3 Ways To Make Practicing More Fun

This article is about making practicing more fun and the benefits that go along when you have a good time practicing. In the article, I recommend switching up your practice schedule, getting excited before practicing, and setting goals for each practice session. I believe doing these will make the practice experience a lot better and will help bring good results to your playing.

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By Dan Acheron

Anytime you pick up the guitar to practice, you should enjoy doing it. You should be excited and looking forward to each practice session. By being excited, practicing will be more fun and can lead to quicker progress.

In reality, all guitarists go through stages where they are not completely looking forward to practicing. This has happened to me multiple times and it is something you need to overcome. When you are having a good time practicing guitar you often progress a lot quicker. This progress comes because you are not just going through the motions of practicing, as many often do when they practice. When you are having a good time in your practice sessions you are often more focused and pushing yourself to get better. Here are some ways to make practicing fun and not feel like your doing a chore.

1. Switch up your practice routine.

I do not recommend switching up your practice routine each day but its good to change it up every week or so. This will help make your practice routine more enjoyable because it will not be the same thing each day. I once had a practice routine, which was the exact same thing day after day for about a year. I made good progress in the beginning but after months of doing the same routine, I was not making much progress. I was caught in a rut and I did not know what to do about it. I kept practicing the same routine but did not make any significant progress and wasted a good amount of valuable time.

After being advised to start changing up my practice schedule, I tried it. By changing up my practice schedule, practicing was more interesting and no longer predictable. It really did help make practicing a better experience and I started to see more progress in my playing. If you are not enjoying practicing this simple tip may make the whole experience enjoyable again!

2. Get excited before each practice session.

This may seem obvious but it will make each practice session more enjoyable and help you progress. When a person is excited or enjoying what they are doing they often do a better job. If you are practicing when you are excited, then you are likely to be more focused on what you are practicing. The more focused you are usually leads to better results.

To get excited before a practice session is easy. All you have to do is think about times you were excited about something or anything that excites you in your life right now. This will be different for everyone but some ideas are the way you felt when you first started playing guitar or your goal of playing like your favorite guitarist. This technique will help you start your practice sessions strongly and finish in the same manner. After using this technique for a while, getting excited to practice guitar will come naturally to you!

3. Set small goals for each practice session.

Setting goals for each practice session is a great thing to do because it gives you something to achieve each session. When you achieve your practice session goals, you can see you are progressing. When you see you are progressing, it makes practicing fun.

I have been guilty in the past of only focusing on my long-term guitar goals. This was a problem because I was not seeing the progress I was making. I was only focused on the long-term goal and practicing became frustrating because I was not making significant progress towards the long-term goal. When making small goals for each practice session, they should aim to help you reach your long-term goals. This way you are making sure to progress each day to achieve your long term goals and you see the progress each day.

These three tips can help make your practice sessions more fun. It is important to remember whenever you are having fun with something you usually do a better job and get better results. If you are not having fun with your practice sessions or want to have more fun, try these techniques out. They are simple and easy to use and can help you see significant results in your guitar playing. Next time you are getting ready to practice, experiment with these tips and I hope you experience great results as I have using these techniques!

About the Author

Dan Acheron is a guitarist, songwriter and instructor in St. Louis, MO. He specializes in hard rock and enjoys sharing his passion for music with others. Visit his artist site at www.danacheron.com for more information.

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    Nice guide! Not only applicable to guitar I like singing too, and it works this way as well! I could try to apply this to my rollerblading sessions too. Heck even to gaming
    Just what I needed .. I need a new spin to my practicing, and I'll probably spend some time getting better at different things - it's always nice with some variation!
    James Scott
    Great article! A lot of students don't realise that practice can be fun, and a lot of teachers don't teach it that way, so this is good information for everybody.
    This is excellent. I'm going to start planning out a practice routine now
    I agree on all points, except where you mention not to change your routine every day... It's actually better to change every day, AND change weekly. Here's what I mean: Lets say you have 10 things you want to practice. If you practice all those things every day, you aren't going to get as much improvement as if you chose 5 or 6 of those items and focused on them a little bit more. The next day, you'll choose another 5 or 6 things to practice. Some things will be the same as yesterday, and some will be different. Keep rotating through items you have on your list, and at the end of the week, make a new list of 10 items (again, some things will be the same as the week before, some things will be different!) this is kind of like going to the gym. You don't work on the same things every time you go to the gym. This kind of rotating format gets you very effectively into shape. Same as with guitar playing
    Have never had a routine before, im always too busy with school, but i think i'll think up one now.
    Tips for practicing: If it seems like a chore, do something else that you NEED to do. Wait till your bored to pick up your guitar. Don't play an instrument to be good at it, play it because it is fun. Music is therapy to the mind, body, and soul. Attempt to play that face melting piece in your head, and when you **** up...don't stop, slow down, exaggerate your strokes, and focus on your breathing, posture, and just how your body feels. Get out of your comfort zone. Seriously. Music is supposed to be therapy for the body, mind, and soul, it shouldn't be harmful, if it is, you need to change your mindset. Learn the theory, life is about learning, once you stop learning, your dead. I recommend watching the movie, "IP Man". A quote from the movie, "Stop reciting theory, and hit your target." Same applies to music. Don't ever say, "I can't do that ." Unless your physically are missing the limbs to do so, then your just bullshitting yourself.
    Ty Morgan
    Excellent article Dan! There are some priceless tips here that I'll be using, as well as passing on to my students. Tip number 2 speaks volumes to me and was exactly what I needed to hear. Can't wait for more articles!
    Also, practice one chord at a time. Move on once you feel you have mastered that chord. There is so, so, so, so, much you can do with one chord. For instance, take Bmin, which consists of B, D, F#. You have voicings, 135, 351, 513. 3 different sounds now...find them all across the neck. You also have a ton of different scales you can play over that single chord. You can now play a B Dorian, Phrygian, Aeolian, Harmonic/Melodic minors, Hungarian, Pentatonic/Blues, Hirojoshi scales, etc, etc. Now practice technique, and practice breaking the laws(pun intended, in my eyes laws are 'guidelines' **** you government). For instance we are in A major. Well in AMaj, B is minor, D is major, and F# is minor. Now practice rhythms and progressions, and then learn about parallel keys, and realise that you don't have to be in AMaj all the sudden, you can make F# diminished if you want to be in Bmin(phrygian aka the 3rd of GMaj). Extend off of D, or F#, learn F#min triad, F#, A, C#. Hopefully you all see where I'm getting at. Explore your favorite chord. Mess with different genres using the same chord. I use B because my natural "hmmm" is B...a little flat but my guitar is usually a half step down anyways, I don't have perfect pitch .
    To get excited before a practice session is easy. All you have to do is think about times you were excited about something or anything that excites you in your life right now.
    Oh dear. This could be taken in the wrong contexts :S Usually a live concert DVD gets me all aroused and excited.