11 More Great Pearl Jam Songs You Should Hear

These are some more fan favorites that are not well-known to the general public, but should be!

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Time for the next round of great Pearl Jam songs that deserve a bit more attention. This time I decided to focus on any song not featured on "Ten," meaning songs from "Vs." and "Vitalogy" are free game this time!

To decide whether or not these songs are "well-known," I compared the amount of Spotify plays to some more popular songs. This is why you will not see songs like "Yellow Ledbetter," "Sirens," or "The Fixer" (as suggested in the comments of the last list) on the list. So here are ten other Pearl Jam songs you should know!

1. "W.M.A." ("Vs.")

The story behind it: "I think I'd probably stayed at the rehearsal studio the night before and it had been a couple of days since I had a shower and I've got my old shoes on and I don't look too great, a little grunge on my teeth or whatever. And I'm sitting there with this guy who's of a darker color than me, and along come these cops, they run around with their bikes trying to look cool. So here they come, they're heading straight for us. And they just ignored me and [started] hassling him. Compared to me, this guy looks as respectable as fuck. But they started hassling him, and that just blew me the fuck away. So I started hassling them... And one thing led to another... I was just really wound up by it... I had all this fucking energy rushing through me. I was mad. Really fucking angry. I got back to the studio and the guys had been working on this thing and I just went straight in and did the vocals, and that was the song." - Eddie Vedder

W.M.A. stands for "White Male American." With haunting drums from Dave Abbruzzese, and a very emotional Eddie Vedder, it is not hard to see the power behind this song.

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2. "In My Tree" ("No Code")

As requested, here is "In My Tree." The lyrics to this song tune in to struggles with fame. From problems with the media to problems with friends and relationships, these lyrics are very deep and personal. With a very Led Zeppelin inspired sound, it is hard not to like this song.

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3. "Present Tense" ("No Code")

Another request from the comments, comes "Present Tense." This slow, psychedelic jam is haunting and touching at the same time. With a large amount of reverb, Mike Mccready leads the way on guitar. Plus, the song serves as a potential pee break for drummer Matt Cameron live, as he does not come into the song until around the 3:27!

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4. "Brain of J" ("Yield")

As the opening track to Pearl Jam's fifth studio effort, "Brain of J" offers a powerful, punk-rooted song with lyrical references to many societal conspiracies.

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5. "Insignificance" ("Binaural")

Written as a protest to war, this not well known song sets a dark mood in the album. The song will also give a sneak peek of the protest themed album that would follow in "Riot Act."

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6. "Save You" ("Riot Act")

The second track of Pearl Jam's seventh studio effort, "Riot Act," "Save You" sends a listener through a journey of trying to save a troubled friend who suffers from depression. The song acts of a plea for this friend to "back off from the ledge" per se, and serves as arguably the hardest song of the album.

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7. "Fatal" ("Lost Dogs")

This heartbreaking track comes from the collection of b-sides and songs left aside. Questions that go unanswered echo throughout the song, the answers of which the narrator knows will be "Fatal."

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8. "Footsteps" ("Lost Dogs")

Although this was one of the first songs the band ever wrote, being apart of the "Mamasan Tapes" that were sent to soon to be singer of Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder as an audition. The songs "Alive" and "Once" were also apart of these tapes. Although it was written early, the song was not released until the effort of "Lost Dogs."

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9. "Parachutes" ("Pearl Jam")

This classic, soft track from the self-titled album "Pearl Jam" gives it a sweet, but somewhat dark touch.

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10. "The End" ("Backspacer")

A bitter-sweet end to Pearl Jam's "Backspacer," this tack tells the story of a dying person making amends with his wife. As the song comes to an end, listen close and you can hear a last gasp of life that will take your breath away.

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11. "Yellow Moon" ("Lightning Bolt")

This old school, psychedelic track is the second to last track on the band's last effort "Lightning Bolt." As a reference to Neil Young's "Helpless," this song has a smooth flow to it that gave it a spot on this list.

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    Great lists. I'd add: Gone (Avocado) M.F.C. (Yield) Nothing as it Seems (Binaural) Getaway (Lightning Bolt)
    Save You is about McCready and his addictions and problems. Footsteps was a b-side from something around the release of Ten, although it didn't have the harp section that is on Lost Dogs. The instrumental was also used by Chris Cornell and became Times of Trouble from the Temple of the Dog album.