25 Best Rock Bands From Austria

The greatest Austrian rockers...

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25 Best Rock Bands From Austria

The highly mountainous territory of Austria, lying within the Alps, gave birth to many musical talents! A lot of famous classical composers were born in Austria: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Joseph Haydn, Gustav Mahler, Franz Schubert, Anton Bruckner, Johann Strauss I and II... Such well-known pop artists as Falco and Joy are from Austria too.

So we prepared a list of 25 famous rock bands which are from Austria - check it out below!

And before starting here's the (as always really lengthy) list of honorable mentions that are worth your attention (we put it in an alphabetical order for your comfort - feel free to discover something new). You can skip it just by scrolling down if you want:

  • 3 Feet Smaller
  • Agnus Dei
  • Ahnenstahl
  • All Faces Down
  • Amestigon
  • Amity in Fame
  • Amortis
  • Arktis/Air
  • Artas
  • Asmodeus
  • Astaroth
  • Autumn Clan
  • Bifröst
  • Bilderbuch
  • Blind Petition
  • Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space
  • Bog
  • Broken.Heart.Collector
  • Cadaverous Condition
  • Chaos Beyond
  • Children of a Lesser God
  • Chryst
  • Cinématique
  • Collapse 7
  • Crimson Cult
  • Dargaard
  • Dawn of Dreams
  • Daylight Torn
  • Demolition
  • Der Blutharsch
  • Diabolos
  • Die Verbannten Kinder Evas
  • Dominion III
  • Dragony
  • EAV (Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung)
  • Ecliptica
  • Eela Craig
  • Elektro Guzzi
  • Elysian Blaze
  • Eschaton
  • Excuse Me Moses
  • Francis International Airport
  • Gandalf
  • Garish
  • Give Em Blood
  • Guadalajara
  • Heinz aus Wien
  • Hellsaw
  • Ice Ages
  • Illuminata
  • In Slumber
  • Interkosmos
  • Ja, Panik
  • Jack Frost
  • Julia
  • Juvaliant
  • Karg
  • Kill the Lycan
  • Killed by 9V Batteries
  • Kitty in a Casket
  • Kontrust
  • Korova
  • Kyrie Eleison
  • Lanvall
  • Leons Massacre
  • Lords of Decadence
  • Lost Dreams
  • Lowbau
  • Marrok
  • Mastic Scum
  • Mayfair
  • Mely
  • Mondscheiner
  • Mondstille
  • Monoton
  • Naked Lunch
  • Nonexistence
  • Opus
  • Our Survival Depends on Us
  • Pandora's Dawn
  • Paternoster
  • Pazuzu
  • Petsch Moser
  • PHI
  • Polwechsel
  • Rivendell
  • Sanguis
  • Sensylis
  • SheSays
  • ShowYourTeeth
  • Soulsearch
  • Stahlhammer
  • Stygma IV / Stigmata IV
  • Sunterra
  • TBC
  • The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud
  • Their Dogs Were Astronauts
  • Treated
  • Trollskogen
  • Upon a Red Sky
  • Vanitys Fair
  • Velojet
  • Visceral Evisceration
  • Whispers in the Shadow
  • White Miles
  • Wolfpack Unleashed
  • Your Ten Mofo

And here's the actual list:

25. Russkaja

Russkaja are an Austrian band from Vienna, Austria, with their music is a rousing mixture of russian folk music and ska/ska-punk. They are known for using of Russian language in their songs. There is a word play in the name of the band: "Russkaja" means "Russian" on Russian language, but it also stands for: "Rus" = Russia - "Ska" = style of music - "Ja" = German for: Yes.

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24. Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn are a melodic black metal band from Salzburg, Austria, formed in 1992 by Stefan Traunmüller. The overall sound generally portrays a highly melodic style of black metal, mixed with gothic/neoclassical-like keyboards.

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23. Harakiri for the Sky

Austrian post-black/blackgaze duo Harakiri For The Sky is comprised of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matthias "Sollo" Sollak, and harsh vocalist V. Wahntraum (J.J.). The are mixing together the raw elements of black metal with subtle touches of light melodic black metal with post-rock parts.

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22. Heathen Foray

Heathen Foray have started in 2005. Their musical style is hard to define. Some people say they play Viking metal with strong power metal influence. Others say that they play melodic death metal with folk influences. Heathen Foray themselves say: "...we don't know it ourselves. But one thing is sure: the style of Heathen Foray lies somewhere between those extremes!"

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21. Radian

Austria's Radian are a trio featuring Martin Brandlmayr, Stefan Nemeth, and John Norman, all of which have been known for their playing in a variety of arrangements (bands, duos, solos), with music often improvisational in nature. Radian, however, are a cold-calculated authentic band, with emphasis on the actual songs rather than free-form improvisation, mixing post-rock, krautrock, electronic, glitch, noise, experimental rock and more in their music.

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20. Deadsoul Tribe

Progressive metal/rock band Deadsoul Tribe were founded in 2000 by Devon Graves (Buddy Lackey). After American progressive metal band Psychotic Waltz originally split up, Buddy Lackey moved to Vienna, Austria, changed his name to Devon Graves, and founded Deadsoul Tribe. He wrote almost all their songs, and recorded most of the albums himself, with Adel Moustafa on drums.

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19. KorovaKill

Austrian avant-garde metal pioneers KorovaKill were originally formed in 1990 under name "Korova," but then changed their name to "KorovaKill" - as well as the band's concept. "Korova" means "the cow" in Russian. The band name is actually taken from the name of the "milk bar" in "A Clockwork Orange." In 2011 the band changed their concept and name again, releasing their next album "PhantasmaChronica" under the name "Chryst."

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18. Serenity

Serenity are a symphonic/progressive power metal band from Austria. In 2007 they joined the Austrian metal label Napalm Records which released all of their successful albums.

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17. Dreams of Sanity

Austrian gothic/symphonic metal band Dreams of Sanity. Since their formation on 1991 until their split in 2002 the band released 3 studio albums.

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16. Angizia

Angizia, founded in 1994 by Michael Haas (also known as Engelke), are an avant-garde group from Vienna which has been also categorized as "circus metal." It can be defined as a mixture of 19th century operetta, Central European folk music with a little touch of gothic dramatism and a bit of metal as well.

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15. Darkwell

Darkwell are a gothic metal band from Innsbruck, Austria, formed in 1999. They released 3 studio albums: "Suspiria" (2000), "Metatron" (2004) and "Moloch" (2016).

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14. Disharmonic Orchestra

Disharmonic Orchestra are an Austrian progressive death metal/grindcore band that was formed in Klagenfurt, in 1987. Starting as a death metal/grindcore band, they slightly changed their style to progressive metal and then to avant-garde metal. All of their albums sound rather different from each other.

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13. Estatic Fear

Estatic Fear (the first word of their name being a portmanteau of ecstatic and esthetic) are a metal band from Linz, Austria. Their songs include elements of several different genres, such as doom metal, gothic metal, folk and classical music. The band was founded in the year of 1994 with the intent of combining both classical melodies and dark metal in an instrumental mixture of lute, flute, piano and cello.

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12. Sofa Surfers

Sofa Surfers are an Austrian band that plays a mixture of rock and electronic music floating between trip-hop, dub and acid jazz.

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11. Mother's Cake

Mother's Cake are an Austrian rock band formed in 2008. They mix progressive rock, funk rock, psychedelic rock and alternative rock in their music. The band came in third place out of roughly 1000 bands at ILA 2010 and won the biggest band contest in Austria - Local Heroes, where the single musicians were voted best vocalist, best bassist and best drummer out of participating bands.

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10. Hollenthon

Hollenthon are an Austrian symphonic/melodic death metal band formed in 1994 in Vienna by Martin Schirenc of death metal band Pungent Stench. Original band name was Vuzem, changed to "Hollenthon" in 1999. Hollenthon's work is influenced by a variety of classical music, such as that of Richard Wagner.

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9. L'Âme Immortelle

L'Âme Immortelle (French: the immortal soul) are an Austrian darkwave duo. In 2004 they switched label to the now defunct Supersonic Records (a subsidiary of Sony BMG) and their work moved away from the band's electronic roots to the heavier "Neue Deutsche Härte" genre. In 2008 they went back to their former label Trisol and they returned to their musical roots.

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8. Pungent Stench

Pungent Stench are an Austrian three-piece death metal band, formed in 1988 in Vienna. Staring off with the 1988 demo "Mucous Secretion," they gained considerable notoriety in the early to mid-'90s due to their explicit lyrics and offensive cover artwork, which saw their releases banned in numerous countries worldwide.

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7. The Sorrow

The Sorrow are a melodic metalcore/melodic death metal band from Vorarlberg, Austria. They were formed in 2005, by Mathias Schlegl and Andreas Mäser from the band Disconnected, and Dominik Immler and Tobias Schädler from the band Distance. In 2006, they signed a recording contract with Drakkar Records, and in 2007 released their debut album Blessings from a Blackened Sky.

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6. Abigor

Abigor are an Austrian atmospheric/avant-garde black metal band formed in 1993. They are named after an upper demon of war in Christian demonology. Since their formation Abigor remain one of the most influential (post-)black metal bands.

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5. Edenbridge

Edenbridge are a symphonic/gothic metal band from Austria which was founded as a studio-project by guitarist/keyboardist Lanvall, bassist Kurt Bednarsky, and vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher in 1998.

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4. Dornenreich

Dornenreich are a melodic/avant-garde black metal band from Tyrol, Austria. The name means "realm of thorns" (noun) or "full of thorns" (adjective) in German. Founded in 1996, the band has progressed in style from black metal on their first album, "Nicht um zu Sterben," to what the band describes as "a vision beyond (black) metal, neofolk and ambient" on their latest works.

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3. Belphegor

Belphegor are an Austrian death/black metal band from Salzburg, Austria, originally formed in 1991 under the name Betrayer before changing their name in 1993. They are named after the demon Belphegor.

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2. Visions of Atlantis

Visions of Atlantis are an Austrian symphonic metal band that formed in Styria, Austria in 2000. Inspiration came both from successful symphonic metal band Nightwish and from the myth of Atlantis.

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1. Summoning

Summoning are an Austrian atmospheric black metal band formed in Vienna in 1993. Their lyrics make extensive use of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth writings and mythology. Since 1995, their lineup is consistent and consists of musicians Silenius and Protector. The band has never performed live and has consistently maintained that they have no interest in ever doing so. They influenced many different bands and the whole "ambient black metal" genre.

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Know more bands from Austria? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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    Austria?  Lets put another shrimp on the barbie!
    25 bands from Poland?
    Behemoth. That is all
    Firstly, i dont know any bands listed above from Austria. Which gives Poland nice list by having Behemoth only. Ekhm. Let me begin: - Behemoth - Vader - Decapitated - Materia - Vesania - Percival - Riverside I could also name more bands, but younger not quite that famous: - Tides from Nebula (awsome post-rock) - April in Pieces (melodic post-hardcore) - Mentally Blind (Progressive/Core) You dont know most of them tho, i guess. I suggest to check them out, all of them are worthy being in your playlist
    Mgła, Batushka.
    Flying Afros
    Both better than Behemoth, at least recently. 
    We should mention a lot of bands that are very popular in Poland, not only these with Europe/World reputation. For example Illusion, Acid Drinkers. Screw it - even bands like Kult, Coma, Lady Pank or Luxtorpeda deserved to be mention.
    Also, Poland has some cool thrash bands, sometimes I like comparing them to the Big Four: -Turbo, with a bit of NWOBHM vibe and mainstream popularity in the mid 80s, prog and death metal influences in the late 80s/early 90s and epic sound close to the classic heavy metal in the 21st century (Polish Metallica?),  -KAT, with black metal influences in the early days and later still singing about dark stuff (Polish Slayer?), -Acid Drinkers, which had comedy lyrics in the early days and then groove-ish approach (Polish Anthrax?), -Wold Spider, perhaps the most killer of those bands, had epic lyrics about knights, war and stuff on the debut album and later turned to more progressive thrash - it is dope and definitely you should check it out (Polish Megadeth?).
    Really?? No TSA or KAT on your list? The legends of Polish heavy metal that were quite famous outside of Polish boarders in 80's -early 90's. Horytnica - another great and underrated band.
    Yes, Kat and TSA are quite famous, I was sure they are known mostly in Poland, thats why I didnt include them
    Never heard of any of these bands. Pretty cool article for discovering some new music.
    Hm, almost every Band in the top 25 is Black/Death/Doom/Symphonic. Don't get me wrong, i worship that kind of music (especially doom), but a little more variety in this list would be nice  
    Mothers Cake is an awesome band! Not in the list- but should be: White Miles Sadly, they split up recently.
    Yeah, a real pity. Gladly i had the chance to see them twice. A lot of engery coming from just two people.
    Deadsoul Tribe is my favourite, such an awesome band, if you like Tool, or Karnivool, these guys are for you. My favourite album is The January Tree of 2004.  
    I'll add "Kaiser Franz Josef", "ASTPAI", "Reverend Backflash" and "Monsters of the Ordinary" to that list:
    AUSTRIA! NOT AUSTRALIA. Wish I would have known that before being confused reading through the list of bands haha. 
    There's also Lausch, Milk+, Triptonus (!!if you're into instrumental stoner!!) and sbdy mentioned Bilderbuch. Some sick bands comming from Austria atm. But none of them did a 90-minutes stonerprog concept album where the second half is hard as fuckshitbrick. Mountain Howl's Pyramid Valley is crazy!
    Fellas, you forgot about Lowbau! Definitely one of the best European southern metal bands!
    No Bilderbuch? They're probably the biggest Austrian band right now, and also very unique.
    just listen to that intro!
    if you like (austrian) stoner rock check out my friends at "midriff":
    Sorry..  without MARROK is the list not complete. I miss a lot of bands.. 
    Stupid austria and their damn koalas. those things are STI-ridden rodents.
    The honorable mentions lists are ridiculous. Pick a solid number, if the order isn't meant to show a hierarchy then it won't matter not to include them. You guys keep posting articles that are mostly lists of bands the article's not about.
    i didn't even know there were that many 'famous' bands in my country xD only recognize 6 names out of the entire list. if i ever manage to get a math-rock / prog-rock project started i'll try to get included next time
    Expected to not know a single band, knew 2 (Russkaja, Belphegor). Well, knew of.
    I believe at this point whoever is making these top 25 lists are just trying to troll me by adding as many possible honorable mentions as they can.  I at this point applaud that effort and now look forward to the length of the honorable mentions more than the list itself BRA--------VO