20 Longest Metal Songs

Buckle up and get ready for hours of heavy sound.

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20 Longest Metal Songs

The Great Barrier Reefer by Bongripper

Bongripper began in 2006 with the self-release of their first album titled The Great Barrier Reefer. They came up with the band name as a joke one day after we decided that Sleep wasted 17 mins of CD time with ‘Dopesmoker.'

This is what Nick Dellacroce said about the track in his 2008 interview:

‘We intentionally set out to make an 80-minute song, to be longer than “Dopesmoker,” but we didn’t really try to stretch out parts or focus on obtaining lengths. I’m not sure if Dennis needed to cut down anything when he mixed the tracks.’
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Victim One: Agony by Vonn

In November 2006 the band published their first album ‘Victim One: Agony.’ The album consists of one song 76:04 minutes long that can be described as a dirty, blurry, dense, obscure and disturbing extreme funeral drone doom noise.
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Delirium Cordia by Fantômas

The music, which was composed by Mike Patton, could be described as the score to a horror movie and a concept album centering on the theme of surgery without anesthesia. The record consists of a single track that runs for 74 minutes and 17 seconds.
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The Key to the Gates of Apocalypses by Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra

In the fall of 1998 Knjaz Varggoth recorded The Key To The Gates Of Apocalypse. It is a one song concept album 72 minutes long. The record can be described as a mixture of black metal and dark ambient. The album was released on 1 June 1999 on The End Records (USA).
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El Mundo Frio by Corrupted

El Mundo Frio is the fourth full-length studio album by Japanese doom metal band Corrupted. The album consists of a single, continuous 71-minute song. The instrumentation is notable for the inclusion of the Western harp.

Iann Robinson (American writer, musician, and television personality) wrote on Nonelouder.com,

"Right when you think you can peg Corrupted as an all Doom band they release a lush acoustic set within their bleak musical landscape."
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Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae Malitiae by Abruptum

This 61:36-minute song was released in 1995 on a separate record. This album is dedicated to Evil (Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson from Marduk), who could not participate in the recording.

Euronymous, co-founder of Mayhem and founder of Deathlike Silence Productions, described Abruptum as "the audial essence of pure black evil."

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Bludgeon by Bunkur

This is the band’s demo album recorded at the Void in 2003. It was only Limited to 1000 copies. The album has only one song that lasts 65:06.
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Dopesmoker by Sleep

In 1995 the band composed an album called Dopesmoker. It was one single song and 63:31 long. London Records declared the album unmarketable and refused to release it. Sleep returned to the studio and then submitted their second attempt at the new album. They had retitled it Jerusalem, re-written some of the lyrics and trimmed it down to a "lean" 52 minutes, but it was essentially the same as Dopesmoker. London Records again refused to release it. Frustrated and generally unhappy with the situation, the members of Sleep decided to disband.
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Thaumogenesis by Nadja

This 61-minute long instrumental track was originally released in January 2007 by aRCHIVE recordings. The album was limited to 600 copies. It was rereleased in 2008.

The title is from the American TV Series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thaumogenesis means to inadvertently create a being as a byproduct of casting a spell.

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Bliss and Void Inseparable by Black Boned Angel

Released in 2006, this is the Black Boned Angel’s hour-long one-track debut. New Zealand experimental band incorporates elements of drone, industrial, dark ambient and influences taken from doom metal music.
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Light of Day, Day of Darkness by Green Carnation

This hour-long song by the Norwegian progressive metal band was released in 2001. It was largely inspired by the death of Tchort's (bass) daughter and the birth of his son. It is said that 600 different samples were used in the editing of the song.
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Absolutego by Boris

Absolutego is the debut studio album by Japanese avant-garde metal band Boris. Excluding the Merzbow collaboration Sun Baked Snow Cave, it is the only "one-long-song" Boris album that is not broken down into multiple parts. The song is 60+ minutes long.
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Wings of Lead Over Dormant Seas by Dirge

In November 2006 the band recorded its one-song fourth album, Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas. The hour-long effort had a notable welcome from the press, receiving such feedback as "For once the word 'genius' is entirely appropriate."
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Hin by Trist

This track was released on Trist’s 2007 album Hin-Fort. It was recorded on Cold Dimensions label. Hin lasts nearly an hour and includes samples of the Story Musgrave’s (American astronaut) speech.
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The Melody of Death Mask by Sabbat

In 1996 Japanese black metal band Sabbat released this song on their low-budget epic record The Dwelling. The effort consists of one hour-long track, performed with a kinetic energy that doesn’t make it seem like a bunch of songs edited together.
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Breinclouds by Octis/Ocrilim

In 2008 Mick Barr uploaded this 51:32-minute song for free through Megaupload. A few days later this explanation was posted on his myspace page:
'Breinclouds was recorded in January 2003, I think. Cancer Marztone helped out with it's finalizing. It was kind of released at one point, limited to 9 hand drawn CDr copies. Sold primarily at a fair at Joshua Tree, if sold at all. I have no idea whatever happened to those copies. And I realized that I probably wasn't ever going to do any sort of tangible release of it, so to you all I donate. The title isn't quite official, just what I had been calling it in my head for the past five years. And it isn't really Octis or Ocrilim proper.'
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Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence by Dream Theater

This is the sixth song and title track on the cognominal album. Though the song is essentially broken up into eight movements on separate tracks, the song itself is 42-minutes and takes up the entire second CD of the album.
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The Great Escape by Seventh Wonder

The title track from the Swedish band’s fourth album is an epic song based on the poems 'Aniara' by Swedish Nobel laureate Harry Martinson. It deals with the tragedy of a spaceship which, originally bound for Mars with a cargo of surviving colonists from a ravaged and destroyed Earth, is ejected from the solar system and becomes entangled in an existential struggle.
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Crimson by Edge of Sanity

Crimson is the 1996 fifth full-length studio album by Swedish death metal band Edge of Sanity. It features a single 40-minute track, telling a story in the distant future when human civilization is about to end.
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Achilles, Agony, and Ecstasy in Eight Parts by Manowar

This song being 28:38 long, is the most complex Manowar song. It was written by the band’s bassist Joey DeMaio.

The song has recently attracted the attention of a group of scholars at Bologna University in Italy. Mrs. Eleonora Cavallini, Professor in Classics, shared a few thoughts on the song:

Joey DeMaio’s lyrics imply a careful and scrupulous reading of the Iliad. The songwriter has focused his attention essentially on the crucial fight between Hector and Achilles, has paraphrased some passages of the poem adapting them to the melodic structure with a certain fluency and partly reinterpreting them, but never altering or upsetting Homer’s storyline. The purpose of the lyrics (and of the music as well) is to evoke some characteristic Homeric sceneries: the raging storm of the battle, the barbaric, ferocious exultance of the winner, the grief, and anguish of the warrior who feels death impending over him. The whole action hinges upon Hector and Achilles, who are represented as specular characters, divided by an irreducible hatred and yet destined to share a similar destiny. Both are caught in the moment of the greatest exaltation, as they savagely rejoice for the blood of their killed enemies, but also in the one of the extreme pain when the daemon of war finally pounces on them. Furthermore, differently than in the irreverent and iconoclastic movie Troy, in "Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy in Eight Parts", the divine is a constant and ineluctable presence, determining human destinies with inscrutable and steely will, and, despite the generic reference to 'the gods', the real master of human lives is Zeus, the only God to whom both Hector and Achilles address their prayers
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What are the longest metal songs you know?

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    Art of Life by X Japan could have scraped in at the bottom here
    When doing these kinds of lists in the future, could you perhaps order them? Having a bunch of 1 hour long songs at the start only to end the list on a sub 30m song is just kind of weird. I know it's not supposed to be a top list or anything, but it'd be nice.
    I haven't listened to any of these other than Six Degrees so I wouldn't know about most, but at least for Six Degrees I always had the feeling that it's a stretch to call it a 40-minute song, even if that's the way Dream Theater wanted it to be perceived. I always saw it as eight songs that are interconnected, rather than just one long piece, this is especially noticeable when you realize that every part of the suite has a conventional rock-song structure (verse-chorus-bridge-etc) Maybe some of the others have the same issue (or not), but I don't know
    I'm thrilled to see Seventh Wonder on here. Maybe one day they'll pull Tommy away from Kamelot long enough to get another album out.
    Same. I highly, HIGHLY recommend anyone that hasn't listened to Seventh Wonder to pick them up.   Check out The Great Escape.  I drive a 40 mile commute to work everyday and generally once a week/every two weeks I will listen to that song. 
    Iced Earth's Dante's Inferno. Not epic long but the song is sure fucking epic.16 minutes. 9 planes of Hell.
    Where is The Chosen Priest And Apostle Of Infinite Space by Bull of Heaven? Where is Art of life by X japan? Where is Anarchic side A by skagos? I'm glad to see green carnation and dirge up there though those two songs are fricking amazing.
    Not really what I expected when I saw the title. It should have been '1 song albums list' I expected songs like Coma and stuff like that, 'regular' metal songs just longer than usual.
    Me too! I was expecting things like that and the 11+ minute Black No. 1 by Type O. For the ones on the list, you've got to carve out some serious time, or plan a road trip, or something.
    Surprised and happy to see my favorite band and song of all time on the list. The Great Escape is a masterpiece!
    I'm so glad they included Seventh Wonder. There are a highly underrated band, also a fantastic song.
    One of my favorite albums this year has been Winter by Fen, which is all one track. Check it out if you're into the long track thing and modern black metal.
    Although not as long as the rest of this list, "I" is a fucking great song:
    This was my very first thought when I read the headline. Also, their album Catch Thirty-Three is essentially just one big giant song.
    Was looking through the comments searching for anyone mentioning catch 33. That album is great and imho underrated.
    Fantastic list. Very happy to see Light of Day, Day of Darkness, The Great Escape and Six Degrees, just because the latter is my favorite song of all time.
    How many of these bands have actually performed these songs live? Also, many bands have released albums that are essentially one piece that has been formally divided into separate tracks.
    Bell Witch's new album dropped yesterday and is one track. 83 mins and change
    It's a good day in UG when something Dan Swano was involved with get's highlighted. "Crimson" by Edge of Sanity is a monster of a record.  But I'd say the successor, "Crimson II" did everything the first album did, but better. Give it a shot, you wont regret it. 
    I remember the first time listening to that corrupted song on a CD walkman late at night. I was drifting off to sleep and after 20 minutes of soft guitars, the heavy guitar kicked in and almost have gave me a heart attack. Still one of the best songs ever though...
    Why no Mortiis? They only put two 15-30 minute songs on each of their first four albums.
    Frederik Thorendal's Special Defects - Sol Niger Within (original version) Better than any meshuggah album, and I am sad to no end they didn't go more in this direction. However Fred is working on a follow up nd I am eagerly awaiting
    I'd also add Cephalic Carnage's, "Halls of Amenti".  It's relatively short compared to these (19 minutes) but it's fantastic and the longest doom metal I track I know  
    Most of these aren't "songs" per ce. Pretty wild that Dream Theater has the most "conventional" song on the list.