10 Worst Guitar Solos

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10 Worst Guitar Solos

Guitar solos are like an indicator of an artist's skills. Once you hear any musician try to get technical on their axe you can really understand what the person is all about. And if he's great at solos - it inspires. And if he's not... well, it inspires even more.

So we prepared the list of 10 worst guitar solos ever.

NOTE: Remember, it's all just for fun. Relax and listen to these beatiful melodies - and don't forget to go practice after that! We think that these videos is a really great motivation :)

10. Vinh Bui 'Australian Idol' solo

That's it. You can sell your guitar - because what's the point of playing if you can't play like this guy...

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9. Henry Kaiser experimental solo

This video shows that sometimes being unique doesn't mean sounding good. But of course it's all about your music taste.

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8. Fur Elise solo

Maybe one of the best renditions of Beethoven's "Für Elise"...

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7. Jam band man solo

When you're in a jam band you really need to feel the groove. And if you're not - here it is...

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6. Coliseum band (the practice skipper solo)

This video is the reason why musicians should practise before going on stage... To be honest, all of the band members are not the best musicians in the world.

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5. Pink Floyd cover band solo

One of the greatest homages to Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" ever... The actual solo starts at 2:06.

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4. Richard Benson solo

When you need a guy to wipe off the shit people throw at you, performing may not be a good idea...

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3. Nick Jonas guitar solo

Nick Jonas' ACM awards solo is already a classic. And you know, he was clearly playing jazz. Check out the actual tab here.

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2. Fred Durst guitar solo

"SHAVE MY FRIENDS TONIGHT!" It sums it up very well...

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1. Lil Wayne guitar solo

This solo had so huge music impact that we created our own Complete Guide to it. Feel free to check it and learn this priceless piece of music.

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0. Skrillex solo

Perhaps you didn't know, but Skrillex also was a guitar player. But one of his greatest solos ever doesn't include a guitar - and this doesn't prevent him from being one of the best. (Solo starts at 2:55).

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Know more not-so-good guitar solos? Feel free to post them in the comment section below.

For the list of the the worst guitar solos recorded by actual bands and musicians check out or Friday Top list: 18 Worst Guitar Solos Ever Recorded.

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    was kinda expecting a serious list :/
    Me too. This is basically a recap of all the 'lol watch this guy suck on guitar!'-videos.
    My thoughts exactly. These are just bad guitar playing samples. Id like to see something that is worst guitar solos from typically good, or accomplished musicians 
     Yeah without Kerry King or Kirk Hammett this list is pointless.
    Serious response: I always thought that Rational Gaze by Meshuggah was the *worst* guitar solo in the *best* song, if that makes sense? Dunno if they were aiming to amaze with some technical dissonant guitar scales, but that solo for me, is like scraping nails on a chalkboard. Am I just musically illiterate and totally unaware of its brilliance? 
    To be honest, I really like that solo. I love the song, but it sounds so goddamn serious that at some point it almost gets cheesy - and then that solo comes as a reminder that the Meshuggah guys still have their sense of self-irony .
    ...I think many Meshuggah songs are bad on purpose; It's like their charm, they write simple stuff and repeat it like crazy to annoy you, and all of a sudden you're liking it and finding the beauty in what was once some excessively repetitive songs...
    Are we still making fun of 8-15 year old guitar videos?
    Well, it was fun to get reminded of some of those, but UG does force the Lil-Wayne-on-guitar meme way over the top. I'm really sick of seeing that one.
    Vicryl 2.0
    how about worst live guitar solos played by known guitar players...
    Kirk Hammett will take all the spots on that list. I love Metallica, but as somone pointed out before "You know it's a weird Metallica show when Lars isn't the worst one". He's probably the nicest dude ever, but yeah :/
    Cherry Vulpine
    Seriously tho, worst solo I've ever heard personally has to be off a tribute to Hendrix album, "In From the Storm" that featured covers and arrangements of Jimi's tunes by established big-name artists (Vai, Satch, Doug Pinnick, etc.). There was a cover of "Wind Cries Mary" on there, featuring John McLaughlin on lead guitar. Played the most lifeless, shreddy wankfest solo totally stripping everything that made the original amazing. One of the rare times I was legit angry hearing a guitar solo, it almost sounded like an insult to Hendrix. It was otherwise a great cover but the solo was pathetic, it's a shame because that was my favorite solo from Hendrix. :c
    I can see where you're coming from, but I like the fact that he isn't trying to be Hedndrix in that solo. It's not great, yeah, but someone trying to imitate Jimi would sound far worse to me.
    I have to tell you: it's impossible to play Lil Wayne's guitar solo if you're a decent or even mediocre guitarist. That solo can only be played by someone who doesn't know how to even hold a guitar. Interesting innit.
    The author of this article CLEARLY has not heard me play a guitar solo. I can see it now... "11 Worst Guitar Solos"
    Can we give the shit medal to the guy with the finger guns in the Skrillex video.
    He looksback to Skrillex like 'Yeah man, see what I was doin while you twisted dem knobs?!' but Skrillex didn't give a shit.
    Experimental solo.  I'll have to remember that when people tell me my solos suck.  LOL
    You should do a Wednesday Question.. Worst guitar solos in studio albums (live mistakes doesn't count). Only famous bands, let's see what we'll find..
    Tried to start watch and listen this but... i realized how painful it would be. I hope one day i will be ready to endure this spanish shame.
    I know it's not a solo; but have this:
    when I saw it for the first time I thought it was one of those funny ''shreds'' videos but, the the thing is fucking real.
    Idk, I could easily see (hear?) this coming from Tom Morello.
    This is bad writing, not bad playing. They're playing pretty well. It's just a good execution of a horrible fucking idea.
    This list isn't real, lets start our own. Vernon Reid - Cult of Personality.  Exactly what the FUCK is that?
    who the hell is skrillex?
    More like: what's a skrillex?
    At least Lil Wayne didn't murder a perfect song by the Who. Lil Wayne learnt two notes and played them with feeling, instead of learning a song and make it sound he was shitting on the grave of Kieth Moon.
    Considering KISS' dicography, Gene obviously knows how to play the bass pretty well.. Just cause somebody on the internet titeled this a "bass solo" doesn't make it a bass solo.. its more of a dramatic performance thing, to get people hyped while he spits out blood..
    This does look and sound more interesting when seeing them live! that bass roars as hell throughout the whole venue. I remember also doing the same kind of stuff on my bass as a kiddo when I was still clueless. I plugged it into a lot of pedals with delay and chorus and just roared away haha!  
    My thoughts exactaly. actually, Paul and Gene from KISS, altough always ignored on the instrument department, are skilled musicians with a very good taste for arrangements and melodies. they will never be shredders but they can write and arrange nice songs. that's what's matter at the end of the day.
    Ahh yes, Richard Benson, the pride of Italy. He started "seriously" but now he actually created a gimmick were he just get shit thrown at him and yells back at the crowd. There's even a net to avoid him being hurt at his "shows".
    I legit almost pissed myself watching these. The guy in the grey shirt and glasses next to Skrillex was the icing on the cake
    I think the worst recorded live show guitar solo is C.C. Devilles solo on their live album Swallow This Live
    And I never liked the solo Rocky George did on Master of Puppets for the Metallica tribute album, so much noodling in the second solo
    I'm gonna give at least five of these guys the benefit of the doubt and say they were completely blasted when they were trying to play...
    If this were a serious list I would say Deep Purple's - Knockin at your Backdoor. Terrible solo, trying to sound like EVH.
    I've always hated the solo in "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar. Also, the album version of "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake.  Terrible.
    Kind of disappointed that my 8th grade talent show guitar solo isn't on this list. I made lil' Wayne look like a boss! Hey no one told me that a solo had to be in the key of the song or the same tempo! Decades ago!
    meh a couple of these are just random people rather than even remotely established musicians. A couple were even meant as a comedic or genre specific situation which makes them a unique interpretation and not actually "bad" Do you guys even try with these types of articles anymore?
    The solo in Fall Out Boy's Beat It. I like the rest of the cover but this part is just horrible The timestamp doesn't work for some reason, solo starts at around 2:20
    If he'd have tried to play Jennifer Batten's solo, it would've sounded a lot worse...
    And John Mayer played this. John fucking Mayer. how was that possible? the guy usually rocks hard.
    Lil Wayne's tech screwed him. Gave him the wrong guitar. He would have nailed it with his guitar hero guitar. Buttons are easier to press than plucking strings
    When I heard that #7 Jam band man solo, the first thing that popped in my head was when Marty McFly was being erased from existence.
    I can't find a YouTube video of the original, but I'd like to nominate "All You Need Is Love" by The Beatles for the serious list. It sounds like he was just fucking around and then gave up, and for whatever reason they kept it.
    There's actually a really touching interview with the guys that did the Comfortably Numb thing, if you listen to it there actually really lovely guys who do it out of love for music; they know they suck but they do it anyway. 
    What the heck have I just watched! #LMAO Don't they have any musical sense or something like that? I ain't even talking about the Greek modes, but only very simple pentatonic and blues scales and their applications on a harmonic line... Anyway, it was xtremely funny!
    Yet that Fred Durst solo has way more emotion behind it than your average BTBAM or Yngwie-wankery solo.
    Hey, I think I know you. Aren't you that douchebag that got banned from a Korn fansite a couple of years ago?
    Same guy. Haha. I think i saw you posting on there. I just got sick of Korn since it is a jd-show now.