10 Weirdest Rock Concert Locations

Some iconic shows here.

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Throughout the history of rock, artists have constantly been pushing the boundaries on many fronts.

One of them is the idea of where a rock show should take place. Therefore, join us for a rundown of 10 oddest locations of rock and metal shows.

The Beatles Rock the Rooftop

The one that started the trend gets to kick things off. On January 30, 1969, the Beatles gave London's office district with a 42-minute surprise show, changing rock history yet again.

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Johnny Cash Rocks US Prisons

The Man in Black always felt a special bond with prisoners, resulting in several notable shows in various US prisons, including Folsom Prison and San Quentin. These two shows were also recorded and released as live albums - "Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison" in 1968 and "Johnny Cash at San Quentin" in 1969.

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Pink Floyd Rock the Pompeii

Back in the early '70s, Pink Floyd visited an ancient Roman amphitheater in Pompeii for an audience-free show, delivering one of their finest live efforts ever.

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QOTSA Rock the Bottom of a Salt Mine

In 2007, Queens of the Stone Age rocked a salt mine in Germany nearly an entire kilometer (0.6 miles) underground. Frontman Josh Homme appropriately noted, "Now we're officially the most underground rock band in the world." You can check out this 360-degree photo for a part of the atmosphere.

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RATM Rock the Wall Street

Causing the first early closure of New York Stock Exchange, Rage Against the Machine captured their iconic protest performance for "Sleep Now in the Fire" video.

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TesseracT Rock on Top of an Igloo

Earlier this year, young prog metal stars TesseracT delivered an epic ice-cold show on top of an igloo in Finland. This made them the first band ever to play on a stage made completely of ice.

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Arcade Fire Rock an Elevator

What's the best place to play an intimate concert? A small club, backyard jam session? Sure, but how about an elevator? That's what Arcade Fire opted for during their "Neon Bible" tour in 2007.

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Metallica Rock the Antarctica

Metallica's 2013 show in Antarctica earned the metal titans a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the only band in history to perform shows on all seven continents in under a year.

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Shining Rock the Cliff in Norway

In recent news, Norwegian jazz metallers Shining delivered a memorable show on top of a 2,300-foot cliff. It was quite a sight to see.

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Brian May Rocks the Buckingham Palace

Queen's Brian May plays "God Save the Queen" on top of the Buckingham Palace, it doesn't get more epic than that.

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    Oh, and yes - I almost forgot it - in June of 1978, The Cramps played "to a room full of enthusiastic patients at the Napa State Mental Hospital" [quote from original video].
    The Defiled played on an iceberg. Surely that's worth mentioning.
    And it was last year, at Jägermeister ice cold gig 2014, so Tesseract where not the first to play on a stage fully made of ice.
    Also, one of two vocalists/guitarists from sludge band Neurosis - Scott Kelly - played solo acoustic concert in a natural flowingstone cave Dechenhöhle in Iserlohn, Germany in 2010.
    The first band played on North Pole (long before Metallica) was Russian band "Time-Out" in April 1995. This is documented in the Guinness Book of Records. The band played for 12 minutes, until the frost burst all the strings and drums - the audience were playing football and drinking vodka at that time You can watch the performance in the video below - click at 7-12. P.S. By the way, all performance was funded by bandmembers and their friends.
    Local pub around the corner. Weirdest place ever. Jokes aside, I remember seeing a post somewhere from a band playing in St Michael's Cave. Awesome.
    Unfortunately, the Salt Mine Gig will never see the light of day. (No pun intended.)
    Maybe not really weird, but certainly unusual: Green Carnation played twice (they reunited last year and played there again!) under a dam. Literally. In my opinion possibly the greatest live DVD ever, the atmosphere and performance is beyond incredible.
    Jimmy's version of the star spangled banner or Brian May's God Save the Queen... Which one is better?