11 Rock Stars Who Are Good at Sports

Turns out rock and metal musicians can excel at sports too.

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They might be rock titans, but the majority of prominent rock musicians still has time to pursuit an occasional hobby or two, and it turns out that some of them are into sports. It's a great way to stay fit and keep a healthy state of mind and body. So off we go - rock musicians who are good at sports await below.

Alice Cooper - Golf

Not only is Alice Cooper an avid golf player, but he has credited golf for basically saving his life on several occasions. In his words, he overcame drugs and alcohol by replacing one addiction with another - golf.

Lars Ulrich - Tennis

As the son of former tennis pro Torben Ulrich and the grandson of tennis player Einer Ulrich, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich started following his forefathers' footsteps at a young age. When he moved to the States in 1980, he wanted to play tennis, but fate had other plans.

Bruce Dickinson - Fencing

Whenever there's a list of rock stars doing something cool outside of the rock realm, Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson is bound to pop up. And this one's no exception - Mr. Dickinson makes the list through his passion for fencing, at which he has competed internationally as was ranked No. 7 in the entire Britain at a certain point.

Ted Nugent - Hunting

The Nuge has his own line of arrows, 'nuff said.

Dave Mustaine - Martial Arts

Megadeth giant Dave Mustaine is a dedicated martial artist and a proud owner of black belts in Taekwondo and Ukidokan Karate.

Rod Stewart - Football

Rod Stewart is a son of a football (soccer for the American bunch) player and his early ambitions in life were reaching the status of a football pro. He ultimately opted for music and later explained: "Well, a musician's life is a lot easier and I can also get drunk and make music, and I can't do that and play football. I plumped for music... They're the only two things I can do actually: play football and sing."

Joan Jett - Track and Field

When not rocking out, Joan Jett likes to do some track and field. As an avid sports fan, Joan remains actively involved with the sports realm.

Bob Marley - Football

Another football aficionado, reggae legend Bob Marley used every bit of free time he had to play a few games.

George Thorogood - Baseball

Apart from being a great fan, "Bad to the Bone" blues master George Thorogood also played semi-pro baseball as a second baseman back in the '70s.

Win Butler - Basketball

Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler loves basketball and regularly plays in a number of local Montreal leagues.

Henry Rollins - Weightlifting

As always, Mr. Rollins takes things to another lever through dedication and hard work. He was once quoted about weightlifting:

"The Iron never lies to you. You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you're a god or a total bastard. The Iron will always kick you the real deal. The Iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver. Always there like a beacon in the pitch black. I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds."

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    I can't tell if Henry Rollins is honestly a wise man or a crazy old guy who can make anything sound philosophic
    I'd say he's a balance between the two. He just has the right amount of craziness to help him stand out and sound inspirational, and you can still get his logic and way of thinking.
    I find crazy old guy. He was in a documentary I watched the other day about Rowland S. Howard and every time they let him talk he came up with some weird metaphor which made no sense. Great bloke.
    if you're given attention and you talk enough you will be regarded as a man of thoughts? don't think he's stupid (above average intellect) but he's got too much ego for me to be a pure thinker, nothing against him.
    Good God, Bob Marley's legs look like Arnold Schwarzenegger's arms!
    Nero Galon
    I remember there being some footage of him playing in his courtyard with a bunch of friends in the biopic Marley. Highly recommended to anyone with any interest in the man, or music in general.
    Ted Nugent? Didn't know being a redneck is a sport...
    Since Megadeth is into the crowd funding thing right now, Dave should set a price for a 1v1 fight against him. How much would you pay?
    Eddie Vedder surfs at his free time. That's what "Oceans" was written about, a love song to his board. And so does Kirk Hammett, he mentioned it in Some Kind Of Monster.
    About Henry Rollins : "I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend." Did you mean, "I have found the Metal to be my greatest friend."?
    Speaking of weightlifting, John Petrucci could also be mentioned. Also slightly lesser known, but from no less awesome band: Miguel Gaspar of Moonspell also has a black belt in Taekwondo.
    Kinda reversing the roles, but Petr Cech (the goalie for Chelsea FC) apparently also plays drums
    Rebel Scum
    Unfortunately for Bob Marley, football may have assisted his demise. Keep the studs down mofo's.
    When did hunting become a sport? Maybe if you kill a bear or a lion with your hands - I might let that count, since I imagine it to be quite a bit of a challenge. Killing a deer with a high-end piece of technology, however - where is the sportsmanship?
    Go give it a try and get back to us.
    You don't seriously think a deer or whatever is capable of a competitive thought process, do you? I wouldn't say the skill involved in aiming a firearm qualifies it as a sport, it's just a skill. Surely the killing and skinning of a largely disadvantaged forest critter aren't our qualifiers. Hmm.
    What was that stereotype people associate with stoners, something about being lazy?
    joan jett track and field- really what does she do call up her friends and go to a trk and run a mile
    if Bob Marley is in the list for greatest rock stars who are good at sports...how about 50 Cent as he was going to turn Pro with boxing I heard, and was in the Junior Olympics...not bad.
    I find it disturbing that Americans call hunting a "sport"
    We don't.
    I think hunting and fishing are sports, but the difference betwixt them and things like football and golf and such is that those are also games, fishing and hunting are just sports.
    Well, racing cars is considered "motorsport". I think it's good that they added the extra word in there to distiguish them from more physically demanding sports.
    Pablo Mortis
    Bear in mind this list was apparently not written by an American, seeing as how he had to clarify that he was using the correct name for Football. Hunting is a sport as long as people are doing it for recreational purposes, and not because they need the meat - morals have nothing to do with the definition.
    A lot of pro hockey players love guitar and rock. Henrik Lundqvist and David Clarkson come to mind but they're far from the only ones. I'm pretty sure that Mustaine is a Coyotes fan too.