21 Best 'Shreds' Videos

Funniest "shreds" parodies...

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21 Best 'Shreds' Videos

Back in 2007 so-called "X Shreds" videos were a real thing. Shreds are videos that take footage from musician's performance, and dub new audio in sync with lip and instrument movements to create a hilarious remix.

So we have remembered 21 funniest "shreds" videos - check out the list below.

And remember that it's all just for fun - just relax and enjoy!

Hint: just imagine that the audio in all videos is real :)

21. The Rolling Stones shreds

Impressive performance by the Stones! Pay attention to Mick Jagger's touching lyrics.

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20. Muse shreds

Muse show their best at Wembley Stadium. And yes, now you know what Muse sounds like to people who hate Muse.

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19. Backstreet Boys shreds

Backstreet Boys prove that they're still among the top boy bands with this video. We think this is the "shreds" version.

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18. Jessie J shreds

Yeah, Jessie J is not in the best shape here, but that guitar guy saves the situation.

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17. The Mars Volta shreds

"This is not a Shred, this is Mars volta." BUT THE MICROPHONE IS ON!!!

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16. A-ha shreds

So many bands tried to do a decent cover of "Take on Me," but A-ha's original will be on top forever.

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15. Santana shreds

Santana always had a special mutual understanding with his group, and this performance proves it.

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14. We Are The World shreds

Maybe you didn't know, but Bruce Springsteen is the best metal vocalist ever...

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13. Radiohead shreds

Radiohead are known for their experimental approach, and they took it further with this rendition of "15 Step."

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12. Kings of Leon shreds

Kings of Leon have a disaster of a gig at Reading Festival 2009 - but they're still at their top.

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11. Dire Straits shreds

Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits show their best, sounding like The Cure...

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10. Disturbed shreds

"You guys are my friends, right?.." "GET OUT! GET OUT WITH THE SICKNESS!.."

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9. Chick Corea Elektrik Band shreds

Feel the flow of this jazz fusion masterpiece by Chick Corea and his band. Bonus points goes to the bassist Jimmy Earl acting like a hospital janitor.

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8. Eric Clapton shreds

Undeniable master of guitar, Eric Clapton does his best with such an impressive solo.

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7. Metallica shreds

Kirk's solos were really earth shattering that evening so the cameraman couldn't stray from him...

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6. KISS shreds

Hands down - just one of the best KISS' performances ever.

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5. Paco De Lucia shreds

You know, playing flamenco is soooo hard, but when you're a real virtuoso, backed by an outstanding percussionist, it's not even a problem.

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4. Jake. E Lee shreds

Jake. E Lee mad playing skills + that masterly clapping by Ozzy = one of the best live performances ever.

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3. Coldplay shreds

If one day you decide to go to a Coldplay concert, you will know what to expect from the encore. Totally crushing.

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2. Creed shreds

Creed are totally mindblowing live - and this video proves it. Don't miss a thing, check out these amazing lyrics and so tight musicianship.

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1. Korn shreds

When Metallica were selected as MTV's Icon for 2003, many bands played 'Tallica's songs to pay homage to the metal giants. But only Korn were able to shake James and Lars to tears with their touching reindition of "One."

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0. Weird Al shreds

Who can make a "shreds" video better than Weird Al?

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One more video - but unfortunately it's not a "shreds" one...

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That's all! Feel free to post your own favourite "shreds" videos in the comment section below.

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    What about this one?
    The Beach Boys Shreds video is the only one I've seen that actually fools people then makes them legitimately angry.
    And I want to add one more video - I bet you didn't know that The Beatles sounded like Sonic Youth-meet-Primus back in the day. But jokes aside - just check this video, because actual music is sooo good - the opening riff alone is already worth it!..
    Okay guys, you fucked up. Those are the best shreds and I know because I am in fact shreds connoisseur
    I think what makes the really good ones, especially Creed is that you only hear the members when the camera is on them.  Which shows just how good Creed is about conserving energy for maximum video quality!
    The Ed Sheeran one for me is the best:
    I am laughing like an idiot at work at this one.  Have to share with my wife as she really likes this guy....
    The Mars Volta one is so funny!! Also that Muse one is the first "shreds" video I ever saw.
    The Creed shreds take me back to watching them in college I SAID YESSEHHHH! DOoo dapaa do doo...YEAH...Doo doo pie!
    Personally that Kings of Leon one gets me every time! These are my favourites that didn't make the list: Les Paul and Chet Atkins Shreds...
    ...and this Queen Shreds is downright absurd.
    21 most annoying shred videos* there fixed it for you. The only one that was even a bit funny  was the rolling stones 1. (couldn't get past the take on me one.) Please UG lay off the meth. It's making you dumber by the day...
    To be honest, the King's of Leon Reading show was almost if not more disastrous than this. They ended up getting pissed off and storming off stage when the crowd wasn't getting excited enough.
    I thought it was gonna be a parody of actual guitar shredding and i was waiting to see if jrcsgtpeppers made the list