5 Album Cover Conspiracy Theories

A few crazy hypotheses about famous album covers.

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5 Album Cover Conspiracy Theories
Last time we shared a few conspiracy theories about famous musicians. Today we decided to tell you some more crazy theories about famous album covers. Have a look and tell us if you think they might be true or not!

Supertramp ‘Breakfast in America’

The theory has it that Supertramp predicted the 9/11 with their 1979 ‘Breakfast in America’ album cover. There are several details that supposedly predict the 2001 attack on the Twin Towers. The cover art shows Manhattan through the window of a plane.The title “Breakfast in America” refers to the time and location of the attacks. If you mirror the album cover, you will see that the ‘U’ and the ‘P’ above the towers SPELL OUT 9/11.

Presumably, Supertramp financier Stanley August Miesegaes was a Mason who used the cover art of the band's best-selling album to reveal details about a planned ‘event’ against the World Trade Center.

Michael Jackson ‘Blood On The Dance Floor’

Some people believe that Michael Jackson predicted 9/11 with the cover of his 1997 album ‘Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix.’ On the cover, Jackson stands in front of a city skyline with thick clouds in the background. These are thought to be the clouds of dust from the collapse of the Twin Towers. The position of singer’s hands points at where a ‘9’ and an ‘11’ would be located on a clock face. Some people say that his hands are at ‘8’ and ‘10,’ making the time 8:50 (the attacks began at 8:46 AM). The album title is supposed to symbolize the bloodshed of those killed in the attacks.

Radiohead ‘Kid A'

The theory that claimed that Kid A predicted 9/11 was first stated by writer Chuck Klosterman in his book ‘Killing Yourself to Live’ and has gained traction on the Internet.

Allegedly, the songs on the album tell the story of 9/11 through their sequence, the change in music, and most importantly, their lyrics.

The first song on Kid A paints the Manhattan skyline at 8:00 A.M. on Tuesday morning. The song is titled ‘Everything in Its Right Place.’ But something happens three and a half minutes into ‘Kid A,’ and it suddenly doesn't feel right, and you don't exactly know why. ‘Everyone has got the fear/What's going on?’ Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke sings on ‘The National Anthem,’ the apocalyptic, horn-laden centerpiece track of the album.

Since this, fans have continued the theory by analyzing ‘Kid A’s album art in addition to the lyrics. Many say that the album’s front cover, inside cover art, and the hidden booklet all feature fiery and disturbing images, including what are said to look like two towers burning in one corner.

The Beatles ‘Abbey Road’

This is perhaps the most well-known album cover conspiracy. It alleges that Paul McCartney died in a 1966 car crash and was secretly replaced by a look-alike. Supposedly, band’s managers decided to cover up his death. But the group felt bad about lying to their fans and left some clues on the album cover of ‘Abbey Road,’ released in 1969.

Here are a few crazy ideas about the clues on the cover:

John, George, Ringo, and Paul walk across the street as if in a funeral procession, with their outfits representing their respective roles in the ceremony: white for a clergyman, jeans for the gravedigger, black for the undertaker, and barefoot Paul as the dead man.

The white VW Beetle in the background has the registration LMW 28IF - 28 being the age conspiracy theorists say Paul would have been IF he hadn't 'died.' In fact, Paul was 27 when Abbey Road was released - but fortunately for the theorists, Indian mystics count a person's age from conception, not birth, in which case Paul would have indeed been 28. It has also been suggested that the LMW stands for 'Linda McCartney Weeps' - referring to his new wife whom he had married earlier that year.

Also, Paul McCartney is left-handed, but on the cover of the album, he holds his cigarette in his right hand. Fun fact: the cigarettes at that time were commonly referred to as 'coffin nails.'

The Beatles ‘Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band’

Sgt. Pepper’s is The Beatles 8th studio album, released in 1967. The cover image that was captured for the record was a difficult picture to take. 57 life-sized cardboard photographs of celebrities were constructed. The band also used nine waxwork models, a stone bust, a portable TV, four statuettes and a doll wearing a jumper with the words ‘Welcome the Rolling Stones.’ But, most importantly, The Sgt. Pepper’s cover appears to show a funeral service, and all of the celebrities featured in the picture have a common death experience. Like all Beatles album covers, it has been suggested that a large number of clues imply Paul McCartney’s death. Most of the people featured on the cover had either died young or experienced a near-death accident. Bob Dylan’s suffered a bad 1966 motorcycle crash, Stuart Sutcliffe (Beatles’ original bass player) passed away in 1962. There are also Aleister Crowley, Mae West, Jewish comedian Lenny Bruce, architect Simon Rodia, Robert Peel, Dylan Thomas, Dion, Marilyn Monroe, and many more.

The wreath of yellow flowers included on the cover appears to be in the shape of a left-handed bass guitar. A small white toy car is visible on the lap of the Shirley Temple doll. This is a bizarre feature that has been attributed to a possible car wreck.

And, finally, the cover shows Paul McCartney wearing a hat with the letters O.P.P, which stands for Ontario Provincial Police. This falls in line with the reports that Paul McCartney was replaced with a man named William Sheppard, coming from the Canadian police department.

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    You forgot the most important detail about Sgt. Pepper's: if you put a mirror across the horizonal diameter of the drum, you get the words "He Die". btw I was really shocked when Abbey Road turned out not to predict 9/11
    Alex Jones could probably tell you otherwise...
    Sorry if I don't get it, I'm not an American if that makes sense :,D
    It was a joke about the host of Infowars, who is a conspiracy theorist. 
    oh well...
    He conspires that there is cjemicals in the wayer that are turning the freakin' frogs gay.
    What's funny is that this is the one absolutely crazy thing that Alex Jones says, that is actually kind of right. There was a study done by UC Berkely saying that Atrazine, one of the most common pesticides, "wreaks havoc with the sex life of adult male frogs, emasculating three quarters of them and turning one in 10 into females".
    I mean thats not turning them gay it's morphing their sex. But he is right about chemicals in our waters. Flouride, led, pesticides
    Yeah his terminology might not be perfectly right, but its still fucked. I find it hilarious how this is the video that gets spammed everywhere, but it's one of the only instances where he's actually not too far off.
    Weybl Himself
    I would have found this article more amusing if every single one of them was a 9/11 prediction.
    i heard a popular theory that Ringo and John fathered a kid together and John wrote the song Helter Skelter about that
    Nope. Helter Skelter was written by Paul...
    real paul or fake?
    Well, I believe that real Paul wrote it, because I think that "fake" Paul theory is nonsense. Also the one you mentioned is bullshit since John and Ringo were not involved in songwriting process of Helter Skelter.
    That Kid A theory is one of the most retarded ones I've ever heard.
    Weybl Himself
    Yeah but have you met a super obsessed Radiohead fan? It doesn't surprise me, they treat the band's music like some sort of scripture.
    Yes it is. But from what i understand, originally the concept was the album somewhat "sounds" like the emotions felt through that day. Then the prediction crap got in the mix, and it opened up a whole big door for crazy theories 
    If you look hard enough, you can develop a conspiracy theory out of just about anything. You could probably develop one out of this article, or even this comment - hahaha
    jerome snail
    This album came out the day before 9/11:
    If you think these conspiracies are 'out there', check out the 'Back To The Future: 9/11' conspiracy.    
    Surprised they didn't mention the Lynyrd Skynyrd album cover of Street Survivors that had all the band standing in the fire just days before 2 were killed in a place crash. And the line "The smell of death surrounds you" From the hit song on the album "That Smell". Which was written about the guitarist Gary Rossington, who survived the crash.
    Michael Jackson is also standing on a masonic checkerboard floor....nothing to see here... People are so afraid of being labeled that they refuse to see. I don´t give a fuck. If you think 9/11 was a terrorist attack, you are fucking crazy. Google "9/11 predictive programming". It´s so easy to call others crazy. Makes you feel better about yourselves, doesn´t it? Even the term "conspiracy theory" itself was invented by CIA to label everybody who dares to dig into these things. So when you see "conspiracy theory", your brain automatically "knows" it´s some crazy bullshit and you don´t need to look into it, just ridicule.  Why do I even bother...
    Pretty sure the term "conspiract theory" predates the CIA.
    The Judist
    true but there was a decision to use it whenever anyone questioned the Lee Harvey Oswald/ JFK official narrative. 
    The Judist
    If you believe WTC7 fell like it did from just office fires like the government said you have to be a complete moron.
    These albums didnt predict 9/11...its just where the lizard people got the idea from.
    You got the whole Sgt Peppers "OPP" thing wrong.  Paul is never shown wearing a hat on any of the Sgt Peppers album cover, inside, album insert or back photos.  He did have a patch sewn on his "uniform" that you can clearly see on the inside album gatefold photo.  The patch appears to read, "OPD" which Beatle conspiracy theorists claim stood for "Officially Pronounced Dead".  Years later when questioned, it was revealed that the patch actually did not read "OPD" but "OPP" and stood for Ontario Provincial Police...however, his "replacement" was always considered to be a man from Britain named William Campbell (aka William Shears, Billy Shears or William Sheppard) who had won a Paul McCartney look-alike contest circa '65.  I've never heard any theory that tied Sheppard to the Ontario Police Dept...but hey, why not add to the myth  
    At this point, if you still believe JFK was killed by Oswald....and that 9/11 was done by "terrorists", YOU'RE the conspiracy theorist.
    while I normally stay out of conspiracy land with regards to 9/11, I always found the video for district by sick of it all (release about a year before) a little chilling around the 2:30 mark -
    9/11  and the album covers was  a conspiracy to write this article.
    New York is the biggest and most well-known city of the world and the World Trade Center Towers, prior to 9/11, were the symbol of said city.  Yeah, crazy how they ended up on albums covers prior to 9/11, just crazy <insert sarcasm>
    I know we're doing album covers only, but an honorable mention to the Dark Side of the Moon theory that parallels the Wizard of Oz movie, the album cover mimicking the switch from white to color in the movie
    I was one of the kids that dropped acid and started the album at the beginning of the second growl from The Lion at the beginning, and yes, it does follow through the movie quite amazingly, and when we were worried that it was the hallucinogens affecting that, we did it again without them. I've probably seen the movie listening along with the album about six times between 93 and 98, Good Times! Now I have three children approaching the age I was then, I hope they're smarter than I was!!!
    C-C Beatroot
    There's more 9/11 ones than that too.  Have you heard the one about Morrissey predicting Princess Diana's death? http://www.dianamystery.com Kinda interesting, but talk about grasping at straws that don't want grasping haha
    For the Abbey Road one, McCartney is the only stepping onto his right foot... Clearly he's not a real member of the Beatles!