25 Bands With Painful Vocalist Changes

Trying to replace the irreplaceable...

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25 Bands With Painful Vocalist Changes

Changing the vocalist in a band is often a really hard and crucial decision because the singer is not only the voice of the group, he's also its face and even soul. Sometimes the vocalist change lead the band to the success, but sometimes the bands failed because fans can't appreciate new members.

So here's the list of 25 bands with really hard and painful changes of vocalists.

Honorable mentions:

  • Anthrax (the band had 5 vocalist, but Joey Belladonna was the classic one for most fans)
  • Arch Enemy (The Agonist's Alissa White-Gluz replaced Angela Gossow in 2014 - though the replacement was mostly accepted by fans)
  • Aria (Valery Kipelov will be always associated as the only Russian heavy metal band's vocalist among fans)
  • Bad Company (Paul Rodgers was replaced by Brian Howe, who was replaced by Robert Hart for 2 albums)
  • Black Flag (2013's album "What The..." with Ron Reyes)
  • Blind Melon (continuing with Travis Warren after Shannon Hoon's death)
  • Boston (it's impossible to replace the late great Brad Delp)
  • Candlemass (though the band had 6 different vocalists, Messiah Marcolin is undeniably the classic one)
  • DragonForce (replacing ZP Theart with Marc Hudson)
  • Exodus (all that leapfrog with the vocalists was painful for fans)
  • Fleetwood Mac (the band's 1995 album without Stevie Nicks was a downfall for many)
  • Flyleaf (replacing Lacey Sturm with Kristen May)
  • Helloween (departure of Michael Kiske was painful for many fans)
  • Iced Earth (band had 5 different vocalist, but Matt Barlow appeared on the most successful albums)
  • Live (Chris Shinn replaced Ed Kowalczyk for one album)
  • Queen (it's impossible to continue as Queen without Freddy Mercury)
  • Queensrÿche (Todd La Torre replacing Geoff Tate)
  • Quiet Riot (5 other vocalists besides Kevin DuBrow)
  • Scar Symmetry (replacing Christian Älvestam with Roberth Karlsson and Lars Palmqvist)
  • Sirenia (4 different vocalists)
  • Stone Temple Pilots (when Chester Bennington was with the band after Scott Weiland's death)
  • Sublime (continuing as Sublime With Rome after Bradley Nowell's death)
  • The Doors (Jim Morrison will always be a part of the band)
  • The Guess Who (all albums and live shows without Burton Cummings)
  • Thin Lizzy (it's hard to continue without late great Phil Lynott)
  • Visions of Atlantis (4 other vocalists after the original Nicole Bogner)
  • Voivod (replacing Snake with E-Force for 2 albums)

25. The Gathering

Though joined the band only in 1994, Anneke van Giersbergen became the trademark voice of The Gathering. And when she left in 2007 and was replaced in 2009 by Silje Wergeland (who are still a great vocalist), the band recorded only three albums and went on hiatus.

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24. Rainbow

Of course Rainbow is the band of Ritchie Blackmore, so it's no surprise that the group had 4 different vocalists through its history. But when you have Ronnie James Dio as the original vocalist, it's really hard to replace him with the other ones.

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23. Journey

Neal Schon is the band's only constant member, with so many lineup changes (The band had 6 different vocalists), but many fans still waiting for the return of Steve Perry.

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22. Yes

Through so many lineup changes Yes had 3 other vocalists after Jon Anderson, but of course he will always be considered the voice of prog rock giants.

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21. Foreigner

For many fans there are no other Foreigner vocalist but Lou Gramm, despite the fact that the band also performed and recorded with 3 other vocalists. And the most notable example is the group's only album with Johnny Edwards, "Unusual Heat."

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20. Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd broke up in 1977 after tragic famous plane crash, when some of the band's members died, including vocalist Ronnie Van Zant. And though Lynyrd Skynyrd decided to reunite in 1987 with Johnny Van Zant, the younger brother of Ronnie Van Zant, as the new vocalist, many fans don't appreciate the post-1977 incarnation of the band.

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19. Deep Purple

Deep Purple had 7 different vocalist, but of course Ian Gillan is the classic one. And maybe the least appreciated one by the fans was Joe Lynn Turner, who recorded only one album with the band in 1990, entitled "Slaves and Masters."

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18. Theatre of Tragedy

Liv Kristine became one of the most influential female vocalists in metal, helping to create the whole "gothic metal" vocals style. And when she left the band in 2003, Nell Sigland, while being a really good vocalist, wasn't able to fully replace Liv.

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17. Genesis

Some Genesis fans love original prog rock incarnation of the band with Peter Gabriel on vocals, others love more popular and commercially successful version with Phil Collins. But the band's only album with Ray Wilson on vocals didn't get much love from both.

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16. Drowning Pool

When the band's original vocalist Dave Williams tragically died in 2002, the band decided to continue without him, and since that they changed 3 other vocalists, but for the most fans Dave will always be the original one.

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15. Asking Alexandria

2015 was a black year for all Asking Alexndria fans as Danny Worsnop decided to leave the band. After some auditions the band hired Denis Stoff, vocalist of Ukrainian bands Down & Dirty and Make Me Famous, but he managed to record only one album, because in 2016 Worsnop decided to return.

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14. Mötley Crüe

When Vince Neil temporary left Mötley Crüe in 1992, the band's vocalist until 1996 was John Corabi, who sang on the 1994's self-titled record. John performed guitars, bass and keyboards too.

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13. The Agonist

In 2014 many fans of the band were shocked by the departure of vocalist and founding member Alissa White-Gluz, who left them to join Arch Enemy. The band replaced Alissa with vocalist Vicky Psarakis, but many fans appreciate only classic records with Alissa.

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12. Van Halen

David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar replaced each other few times in Van Halen, and some prefer Lee Roth's singing, while others appreciate Hagar. But in 1998 Van Halen released "Van Halen III," the only album to feature lead vocalist Gary Cherone.

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11. Misfits

After the band's split in 1983 the band later decided to reunite in 1995, but without cult vocalist Glenn Danzig, whose vocals were replaced by new singer Michale Graves and later by the band's bassist Jerry Only. But in 2016 to the joy of the fans Danzig returned to the band.

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10. Skid Row

Skid Row tried to replace Sebastian Bach, when he left in 1996, with 3 other vocalists, but many fans still hope for the return of Bach.

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9. Blink-182

When Tom DeLonge left Blink-182 in 2015, many fans were shocked. And while he was replaced by the great Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio, many fans still dream of Tom's return.

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8. Suicide Silence

When in 2012 Mitch Lucker, vocalist of Suicide Silence, tragically died, it was a hard time both for fans and the band. But the remaining members decided to replace Mitch with Hernan "Eddie" Hermida, vocalist of All Shall Perish. But as the band decided to change musical directions, it mostly wasn't accepted by fans.

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7. Three Days Grace

In 2013 Adam Gontier, vocalist, guitarist and founding member of Three Days Grace, left the band. So other band members decided to replace him with Matt Walst of My Darkest Days.

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6. Alice in Chains

Though William DuVall is a really great and talented vocalist, it's just impossible to replace late great Layne Staley, who was and is the voice and soul of Alice in Chains.

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5. Sepultura

Max Cavalera left Sepultura in 1996, but in 1998 the band found Derrick Green, who joined them. Since taht Sepultura recorded many great albums with Derrick, but some fans still want Max back. Anyway, AllMusic said about the singer: "There was a time when the idea of Sepultura recording without Max Cavalera seemed unthinkable. But the incendiary Green turned out to be a fine replacement."

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4. Iron Maiden

Though not being an original member (there were 3 singers before), Bruce Dickinson is THE vocalist of Iron Maiden. And when he temporarily left the band in 1993, he was replaced by Blaze Bayley, who was recorded 2 albums with Maiden, but those records met many mixed reviews, and in 1999 Bruce Dickinson joined the band again.

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3. Judas Priest

When Rob Halford left the band in 1991, Tim "Ripper" Owens, who had previously fronted a Judas Priest cover band, joined the real Judas Priest and released 2 albums with the band, "Jugulator" and "Demolition." Rob Halford eventually took his place over again in 2003.

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2. Nightwish

Tarja Turunen, professional classical lied singer, founded Nightwish in 1996 with with Tuomas Holopainen and Emppu Vuorinen, and her dramatic, "operatic" lead vocals quickly achieved critical and commercial popularity for the band. She was an inspiration for many female-fronted symphonic metal bands that began to appear immediately after Nightwish. And when Tarja left the band in 2005, the group took 2 whole years to find Swedish singer Anette Olzon as a replacement; but in 2012 Nightwish replaced Anette with a Dutch singer Floor Jansen. But still many fans appreciated the band with Tarja the most.

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1. Black Sabbath

Through the whole band's history Sabbath had 8 (!) different singers: Ozzy Osbourne, Ronnie James Dio, Dave Walker, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Gughes, Ray Gillen and Tony Martin. And when Ozzy, original vocalist, left the band in 1979, it was almost impossible to find a replacement - but happily Sabbath met the great Ronnie James Dio! And all other Black Sabbath vocalists still remain in the shadow of Ozzy and Dio.

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Know more bands with painful vocalist changes? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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    I really think this list should only consist of artists that didn't release material even close to the same quality with a different vocalist. While Layne Staley was unique and iconic, DuVall is more than qualified to has done a great job. His vocals on their live version of Nutshell are top notch. Dude is just fine. Also, Black Gives Way to Blue and The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here stand up to every other Alice in Chains release just fine, and I would argue for Black Gives Way to Blue as their best album. To say that they aren't as good is a tired argument from people who refuse to give them a chance without Layne Staley. 
    Duvall is brilliant, no doubt. But Layne is Layne. After watching AiC's MTV live show (1993 I think?) it's just hard to listen to the new AiC. But props to them; the two albums without are pretty amazing as well.
    Layne is Layne, but the article asked for bands with painful vocalist changes.  Calling Duvall's change to band painful is ridiculous
    I suppose the problem is in how the topic was phrased. There's really no doubt that losing Layne was a painful experience for the band and its fans alike. The music is not painful, but the process was.
    I agree; it's been painful for those who can't get over Layne's death and who think Layne IS AiC. Duvall is pretty awesome.
    "Your Decision" and "Voices" are the two best songs they've released IMHO.
    Qualified has nothing to do with it.  Yeah, he can hit the notes.  So can Ripper Owens...so can any number of the other guys in that list.  But it isn't Layne...it's a good copy of him.  That's about it.
    I agree withbware.Its almost insulting to have aic on this list.Its far from painful listening to aic with duvall.He nails every song every time.Total bullshit.I cant believe enough people voted this nomination to get it so high on the list.
    It's not painful, but it's missing something. Cantrell and Staley had this weird, angry chemistry that doesn't seem to be there with DuVall.
    So many cats on this site with boners for Williiam Duvall.  The band died with Layne and any dummy here that tries to say they liked AIC because of Cantrells vocals initially vs Laynes vocals is a horrible liar.  
    If you have more than one X in your username, I assume you're automatically a douche. Thanks for proving my point!
    Ok nerd.  Tell me how Tomax and Xamot are - see when you are a 20 something booger - you don't get references.  
    -10 from 16-24 year olds who can't call themselves AIC fans because you were in Kindgarten when the REAL BAND was in existence.  Jerry Cantrell and The Imposters is the band now.  
    The Layne-era band died when I was young, yes. I wasn't saying that we're no worse off. I was saying that I wouldn't consider it painful that they're still a competent band at worst. It does kind of feel like a Jerry Cantrell solo album at this point though.
    Thanx Fausch for a reasonable response.  I like Will Duvall - but it ain't the Doors without Jim Morrison, it ain't Rage Against the Machine w/o Zach and it aint' AIC without Layne.  
    This wasn't a Wednesday Question, though. Not sure if there was a voting.
    Laney is Laney and there's no replacing him. His voice was iconic. HOWEVER, Duvall has done an amazing job not just covering the old material, but helping the band move forward. His voice is similar enough to be familiar yet different enough to be unique. To be honest, I remember the first time I heard Check My Brain. It was on the radio while I was at work and my immediate thought was, "Huh, that sounds like Alice In Chains." For me, that speaks a lot. The fact that I could recognize them without knowing it was them (or that they had a new singer or material for that matter) was all the proof I needed that he was qualified for the job.
    I think the question refers more to the fact that the change in vocalists alienated fans. Except for Gary Cherone I think all the replacement vocalists we're more than competent. Sammy Hagar was a polarizing figure too but VH was actually more popular with him than without. Duvall is also a polarizing figure, as attested by this very thread, but AIC probably lost more fans than it gained because of him.
    I know it's almost pointless to criticize the editing on UG, but damn the spelling and grammar just keeps going downhill. Proofread, man!  Other than that, interesting list.
    I would happily devote an hour a day to proofreading their articles. It makes me want to punch babies whenever these guys fuck up.
    I like Graves and Jerry Only singing in Misfits. Johnny van Zant was the only person who should sing for Skynard after the crash, and he does a damn good job doing it. The Ripper was a good replacement for Halford given the circumstances. And although he is completely different than Freddie Mercury, Paul Rogers did an amazing job singing for Queen.
    I don't care much for Jerry Only Misfits vocals but Graves was fucking awesome.
    American Psycho is a wicked album I think that rivals any Danzig-era material
    I loved Paul Rogers and Queen. My fav concert DVD of all time is Return of the Champions.
    Good list But... Queen should definitely be 1st and not just a honorable mention. It is (at least for me) the most obvious example of a band that literally ceased to exist the day Freddie died. Anything that came after that was pointless and never achieved to gather any attention. Queen was 70% Freddie, John Deacon accepted that fact and so did millions of fans. See, even AC/DC is still going strong despite all the shit they went through. But Queen definitely died with Freddie.
    You have to check out Paul Rogers and queen. They sold out at least 2 world tours in stadiums and huge arenas.
    Exactly! that's why John Deacon decided to retire from music and not take part in this Nrew Queen+ thing. I read somewhere a couple of years ago that he said he found it useless to continue as Queen without Freddie.
    Flyleaf are another band suffering due to trying to replace the distinct vocals of Lacey Sturm.   Not their fault though, she did choose to leave.
    Their new singer left too, now they are without a singer.
    Does this site use editors? Completely unprofessional, the quality of this writing.
    Anthrax Joey Belladonna to John Bush from Armored Saint..
    Sounds Of White Noise is a great album.  I prefer John Bush's voice to Belladonna's...
    Bush did fine with anthrax.Cant say i prefer 1 from the other as they are both great.
    I like both too. They did alot good stuff with John too. But when Bush actually was in Anthrax they were nowhere as popular compared to when Joey joined the band again and the whole "big 4" thing sparked alot media attention.
    The popularity drop wasn't anything to do with Bush though, Joey just happened to be in the band when they were releasing all their classic albums and when John joined metal wasn't really the big thing at the time. I doubt they would have been any more popular if Joey had just never left.
    The "The Agonist" part is wrong. While Alyssa had it all figured out, she actually had a rule with Arch Enemy that she would get the time for her own band, the band kicked her out.
    There's quite a bit of mystery surrounding that arrangement given conflicting arguments from the band and Alyssa. The band claimed they would have had to cancel several dates and essentially be on the backburner waiting for her. I'm honestly not sure what to think about the whole thing.
    Happy to see Nightwish on the list.  I became a fan way after all that happened.  And while I agree that the two albums with Anette were fantastic Tarja is what changed everything for me.  Before I heard a brief snippet of Nemo on Metal Evolution I was mostly into 80's hair bands and when I heard that symphonic metal has become my favorite genre of music. 
    Bollocks on the Sabbath thing. The Tony Martin albums were solid. In fact, Headless Cross is widely regarded as, at least, one of their best albums. In my opinion it IS their best album just over Master of Reality.
    Didn't see Three Days Grace on the honorable mentions and thought "hell yeah more people agree!" Grew up with Adam Gontier in TDG, when he left I actually cried. One of my friends didn't mind the change. Another was introduced to TDG with Matt, and find Adam's songs to not be their TDG. I'm loving Adam's new band though. Saint Asonia is so good! (I'm just rambling at this point)
    Grew up with them too. Although their last album remind me of One-X I just cant enjoy It. Not only because of the new singer, but I cant deny that he is part of the problem. Too bad I dont like Saint Asonia as well. I think they suck as much as 3dg nowadays. What a shame.
    I would definitely add Quiet Riot to that list, QR without Kevin DuBrow just doesn't work.
    I'm surprised Scar Symmetry didn't even make an honorable mention. Christian is an amazing vocals, but was apparently hard to work with. They kicked him out and replaced him with 2 singers, 1 cleans and 1 screams. While the music was still amazing with each album, the vocals were not on par with their previous 3 albums. Worse off is when you hear the new guys try to hit those high notes that Christian nailed. With the release of an album in 2015, the clean vocals sound amazing, but i think it's because their guitarist is doing some vocal melodies as well. But their newest album is by far their best. (with Christian)
    (same song, but with new singers)
    (new album)
    Fuck me, has it really been THIRTEEN YEARS since Halford rejoined Judas Priest? Crazy. Anyway, don't care what anyone says, the Ripper albums had some absolutely awesome tracks on them full of monster riffs. 
    People are serious with Alice in chains ? 😐 it's still one of the best bands at this time. They made awesome songs such as stone, voices, a looking in a view, your decision.. How can people say it's painful ?
    Tim "Ripper" Owens is the real life Bad Luck Brian, after Judas Priest he joined Iced Earth for vocals and samething happened there too.
    Surprised Queensryche didn't make the list. Saw them with Todd LT (Geoff's replacement) and he just seemed to lack the stage presence to pull it off. Obviously, it was Geoff's fault for being a d-bag that he was replaced. Turns out, telling a huge audience that they suck is not a good idea (among many other unforced errors).
    Fun Fact: Time Ripper Owens was one of those five vocalists from Iced Earth. Matt Barlow made a return after Ripper recorded a couple albums. Same thing happened to him as Judas Priest; replaced by the old singer. 
    I actually loved Ripper with Iced Earth. He gave the band a much needed kick in the nuts. Same with Stu Block, although I wish Stu was still with into eternity and unleashing everything he has to offer. Iced Earth got a little tired for me constantly rehashing the coming curse riffs repeatedly over the span of several albums. Framing Armageddon was wildly different in a good way. I also love hearing the fan mixes of Barlow and Ripper. That's not to take anything away from Barlow though. He's outstanding and classic!
    C'mon now.. Eddie Hermida is a good vocalist, he fits good in Suicide Silence. The new album sucks, agreed, but the "Can't stop me" album was pretty damn good
    John bush wasn't painful but anthrax did fall On hard times with joey got the boot
    I'll correct that last one; all Sabbath vocalists have been in the shadow of Ozzy. Full stop.
    Disagree - Tony Martin was just excellent. Shame the material that was written for him to sing was not of the same standard
    Headless Cross is just as good as anything with ozzy or dio on it.
    It just came out at a time before the internet when that style of metal wasn't cutting edge so it didn't get much attention. Kill In The Spirit World is Iommi's best solo ever.
    ensifer1 · May 06, 2017 05:01 PM
    I only ever liked 2 songs with Dio on it.
    Same here...Neon Knights is a killer song but other than that I just can't get into any Dio fronted Sabbath  
    I'm on the same page man, Neon Knights and​ Heaven and Hell are the ones I like.
    Agreed...Heaven & Hell is the only other Dio/Sabbath song I like.  I really liked Dio with Rainbow back in the "Man on the Silver Mountain" days, but I just can't get into the sound of him (or anyone other than Ozzy) fronting Sabbath. 
    In my opinion, Nightwish made their best music with Anette. Tarja was great, but I feel like they rested too much on her operatic stylings. As for the album they did with Floor, I just can't get into it.
    Downvotes can fly but I agree. I like Tarja but you can tell in early releases they're still figuring out how they want to sound (like most bands) and they really hit their stride with Annette. I also like Floor (and her sister Irene) but there's something off about her in Nightwish.
    SUBLIME! sucks balls without Bradley... i feel like if the singer DIED... they shouldn't be replaced. only if they quit. same goes with AC/DC for me... Brian Johnson is fantastic... Bon Scott is unforgettable. Adam Lambert sings great, but Queen died with Freddie. AIC's new singer is a great voice and sounds eerily similar to Layne... but that band died with Layne. Zeppelin had the good sense to quit when an integral member passed on.
    AC/DC? It's so sad seing how Bon Scott got replaced by Brian Johnson and even more sad how Johnson was replaced by Axl Rose T_T
    King Bluesy
    What? Brian put them on another level. I can't see them getting as big as they did with Bon, even if I love him as well. As far as the Axl thing goes, it wasn't bad but hopefully it was just a commitment filling thing
    King Crimson? 
    Greg Lake, Gordon Haskell, Boz, John Wetton?  I'm cool with all of them (with Wetton my favorite).  Adrian Belew?  Ick...cannot stand him as a lyricist/vocalist.  He just tries to hard to be weird...like a poor man's substitute for David Byrne.  
    I liked Haskell and Wetton, but no one beats Lake in Epitaph, man . Anyway yeah, can't stand Belew, maybe it wasn't his fault, maybe the albums were subpar but the only thing I can remember about post 74 KC is that barbershop quartet they did.  What about Jakszyk?
    Lake + Epitaph = Awesome!  Possibly the single greatest prog song ever.  I've seen the Easy Money & Starless vids of Jakszyk on the last tour...he does a very good job, but it's hard to rank him with Lake/Haskell/Boz/Wetton until they create some new music he can put his own stamp on.  Until then he's a really good singer in a King Crimson cover band  
    Derrick Green doesn't get a percentage of the credit he deserves! I actually hope Max doesn't come back! Green's better IMO!
    Suicide Silence should not be on the list. You can't stop me was great and they only changed direction later down the path. Maybe Mitch wouldn't have felt comfortable doing the latest album, but it was not Eddie that made the album bad, it was all of them.
    Drowning Pool was better with Gong Jones IMO, and the Crue album with John Corabi is actually pretty solid.  Nightwish is still alright, but they're definitely not near the level they were with Tarja.
    Actually Sebastian Bach wants to reunite with Skid Row he said it many times he even said he was sorry for all the bad things he said about the band members of Skid Row after he left the band he even said that life is too short to hold grudges and while all original members are still alive why don't we do this thing but I think the band's guitarist Snake Sabo and bass player Rachel Bolan still has some grudge against Bach so they prevent the reunion from happening. As for Sabbath, the album with Ian Gillan was actually going to be another project apart from Black Sabbath but the record company decided to release it as a Sabbath album which pissed off Gillan but there was nothing he could do lucky for him Deep Purple reunited a year later and he left Black Sabbath. Also the album with Glenn Hughes was actually going to be Tony Iommi's first solo album but again the record company decided to release it as a Sabbath album that's why the album has the silly name "Black Sabbath featuring Tony Iommi - Seventh Star"
    Jesus Christ man, use some punctuation and paragraphs if you want people to read and understand your comments. 
    I think DragonForce should be on this list, ZP Theart was amazing and the band just isn't the same without him.
    It's hard to judge for me. With ZP Sam and Herman often got too drunk before shows and were sloppy but now with Marc they are a much better live band.
    Blink 182 and Asking Alexandria were the bad one's for me. I'm also hoping Killswitch Engage can figure out what they want to do with their vocalist. Not sure how to feel about what the Prophets of Rage are doing either.
    Killswitch Engage are back with their original vocalist. Jesse Leach was on their self titled debut and Alive Or Just Breathing then left. Howard Jones was on End Of Heartache, As Daylight Dies and their second self titled album then left and Jesse came back. Honestly it seemed pretty seamless to me 
    I don't know, but for me there's no replacing Howard. He had a unique voice, where as Jesse sounds like any other generic singer. Plus, Howard was simply a more skilled vocalist. Better range, projection, presence, and knew how to balance singing and screaming better. I remember the first live videos of Jesse when he got back and they were painful to watch. He just couldn't hit Howard's notes. He's definitely improved, but to be honest I can't recall a single song they've released since his return. The new material sounds stale to me so I've always skipped those songs.
    I understand why people love Howard but I just think Jesse is far better for Killswitch. Yeah Howard's the better vocalist but Jesse's style definitely fits them better or at least it does right now. I always found Howard's lyrics to be kind of whiney, I prefer the more positive outlook Jesse's lyrics have and If I'm honest I remember more songs from their last 2 albums with Jesse than the last 2 albums they did with Howard. Each to their own though I suppose. 
    You Don't remember the End of Heartache?? that was easily one of their best. Powerful in an aggressive way and melodic at the same time. I just think overall, the best songs by Killswitch were when Howard was in.
    Howard's definitely the better overall vocalist but I reckon Jesse is pretty good overall. He's certainly superior to a lot of the metalocore vocalists today. I also prefer Jesse's lyrics . I think Jesse does a decent job on the Howard songs to be fair. I think he know's he doesn't have the range so he tweaks it. The Disarm The Descent album (Jesse''s return) is certainly a good listen. Latest one haven't listened to that much 
    I know. I liked both singers in different ways I guess. I felt that Jesse was better for screaming and Howard was better for singing. Too bad they both weren't still singing now. that'd be interesting. lol
    The Doors should be more than an honourable mention. The instrumenting pain were amazing and crucial, but they just couldn’t exist without him Jim
    Definitely disagree about Voivod. It's going to be hard for any band to top the run they had in terms of releasing 7 amazing albums before Snake left the band. But Phobos is an awesome album, and it's not missing Snake imo. It's Voivod at their darkest and bleakest, and it's pretty much what you'd get if they released a Neurosis album, or vice versa.