11 Most Fabulous Beards in Music

Obey the beard.

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11 Most Fabulous Beards in Music

Well-styled beards are metal as fuck. There are numerous songs about beards such as Psychostick's Obey the Beard. All in all, they go hand in hand with music and will probably never go out of style.

Today, we present you our list of 11 best beards from the world of music.

Kirk Windstein

Brent Hinds

Kerry King

Billy Gibbons

Rick Rubin

Jerry Garcia

Scott Ian

Dimebag Darrell

Zakk Wylde

Frank Zappa

Johan Hegg


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    John Petrucci's beard is also really epic! http://screamingguitars.com/wp-content/uploads...
    Frank Zappa clearly doesn't have a beard. That's a stache and soul patch. How do you fuck that up?
    Where's Wayne Static?
    Damn. Forgot about him. Epic beard AND hair. Hair gel industry pretty much depended on him. 
    First ever rock/metal band i've ever listen in my life and He is really iconic musician for me and one of the really unusual- and distinctive-looking guy on all metal scene. Shame that He is not included. RIP Wayne.
    Where is Frank Zappa's beard?  I see a mustache and a soul patch, but no beard
    Dave Young. "It's not a beard. It's just a really big chin with stubble."
    Marco is in the cover but not on the list? Also 1 vote for Jordan Rudess
    When you don't know what a beard is, but your editor asks you to post a piece on bearded musicians, so you just type "musician +beard" on google, but you still manage to fuck it up somehow because FRANK ZAPPA DIDN'T HAVE A BEARD!
    Quite honestly, a really shit article with poor research. There are far more bigger, better and majestic beards apart from the ones listed here. A beard list without mentioning John Petrucci is incomplete.
    Instead of Zappa, could have easily be anyone. Even Zac Brown if you wanted to wander in some other genres (kudos for recognizing something else other than metal)