11 Amazing Guitar Street Performers

Name your favorite busker.

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Not all amazing musical performances are bound to happen in studios or concert halls. A stellar show can happen right in front of you as you go to work or just stroll through the city.

We're talking about buskers, of course, as we are about to honor some of the finest street performers the world has seen. 11 representatives await below.

Sam Westphalen, the Guitar Percussion Master

You might know Mr. Sam for his percussion guitar covers, but the man is also fond of busking.

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Young Shredder Damian Salazar

Damian Salazar comes from Argentina, he's a young fella, and has some amazing speed and dexterity.

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Mark the One-Armed Guitarist Rips Through Hendrix Classic

A lot of people have trouble playing Jimi Hendrix stuff with two hands, yet Mark delivers the goods with just one arm.

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12-String Bass Master Vasily Chernov

Hearing something like this tune in that gloomy train must be quite an experience.

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Gustavo Dal Farra Slaps the Bass

Old but gold, Gustavo Dal Farra from Venezuela has the sound, technique, and vibe of a bonafide pro.

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These Two Dudes Jamming Shovel and Broom Hand-Made Djentsticks

Who says you need expensive gear to deliver a heck of a show?

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Mark Goffeney, the Armless Guitarist

Interesting how both disabled guitar heroes on the list go by the name of Mark. Anyhow, Mr. Goffeney is bound to inspire you, and bring up the old question - what's your excuse?

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Sarah Koppen Slaps and Plucks That Acoustic Like a Master

Coming from Brisbane, give it up for Ms. Sarah Koppen!

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Morgan O'Kane Rocks the Banjo

Loads of groove here, the kids seem to quite dig it.

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Jack Broadbent Delivers the Blues With a Booze Flask

There's just something so rock 'n' roll about jamming with a booze flask.

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This Guy

The one and only Rafael Budu. You simply can't beat this.

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    No guitar, but this is one of my favorite street performance videos of all time:
    Steam Powered Giraffe started out as a street performing band! They're great!
    if you guys want to see some acoustic slapping, check out igor Presnyakov, he's an awsome Russian guitarist who is famous for his awsome versions of modern and classic songs (all genres)
    Your'e late for work again! Whats your excuse this time?!? Well there was like these two guys that were like, jamming on a shovel and a broom and this other guy on the train who was like, playing guitar and like, killing himself at the same time? I told you that pot doesnt do you any good...