions for the sofa.
    the glue man
    this was a pretty funny article. I liked the bit about the Jim Martin's pumpkin. UG's description was "What a guy!" Hahaha. I agree that Bruce Dickinson is certainly the most accomplished at the most hobbies. Iron Maiden has done him well. I found Bily Corgan's rendition of his own song on that wrestling video atrocious.
    I don't find many of these all that unusual. I play chess, have brewed beer (not far from winemaking?) have a little Oakland A's bobble head collection, enjoy construction and remodeling ...